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8 lut , 2016   Video

Tekst piosenki:

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Look I be riding through my old hood, but I'm in my new whip
Same old attitude but I'm on that new shit
They say they gon' rob me, see me never do shit
Cause they know that's the reason they gon' end up on a news clips
Audemar on my wrist, bust-down
We poppin bottles like I scored the winning touchdown
Remember me dead broke? Look at me, up now
I run my city from South Philly back to Uptown
Thank god, all these bottles I popped
All this paper I been gettin, all these models I popped
I done sold 100,000 before my album got dropped
And I'm only 23 I'm the shit now look at me
Look at me I'm a boss like my nigga Rozay
Shorty ask'd me for a check, I told that bitch like no way
Cause I made it from the bottom it was never no way
And I never had a job, you know I had to sell yay
Bitch I'm a boss, I call the shots
I'm with the murder team, call the cops
We in the building, y'all are not
You short on the paper, you gon' ball or not

Bitch, I'm a boss!
Bitch, I'm a boss!
I play the shots
I call the costs
We in the bitch
It's goin' down
Yeaa I'm the king
Now where my mu'fuckin' crown?
Bitch, I'm a boss!
Bitch, I'm a boss!
Bitch, I'm a boss!
Bitch, I'm a boss!
Bitch, I'm a boss!
Bitch, I'm a boss!
I play the shots
I call the costs

[Verse 2: Ricky Rozay]
Got so many shades they thought I had a lazy eye
Shorty rode me smooth as my Mercedes ride
No love cry when only babies die
And when I go that casket better cost a hundred thou
I pray to god I look my killer in his eyes
Snatch his soul out that shirt let's take him for that ride
OG is one who standin on his own feet
A boss is one who guarantee we gon eat
Fuck a blog dawg cause one day we gon' meet
I'm a spazz on yo ass like I'm Mo'nique
Or a double stack better nigga double that
Jerry Jones money nigga you a running back
Herschel Walker, Bo Jack
Ricky Watters, better run that dope back
Boss, and I put that on my Maybach
Fo' hundred thou' bitch you wish you saved that


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Couple cars I'ont never drive, bikes I'ont never ride
Crib I ain't never been, pool I'ont never swim
Fool you ain't better, I move like the president
Err thang black on black you know I be strappin that
Rattin ass niggas walkin round wearin wires
Fuckin up the game, got the hood on fire
Bitch I'm a king, call me "sire"
If you say I don't run my city you a muthafucking liar
Bitch I'm a boss, you a fraud
You cross the line, I get you murdered for a cost
Out in Vegas, I took a loss
At the fight we watchin' Floyd we on the floor
Scared money don't make no money
If I ever go broke I'mma take yo money
I ain't never dropped a dime, you ain't take nun from me
In the hood err day bitch I'm good what I say



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