A, Antimatter

Antimatter - Here Come the Men

Tekst piosenki Antimatter - Here Come the Men po polsku
Here come the men, they understand
Each other's need for other men
For all alone there's no defence
There's no saviours
Here come the dogs they're on the path
They sense each other's comfort breath
They're sickly drunk with confidence

A, Antimatter

Antimatter - Wide Awake in the Concrete Asylum

Tekst piosenki Antimatter - Wide Awake in the Concrete Asylum po polsku
Here in this severance we're calmly incomplete
We've always tried so hard to keep emotion from our sleeves
No small change in a paper cup no hint of deity to promise Eden
Who'll shout our names in marble halls for everyone to hear?
While hollow masses plot the course of grace so insincere
Seems everyday they print the names of those who tried to make a change
Who's next in line to try?

A, Alma Bandic

Alma Bandic - Uspavanka - nini sine, spavaj sine

Tekst piosenki Alma Bandic - Uspavanka - nini sine, spavaj sine po polsku
Mmmmm mmmm mmm...
Mmmmm mmmm mmm...

Nini, sine, spavaj sine
San te prevario
Beša ti se, beša ti se
Na moru kovala

A, Abbe May

Abbe May - Design Desire

Tekst piosenki Abbe May - Design Desire po polsku
How long
How wide
Hello desire
Design desire
How deep
Sun sign
How weak!

A, Abbe May

Abbe May - Taurus Chorus

Tekst piosenki Abbe May - Taurus Chorus po polsku
Let's take a walk
Down a fated road
It might please us
You, my love, are my jesus
Oh! I tattoo my love
Guarantees to herd you into my arms
Down on knees
All mine, all mine! All my love!

A, Abbe May

Abbe May - Mammalian Locomotion

Tekst piosenki Abbe May - Mammalian Locomotion po polsku
All I want
Is food and air and shelter and water
And you
You and your mammalian locomotions
I know you are my love
Mammalian locomotion
A stellium of stars
When I want

A, Abbe May

Abbe May - Cast That Devil Out

Tekst piosenki Abbe May - Cast That Devil Out po polsku
Oh my my love
My little dove
My honey bee
I'm been the calypso to your ulysses
I'm not telling you
You got to do everything right
I'm just telling you right now
You better cast that devil out

A, Abbe May

Abbe May - Universes

Tekst piosenki Abbe May - Universes po polsku
My mother
You're my star
Do you remember all of my summer dresses?
Count backwards
To my sun sign
You don't remember that summer when you nearly drowned
My father

A, Arcadia

Arcadia - Say the word

Tekst piosenki Arcadia - Say the word po polsku
There’s a skill it’s nothing we could learn at school
With the will to survive beneath this rule
Money thrives as corruption’s president
To waste the lives of the young and innocent
But after all every system can be disobeyed
So when we call please don’t think twice or be afraid
Hey, mister

A, Arcadia

Arcadia - El diablo

Tekst piosenki Arcadia - El diablo po polsku
Enter newborn players and gather
Weight their innocence
Only the brightest shine
But not forever
Many lights die
Many tears rain
When those tears run dry
On a mountain madness day

A, A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

Tekst piosenki A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray po polsku
Ooh (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Hey-ya ah ha-hey-hey-hey-yah
Hey-yah ah-ha ooh
(Hey-ya ah-ha)
Ooh-oo-hoo ah-ha ha yeah
He-hey-ya hey-yah ah-ha ooh hey-yah ah-ha ooh
(La-la-la-la l-later later later later)
Ooh-oo-hoo (voodoo ray ray ray ray) ah-ha ha yeah


A, Arcadia

Arcadia - Election Day

Tekst piosenki Arcadia - Election Day po polsku
Wild kind of look to the day,
opening eyes impale neon flickers
She moon she turning away,
the city's her slave but he's cheating his mistress
She's moody and grey,
she's mean and she's restless (so restless)
All over you as they say

A, Annihilator

Annihilator - The edge

Tekst piosenki Annihilator - The edge po polsku
The edge, I'm walking a fine line
Too young to be waiting at stop signs
I'm on fire and I can't cool down
And I'm ready to roll right out of this town

'Cause there's something in me you can't learn in school
They teach it on the street, it's the only rule
It's the edge


A, Anterior

Anterior - Dead Divine

Tekst piosenki Anterior - Dead Divine po polsku
The mute voice of reason
Whispered softly into the
Deaf ears of insanity
A dark cloud
Swallows a midday sky
As I sat here dressed in divinity
Bleed them dry

A, Alphaville

Alphaville - Some People

Tekst piosenki Alphaville - Some People po polsku
some people seem to have it all
some people always have to crawl
some people pay to be abused
some people end up destitute
some people search their souls for truth
some people try to be of use
some people pray before they kill
some people kill just for the thrill


A, Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock - Homemade Mummy

Tekst piosenki Aesop Rock - Homemade Mummy po polsku
How to make a homemade mummy:
Get a corpse, get gauze, get comfy
Shampoo and disinfect dead fluffy
For the hallowed excavation of his x-marked tummy
Scalpel to stern, the butter cutter b-lines well
Tongs butterfly the unzipped feline shell
We'll be escorting vital organs
With exception of the precious kittens heart


A, Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock - Ruby '81

Tekst piosenki Aesop Rock - Ruby '81 po polsku
July 4th 1981,
Candles of a Roman ilk,
Unloaded from a Chevy truck
Into the home where folks had built,
Patio was charcoals
And extended fam in folding chairs,
Safely arced around the yard


A, Area 11

Area 11 - Knightmare

Tekst piosenki Area 11 - Knightmare po polsku
What is life but a burden for me?
It comes alive as I try to sleep
All this anger
Burning inside, but buried deep
Watashi to issho ni kite kudasai!
Ichiban, Zero
One step forward and two to the side
Every single time


A, Anna Graceman

Anna Graceman - It's Love

Tekst piosenki Anna Graceman - It's Love po polsku
t's Love by Anna Graceman
It's love that I hear
Each time of day
It's love
That that I see behind me
Close and staring

A, Adam Ant

Adam Ant - Human Bondage Den

Tekst piosenki Adam Ant - Human Bondage Den po polsku
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni
0 lucky lucky me
I can live here in luxury
Can't answer your simplicity
You've got to stop your grumbling
And all that human bondage den
And try to make a man of me

A, Adam Ant

Adam Ant - No Zap

Tekst piosenki Adam Ant - No Zap po polsku
Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni
You can hang me by the neck
Till I'm dead, dead, dead
Kiss my mouth until it's red, red, red
Now is the time honey, this is the place
The good and the bad guy face to face

A, Arden Cho

Arden Cho - I'm The One To Blame

Tekst piosenki Arden Cho - I'm The One To Blame po polsku
Standing out on the edge of the road now
All alone and I don't know why
You were everything that I couldn't leave but I said goodbye
It's fair to say that I have no one to blame
It always seems to end the same
You got too close, I was scared and I said goodbye

You were honest and you cared for me like no one ever did before


ATB - I Will Not Forget feat. Roberta Carter Harrison

Tekst piosenki ATB - I Will Not Forget  feat. Roberta Carter Harrison po polsku
I'll just try to …..

I will …
I'll just try to …
I will …
I'll just try to …
I will …

A, Attomica

Attomica - Deathraiser

Tekst piosenki Attomica - Deathraiser po polsku
The cold wind comes slow and down
Bringin' a dark foggy night
Reborn from a distant past
The day of the live and dead

Killers will raise from the ground
Deformed faces, and damaged brains
The time has worked to create

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