A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Mother Cries Wolf

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Mother Cries Wolf po polsku
Door slams, cigarettes
Mother cries wolf again
We stand at the top of the stairs
Though the air is cold and my hair is wet
We hide up in bed
Will it be alright, will it ever end?
'Cause I buy every word that you said

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Who You Really Are

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Who You Really Are po polsku
I could never be with you
Is what he said, I'm such a fool
'Cause time would only complicate
This summer love
The simple kind of thing
Well maybe there's a chance
That you could change your mind

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Grey

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Grey po polsku
hey you,
you're the singer, why don't you come out tonight
out tonight, out tonight, yeah.
i'm a believer, i'm a dreamer, i'm stumbling around
and i heard that certain something
and i have to find the sound.
i was lost, but baby now i'm found.

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Hey

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Hey po polsku
I was blinded by the light
'Cause I was so misty eyed
Was looking for love
And it was right on time
I was shaking, he was too
You know what I should do
Was late on a Sunday, tell me

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Pictures

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Pictures po polsku
Suddenly again rambling on about it
You got your new found friends
And your new life, baby
Throw caution to the wind
Everyone knows you're not coming back again
Because you're so beyond
That seems as though I never knew you

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Drifter

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Drifter po polsku
it is not the way i can save when you r by my side
it is not way if you face every stright *sigh*
it is not the way someone reaches me like you did
i can`t let go every single time that we kiss
yeah it is why you are away
it is struggle just for us to stay the same
now i feel you come back home

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Cold Front

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Cold Front po polsku
You slam the door
Like those times before
And you're about to make me pay
For something that I did wrong today
You look at me
Like it's ten degrees
And it's obvious your minds made up

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - I Came Around

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - I Came Around po polsku
La da da da da da, yeah
Hold me down, don't ever let me go
I'm a photograph, of someone who used to care
I'm a dropout, think about it, Baby that ain't cool
You knew me then
&I'm headed straight back there
well I shoulda loved you more, and I shoulda been more ready
but I'm learning as I go, don't you know everydays why it hurts so bad

A, Amie Miriello

Amie Miriello - Snow

Tekst piosenki Amie Miriello - Snow po polsku
Too cold for me when the leaves are brown
And crunchin' under my feet
And the neighbor's dog just won't come out
And I'm feelin like I've had about
Just enough of today's misery
But I'll be fine
I'm a little bored and lonely but that's life

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