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Archive - Parvaneh (Butterfly)

Tekst piosenki Archive - Parvaneh (Butterfly) po polsku
I lie on my blue sheet so blue
Wait for sunrise and wait it brings
Wait for tomorrows I look to find
So tired sleep rest in peace

Let the wind fulfil your dreams
Let the sea heal your wounds
Tell the trees secrets so deep

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Archive - Here

Tekst piosenki Archive - Here po polsku
Here it comes
Creeping up
Hold it down
Can’t hold it down
Hold it down
Here it comes
Creeping up

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Archive - Well Known Sinner

Tekst piosenki Archive - Well Known Sinner po polsku
First you like to talk
Then you like to come around
Then you like to walk
Then you wanna get down
There's free as a bird
There's something I heard

Then you light a cigarette

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Archive - Rise

Tekst piosenki Archive - Rise po polsku
Everything will end
An ocean gone
All the things we had
Are left behind

Step towards my dear
We'll start again

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Archive - Transmission Data Terminate

Tekst piosenki Archive - Transmission Data Terminate po polsku
Lead the water, lead the water, lead the water
Lead the water, lead the water, lead the water
Lead the water, lead the water, lead the water
Lead the water, lead the water, lead the water
Lead the water, lead the water, lead the water
Lead the water, lead the water

Say goodnight, no one inside your head

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Archive - Leader Theme

Tekst piosenki Archive - Leader Theme po polsku
You got me correctly
Make no mistake
You try and distract me
She’s dangerous
No good for my state of mind
God knows you try hard

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Archive - Interlace

Tekst piosenki Archive - Interlace po polsku
Gentleness sense my fear
Come closter, closer
Influence evil rising
Come closer, closer

Penetrate slowing hearts down together

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Archive - Damage

Tekst piosenki Archive - Damage po polsku
Archive - Damage

You're out of your mind

Cuts show nothing at all
Scars show nothing at all

(You're out of your mind)

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Archive - Twisting

Tekst piosenki Archive - Twisting po polsku
Never really know what hapens
Never really know what's there
Always have to tell me nothing
Nothing's ever really there
Baby, well you know that I love you
But loving you is just too obscene
Baby, well you know I hate you
But hating you would be too fair

A, Archive

Archive - Soul Tired

Tekst piosenki Archive - Soul Tired po polsku
Cut me up and lead me down
Swing my head in a bag all around
Crush me down with pills for death
You drain away my head
Drain away my head
Drain away my head
Drain away my head
Drain away my head

A, Archive

Archive - Feel It

Tekst piosenki Archive - Feel It po polsku
Pain isn't whole
A hole in the light
Can't be broken
Split it alive
So live for the time
Feel it

No vacuous souls

A, Archive

Archive - Ruination

Tekst piosenki Archive - Ruination po polsku
It's you there's a white noise in my head
It's you like a drilling into the dead
It's you bringing down the walls at night
It's you with a pistol I'm in your sight
It's you digging deeper push me in the ground
It's you crushing words so I don't make a sound
It's you rotten from the inside out
It's you trying blind to figure it out

A, Archive

Archive - Crushed

Tekst piosenki Archive - Crushed po polsku
I lost a piece of me
A ghost of never ending bliss with you
I lost a piece of me
A ghost of never ending bliss with you
with you with you with you..

You tore a hole in me
A shard in shattered memories of you

A, Archive

Archive - Third Quarter Storm

Tekst piosenki Archive - Third Quarter Storm po polsku
Medium strength
People go home
Quietly they leave
There's nothing to see
Nothing for you to see around here
Feelings be gone
Clear skies from the storm
Now numb alone

A, Archive

Archive - Restriction

Tekst piosenki Archive - Restriction po polsku
There's silence, there's silence, there's silence
In motion, in motion, in motion
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting
For something,for something, for something,
We travel, we travel, we travel,
It's coming, it's coming, it's coming,
The signals, the signals, the signals,
The daylight, the daylight, the daylight,

A, Archive

Archive - Ladders

Tekst piosenki Archive - Ladders po polsku
Please won't you get out of my way
Time limits what I do
You're feeling different today
I wish that I would change for you

Please move out of my way
You're so beautiful to me
All these pictures in this room

A, Archive

Archive - Kid Corner

Tekst piosenki Archive - Kid Corner po polsku
Youth shooters
Use both hands
I don't see a problem with that
Kids with guns
It's your time
I don't see a problem with that

Come into the kid corner

A, Archive

Archive - Half Built Houses

Tekst piosenki Archive - Half Built Houses po polsku
Half built are houses
Half built are walls in this shade
Never completed never made into a home
Half kitchen tables
Half understanding of my love for you
Can't ignore feelings
Can't ignore all these signs
Sings I can't ignore

A, Archive

Archive - Ride in squares

Tekst piosenki Archive - Ride in squares po polsku
I don't live here
I don't play
I don't wake up
I don't want to
There's no up
There's no down
Small windows
Dead of sound

A, Archive

Archive - Greater Goodbye

Tekst piosenki Archive - Greater Goodbye po polsku
What was I doing there?
Met you in hell or somewhere
You were looking for a friend
You told lies to keep afloat
You drugged me when you said hello
Scared and slipping down your hole
Crack my head and watch it flow
I stumbled on another rock

A, Archive

Archive - The Noise Of Flames Crashing

Tekst piosenki Archive - The Noise Of Flames Crashing po polsku
Such things
Last in my dreams
A game grotesque

Such things
A walk beautiful within


A, Archive

Archive - Us

Tekst piosenki Archive - Us po polsku
Oh why do you have to dream that way?
oh why does it have to be that way?
oh why must we exist this way?
oh why can we just be us?
forever and ever and ever?

Oh why can't we just run, run, run?
oh why there is no stopping us?

A, Archive

Archive - Wrong

Tekst piosenki Archive - Wrong po polsku
Why can’t I see it’s all not wrong
Why can’t you be here again
Still don’t believe I know you’re gone
I miss your love
I miss your love

A, Archive

Archive - Love Song

Tekst piosenki Archive - Love Song po polsku
All this time
I'm distracted from the world
The world outside of your arms
All I need is here

Try and find
A way to say the things
The things I feel when you smile

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