A, Augustana

Augustana - Coffee And Cigarettes

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Coffee And Cigarettes po polsku
Wake up, take your pills dear, I know this time of year ain't
right for you...
you came with a sickness, shot down back in Christmas,
Kamikaze rain...
and I'm sure you've lost that weight again,
I'm sure the pills keeping pouring in,
like smoke that falls, it's caving into you...
so put me on a plane, and fly me to anywhere...with you...

A, Augustana

Augustana - Steal your heart

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Steal your heart po polsku
Meet me at the water
Where all your dreams come true
Tell your sisters and your brother
Well I'll be waiting for you

And when all of this is over
When all your silver turn to gold
Say a prayer for each other

A, Augustana

Augustana - Only one

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Only one po polsku
The shade that hides me
It never lies to me
It tells me I'm alright
And only you breathe
And all that I can see
I know that it's alright
Am I the only one who feels this way?

A, Augustana

Augustana - Where Love Went Wrong

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Where Love Went Wrong po polsku
The day is done and now we're older,
The feelings gone, so now you'll show her,
Where love went wrong, on your shoulder,
But I tried,
I tried, goodbye,
You're all alone, and you can't take it,

A, Augustana

Augustana - Sunday Best

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Sunday Best po polsku
When she's sleeping on the sofa,
When she's laying in her Sunday best,
when she's turning over Friday,
I could swear I'm sleeping less and less...
and the ocean's getting warmer,
and California's on her mind,
Los Angeles is tired, but we always seem to feel alright,

A, Augustana

Augustana - Not alone

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Not alone po polsku
Look at them running off the sidewalk,
Look at us falling off a building,
Look at them reading lights,
Look at me, look at you,
Could everybody standing around us,
Could everybody drown us here
Just looking through the looking glass

A, Augustana

Augustana - Found My Place

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Found My Place po polsku
Watch my back, no one will
Water falls, fire kills
And all my life, all my life
I've been waiting to find my place
Find my place
Found my place
Found my place

A, Augustana

Augustana - Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Someday

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Someday po polsku
All I have about the way things go
Well I don't know
I just don't know
Make up some simple lies
And compromise
How I live
Cuz' either way I'll break your heart someday

A, Augustana

Augustana - Dust

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Dust po polsku
So go on and tear it up
Black and cold with the dust
Cuz I believed in the lord
And he don’t show up anymore
If you can’t trust the wind who can you trust?
If you cant love sin who can you love?
If I begin will you let me finish up?

A, Augustana

Augustana - I Still Ain't Over You

Tekst piosenki Augustana - I Still Ain't Over You po polsku
Out of luck and out of tune
Half a day and I'm confused
Love may wash away the bruise
But I still ain't over you
Damn the day that I forgot
Came so close and almost lost
It's been one year and fourteen months

A, Augustana

Augustana - Bullets

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Bullets po polsku
Come fly down, like a singing bird
Sings your name, I am still the same,
Black and white, no you're not to blame,
Holly sweet...put me down to shame...
Lights in the car in the park,
I'm falling on my face I know who we are...
And I ain't looking down for the rest of the night

A, Augustana

Augustana - Shot In The Dark

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Shot In The Dark po polsku
I had a reason for the life that was ahead of me
I had a reason, had a rhyme, had a destiny
I thought i knew where was heading
I would never look back

I had it all and then i went and let it slip away
I'm working overtime, I'm gonna make it anyway.
Sometimes you win, Sometimes you lose

A, Augustana

Augustana - Alive

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Alive po polsku
This is not a lesson
And this is not a cry for help
This is not a test
And this is not for someone else

Yeah this one's for you and everything you do
For every time you said this was forever
Yeah this one's for me, I'm starting to believe

A, Augustana

Augustana - American Heartbreak

Tekst piosenki Augustana - American Heartbreak po polsku
Well I've been down to the valley
Yes, I've looked up to the sky
And I've been lost in the heartland
I've been down the wind high

Across the Ohio River, chased the trains to Santa Fe
Seen the fields of Virginia across the great northern plains
But I wish there was a southbound highway headed straight for LA

A, Augustana

Augustana - Long Way To Go

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Long Way To Go po polsku
Here I stand
With gravel gut and heart in hand
I'm only asking for a second chance
A little better luck and circumstance
All I've got
I've never been the kind to ask a lot
I'm only asking for a second shot
A little helping hand and loving touch

A, Augustana

Augustana - Fit Together

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Fit Together po polsku
It's cold tonight, hurts to the touch
I'd say it's fine, but I miss you too much
We're still so young, but old enough
To fully grasp the gravity of love

I feel so helpless that I can't control how
Your heart is feeling, but I think I just figured it out
I feel so human that it just might break me down

A, Augustana

Augustana - Need A Little Sunshine

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Need A Little Sunshine po polsku
Hold on, watch your step
You gotta take a breath
No it ain't easy to fly

Get back, lose yourself
Got you and no one else
There ain't no reason to cry

A, Augustana

Augustana - Remember Me

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Remember Me po polsku
Will you hear me blowing in the wind?
Will it give you shivers down your skin?
Will you stop and stare, wonder if I'm there?
Will you think about me now and then?

Will you hear me when the stairs creak?
I always sang you what I couldn't speak
Will my voice carry on when your angels gone?

A, Augustana

Augustana - I Really Think So

Tekst piosenki Augustana - I Really Think So po polsku
I lit kerosene to sweet memories
They linger and follow wherever I go
Warm ashes, used matches, late mornings
too many nights in a row

You're never out, never out of my mind

We're a little unsure, we're a little scared

A, Augustana

Augustana - Love In The Air

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Love In The Air po polsku
Tell the band they'll have to wait
Ain't no time to hesitate
Cause you and I are tied to fate
Whether you like it or not

You don't have to tell me twice
I ain't too proud to take advice
With a heart as cold as ice

A, Augustana

Augustana - According To Plan

Tekst piosenki Augustana - According To Plan po polsku
It's like life imitating life,
Constantly repeating history until it's blind
It's like time only speaks in rhymes
Repeating repetition til you're lost inside your mind

Was I a terminal distraction?
Or just a chemical reaction?

A, Augustana

Augustana - Say You Want Me

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Say You Want Me po polsku
My lifeless shaky hands hold onto loves demands
I pray you'd understand, I'm just as scared as you
My hopeless hollow eyes, as empty as the night
I drained your blood and tried trading old lies for truth

Days go slowly, nights feel lonely
Touch me, hold me
You could save me if you'd only

A, Augustana

Augustana - Ash and Ember

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Ash and Ember po polsku
Am I seeing double, am I withdrawn
Depositing lyrics into a love song
Spider weaving webs for a catch that won't come
Am I pulling roses from a dead bush
A soldier running late for the ambush
Ready in the depth for a stone that's long gone

Is it too late?

A, Augustana

Augustana - Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Tekst piosenki Augustana - Youth Is Wasted On The Young po polsku
Saw my reflection in the mirror, didn't recognize myself
I felt more distant and more useless than the dust upon the shelf
I tried to fix it but I only ended up hurting someone else
Oh lover can you hear me, I'm so scared and I need a little help

I've built so many bridges, then I sat and watched them burn
I had so many chances, never took the time to learn
If I could change the past, go back erase what I had done

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