A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Van Vogue

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Van Vogue po polsku
Bang, pop, pop, this thing go pow
Dolce crop top, my play close down
Those Céline wedges are way downtown
Best dressed up, better, you best dressed down
Oh, it's me, fella, the banji gets out
All females fledge to bambi style
Light my wrist up, flex and glow
Vamp me up, turn her down

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Wallace

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Wallace po polsku
Hot lava, hot lava
Hot high Lady Lucid, the city
What, what up? Rottweiler?
I might take ya to it, get ready

Friar flyer, I’m the Nostra-dyme and I say, say I says how do ya.
I cloud all day and night, outta sight
I’m miss “so-high” so I wore some eye wears and tie-dye

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Blown Away ft. GypjaQ

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Blown Away  ft. GypjaQ po polsku
[Verse 1: GypjaQ]
I keep the Glock on spit-ash
Squeeze it up, pocket now, ⊂⊃ where the cidash
Pidass it, so you don’t get blidasted
Oh you broke? Yes I’m flippin over your mattress
I’m a hip⊂⊃ ⊂⊃
But if boy snitch
What the ⊂⊃ you gon do cunt when I’m rich?

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Desperado

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Desperado po polsku

Up’s and Up, Seductive Pup, Flux- Did a dip, pack up then strut.
Up’s nigga, w-what’s up nigga? with that buck, can i get that rrr-rompin’ uh?!
Mutt’s in Tux, Deluxe and such.
I Be in the Mirror looking Luxe N Plush,!
Luxe N Such, Seductive Strut…
I be aquafizzy or that Passion Punch, or the Fashions Munch, but the fabric’s lush,

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - In The Air (feat. Morgan Page)

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - In The Air (feat. Morgan Page) po polsku
Here you are
And the feeling feels good
Don’t know if you know it
But I think you should

Tell me it’s alright
Tell me we can make this thing tonight

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Gimme A Chance

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Gimme A Chance po polsku
[Intro: Enon]
That's the way that our love can grow
(Can grow, can grow, can grow, can grow)

[Verse 1]
Carolina H fits, hottest ⊂⊃ from the block
Used to puff Phillies n' Duchies n' Stuff Nicks
Now I light doobies, the cutie from five fifth!


A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Nude Beach A-Go-Go

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Nude Beach A-Go-Go po polsku
Teenage Verona, sippin coca-cola,
Teenage Verona, Momma Can’t Control Her!

Nude Beach a Go-Go
Nude Beach a Go-Go
You can do anything at
Nude Beach a Go-Go
Rama-lama-ding-dong, surfer billy bing bong.

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Miss Camaraderie

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Miss Camaraderie po polsku
It’s the sound, the hip and hip and now,
When I hip you, hip you hound,
Get down or get tied up and twound
Let me twist you, twist you pal…
Ya shyer, sh-shy how can I get you, get you out?
Lets have a listen in, -rottweil(er)
Let me hit you… Hit you owww
A flight, a tryst, -night owl, when I whistle, whistle -howl

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Miss Amor

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Miss Amor po polsku
I went downtown to breeze thru freaks,
I got a job interview with hebrew g
Ump shigga bum parrum pump
pump pa rrrrum pum pump.
rum diggy dum, the yum young scunt
was on the hunt for the rhythm in london once!
ump shigga bump pa-rrrump-pump
hey i’ll make ya jump a jump jump jump…

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - JFK

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - JFK po polsku
First lady of the floor, move ⊂⊃y in dior.
as we, go on and on and on from the dusk til the dawn.
Fully vampin’ on the song, it’s a ball not a prom.
Have a pour at the bar, at the promenade - yo shorty lookin’ gorge.
the allure of a star.
They applaud and in awe…
The chips in her palm, what’s a pigeon to a swan?
A Queen to a pawn?

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Idle Delilah

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Idle Delilah po polsku
Idlest delilah,
Darling, do ya like beige in your coffee, tea, a wild -?
wild breeze on a day, a dawn
Oft indeed a child, smiles at me cause i’m made of yarn.
Dolly me, am i? I’ll trade a dollar for your dime! oh,
Idlest delilah,
trout and trees, remind me of my,
Darling, “D The diver”

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - No Problems

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - No Problems po polsku
She like my new talk
My new style, my new walk
This new whore
Open your mouth and I'll bruise jaws
Like ooh or really like
Who her I'm a true star, this ⊂⊃ bro got blue balls
Hard pressed cause I took off, I'm funk fresh from New York
It's like because these wanna be's wanna be the buzz

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Heavy Metal And Reflective

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Heavy Metal And Reflective po polsku
Fridgy Froze Kept, It's that fresh
⊂⊃, I be in that prissy stone set, w
That wet wrist, flighty ⊂⊃- that
Prissy bow, with that necklace

I be "very freaky tickle cherry" its
That best ⊂⊃!


A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - ⊂⊃ Up the Fun

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Fuck Up the Fun po polsku
tell him to keep that
yeah just play the track, stop cuttin' it off
you gotta let me pop my ⊂⊃
it is what it is, haha
how the ⊂⊃ is yall niggas doin'
you ready ⊂⊃? what up, what up, what up, yo, yo, yo

who want it, who, who, want it?

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Barbie ⊂⊃

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Barbie Shit po polsku
Keep it moving (x9)

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie ⊂⊃
(Pretty in the face and) A ⊂⊃ look plastic (x2)

[Verse 1]

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Barely Legal

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Barely Legal po polsku
I didn't take no shortcuts
I spent the money that I saved up
Oh, Momma running out of luck
Like my sister, don't give a ⊂⊃

I wanna steal your innocence
To me, my life, it just don't make sense
Those strange manners, but I loved 'em so

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Harlem Shake

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Harlem Shake po polsku
Back to the base, cocoa candy, fella's wanna taste
All these niggas want cream and a shake
Do you got the cream for the cake?
You’ve been pulling up the paint, tell me what it taste
Do you wanna be with a babe?
Keep away, running it away
Keep away, running it away
Hey, keep calling my name while you’re holding my frame

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Chips

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Chips po polsku
Jammed in the bill came with the deal
This about to be another jam on the reals
You can dance if you're with it put your game on stills
But you can't can't slip it while the dance on shills
Saw your man, I should meet him and your man toss chips
Went to France on a visa, a hundred grand for the trip
When I lean I could greet him with then lamb on a strip
Little bambs with for the visa for the game and the fit

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Paradiso

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Paradiso po polsku
You can sun if you want to
Fun if you want to
Stay in the shade all day if you want to
Villa with shore view, 'punzle I adore you
⊂⊃es rock whatever she say they can afford too
What'chu know about open out key west, relax, recess, all up on the beach, yes
Beach sandy, look at little bambi in the two piece set looking like a banjee
Can we kick it in the Hamptons?

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Ima Read

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Ima Read po polsku
Imma take that ⊂⊃ to college
I'mma give that ⊂⊃ some knowledge
Understand that your ⊂⊃ top novice
Just clap your hands
Let me get my dollars
Smell the trees in the breeze, in the breeze
I'mma weed, I'mma weed, I'mma weed
I'mma dance, Imma Kiki Ki

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - BBD (Bad ⊂⊃es Do it)

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - BBD (Bad Bitches Do it) po polsku
Let me get that,
Let me get that, oooh
I get it when I get that, ooh
I spend it when I whip that

Flossin' on them haters,
It’s that boss - the ⊂⊃, that caker

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Neptune feat. Shystie

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Neptune  feat. Shystie po polsku
I-I-I-I’m alri-i-i-ight
Tonight I-I-I’m alri-i-i-ight babe

More breeze in your hair hun
It’s the one that your blick took her chance on
Damn should’ve have shacked breeze with the champion

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Fierce

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Fierce po polsku
Bambi, belle of the ball
Banjee, better than them all
Never been a flaw
Pretty kitty manicure the claws, silly
Never been a draw
When I purr bet he wanna paw
Cause a stir when she on the floor
Giving it her all

A, Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks - Seventeen

Tekst piosenki Azealia Banks - Seventeen po polsku
I’m not the dawn diva
I'm beyond ya dawn skeezers
I get cake from quick chicks with long heaters
One seven hot stepping like Tekken
I'mma be a main ⊂⊃ in a game like Nina
Ain't Sabrina but the teenage magic
I halve your cups and the scene so graphic
The fake ID don’t got a mistake

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