B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - River Of No Return

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - River Of No Return po polsku
Break the bread and drink the wine
Seize the challace suck the poison vine
There is frost in every sunbeam? water flows from the earth to sky
Looking down on every rose nothing moves the wheal of heaven turns
As our fingers leave there trace, we are gods and the world returns ,up rise?.
Now we're lost you can’t desguise, the river of no return
Now its time you realise, the river of no return

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Taking the queen

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Taking the queen po polsku
Who stole your heartbeat in the night?
The acolytes fearful in the flickering light
They hold a mirror to catch the breath from your mouth
Your breath was stolen by the wind ...from the south
An other winter's tale is done
You're immortal lover, he's gone
A chalice stolen from her hand, eternal life at her command

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Kill Devil Hill

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Kill Devil Hill po polsku
Blood brothers of angels, now hear us
We earthbound your offspring, don't fear us
God willing will rise up be near you
So open your arms now and take us
So we beleaving our dreams like the Icarus of old
The plans we made for the bold and the blue wide beyond
Theres nowhere to hide, there's no going back now

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Trumpets of Jericho

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Trumpets of Jericho po polsku
This is the maze of life
This is the maze of death
This is the matrix of eternity
The demon never sleeps
The demon never lies
He beats my heart and leaves no echo...
What heavy burden holds me back

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Devil On A Hog

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Devil On A Hog po polsku
You wanna know where legends live
At the rainbows end I’ll be there
There’s a place it ain’t in space
That’s where I get to you
I’m not the shy or torrent kind
Like a supernova for the blind
I used to say I guts like hand

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Hell no

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Hell no po polsku
There's a secret that we all share
In the darkest hours of the night
You can swear on the bible...
Cut the throat of your rival
I've been taking my life in my hand
And I'm making new plans, yeah...

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Son of a gun

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Son of a gun po polsku
Holy was the preacher.
Riding on his rig of steel in the rising sun
This was no grim reaper.
But a man with a smile who took a pride in a job well done.
Ohh, in a blood red sunrise.
He's preaching conversion as you lay down and die.

Just a god given holy roller.


B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Killing Floor

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Killing Floor po polsku
So this is dreamtime, and all is quiet
So this is dreamtime, and all is night
You've never been held by the hand of god
Who's rocking the cradle, if he is not?

He turned the oil into his blood
Panzer divisions burning in in the mud
The stain of freedom - he's washed it out

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Silver wings

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Silver wings po polsku
Sound of Merlins fired up and their spoiling for the fight
A thousand bombers ready, it's the target for the night
Deeper into Germany, but we all know the score
I know that I'm not coming back like those that did before

Now the flare gun fires and we get the go
Say good bye to the earth below

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - The magician

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - The magician po polsku
I am the teacher, come to reach you
Take the old words back to you
You were lost but I found you
and it's your choice what to do
I've learned a few things as I've travelled through the years
Through the door of evermore

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - 1000 points of light

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - 1000 points of light po polsku
You can sail in the desert
with a ship of fools
You can smuggle in Moses
and his book of rules
But you can't take mother
and give her back her son
Hey what kind of freedom
is bought with a gun...


B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Dracula

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Dracula po polsku

Waiting for the midnight hour (x6)
My name is
Dracula, Come here, I've something for you
Dracula, I need a little life
Dracula, And you are gonna be my wife

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Freak

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Freak po polsku

He rides the wave a sprial slave
The prince of darkness plays his games
Your hypnotised under velvet skies
He breathes the red wind acroos your eyes
Who leads you to the dark secret

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Faith

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Faith po polsku
You knew I wouldn't go
That's why you threatened me, would I stay?
Said, 'I was sick, and I'd be alone'
Said, 'my mind was not my own', I didn't learn
You crawled up on your knees
A victims pretty please
Would I stay? Would I stay? And I stayed

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Strange death in paradise

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Strange death in paradise po polsku
Spiralling falling, a silver machine
From wings of freedom, silent above
Eyelids were burning, summer sun roasting
Tumbling chrome in the clear blue sky
Brighter that sunshine
for all of our lifetimes
One thousand stars turned day

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Solar confinement

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Solar confinement po polsku
Trapped inside a web of fiery gravity
that fuels all our needs
Chaotic energy that sucks the life from H to He
All life withers in the sun
I deny what I have done
Spend my days and nights
in roaring halls of crimson fire

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Shoot all the clowns

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Shoot all the clowns po polsku
I've been down at the crazy house
I've been playing with the cat and the mouse
I've been down, I've been down
I've seen the crazy people running around

Shoot all the clowns
Shoot 'em down, Shoot 'em down, Shoot 'em down

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Rescue day

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Rescue day po polsku
You don't know your jailer, like you, he's never been free
He looks just like you, doesn't he?
He's got no sense of his own reward
Who needs freedom anyway when you've got your golden cage?
What I call isolation you might call a passion play (yeah)

How long have you been here?
You really can't say

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Return of the king

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Return of the king po polsku

A 100 years of toil and pain
To pull a stone upright again
Uproot from its mountain home
Taken to this sacred circle
Is there a secret in the stone?
A message in the hills

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Confeos

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Confeos po polsku
Story of one strange night in Japan...

In the smoky haze,
She was dancing free
Should’ve ordered one
But I ordered three
Then I watched the room,
And it was dancing two

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - Machine Men

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - Machine Men po polsku
Bring the toys out for the boys
Let the children make their noise
See the monsters in their metal cages
Turn the lights down in your soul
Cut the power to your heart
See the carcass in its dying rages...

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - King in Crimson

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - King in Crimson po polsku
In the darkness, the raven's head
In the courtyard, clothed in fear
I see gates that are opening
There's only one way out of here
Daylight has gone
The night has come...

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - The wicker man

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - The wicker man po polsku

When the dying western sun dips low
And the raincloud rises in the east
Between the lines of truth and the words of faith
Lie the fiery duties of the priest
Stir the blood of ancient things
Drawing down the moon

B, Bruce ⊂⊃inson

Bruce ⊂⊃inson - The Black Widow

Tekst piosenki Bruce Dickinson - The Black Widow po polsku
And here, my prize, the Black Widow.
Isn't she lovely? And so deadly.
Her kiss is fifteen times more poisonous than the rattlesnake.
And you see her venom is highly neurotoxic
Which is to say that it attacks the central nervous system
Causing intense pain
Profuse sweating
Difficulty in breathing

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