C, Cassie

Cassie - Just one night

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Just one night po polsku
Just one night to be with you again, cause i miss the way
that it felt when we made love ohh....
Just one night to be with you again, cause i miss the way miss the way we made love.
I ran across a picture, a picture of us, i admit i almost cryed ohhhhh...... It made me realize how much i miss yah
how my life ain't been the same since your gone, left on my own, left with an empty space
can't hide everything reminds me of you, next thing i know thats when i see your face.

C, Cassie

Cassie - What Do You Want

Tekst piosenki Cassie - What Do You Want po polsku
Let's Go!
[Verse 1]
I got a crew in every single nation
(uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh)
You didn't know when you started altercation
(uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh)
Boy u caused me too much aggravation

C, Cassie

Cassie - Just friends

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Just friends po polsku
Uh Uh
We're just friends
Im not tryin' to steal your man
Who was once appointed to me
'Cos' of your insecurity

C, Cassie

Cassie - Call you out

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Call you out po polsku
Did you really think that you would keep a secret from me? When I know you like the back of my hand come on now. I can tell when you on the low tryna hide something. Tryna hide something.You cant hide nothing.
Ive been watching you for a minute I already know. What you doing you cant hide it from me come on now. I can tell when you on the low tryna hide something. Tryna hide something.You cant hide nothing.
[Chorus: x4]
Imma call you out
Imma call you out (Oh)

C, Cassie

Cassie - Flyleaf

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Flyleaf po polsku
The question asked in order
To save her life or take it
The answer no to avoid death
The answer yes would make it
Make it
Do you believe in God

C, Cassie

Cassie - King Of Hearts

Tekst piosenki Cassie - King Of Hearts po polsku
You are the prince of charm
Seduction is your art
You never play my love
You're just my king of hearts
You are my king of hearts

If you're winning
You might as well admit it

C, Cassie

Cassie - In Love With The Dj

Tekst piosenki Cassie - In Love With The Dj po polsku
I think I'm in love with the Dj
I do whatever he tells me
So tell me that aint love
Hey im in love with the Dj
I'm speedin out on the freeway
His the anyone who can help me
So point me to the club

C, Cassie

Cassie - Nobody but you

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Nobody but you po polsku
I'm all wrapped up in his arms,
but you're the one I really want
Truly he's the nicest guy, but I want you and I dont know why

We fought more than Tyson and Holyfield,
Something about us felt so real
Now im next to dude
I dont want nobody but you

C, Cassie

Cassie - Ditto

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Ditto po polsku
He said he had fallen so in love with me
And I said "ditto, ditto, ditto"
He told me I'm the only one that he could see
And I said "ditto, ditto, ditto."
It's been a while my baby
I told you we could love in spite of all the things that they see

C, Cassie

Cassie - Hard

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Hard po polsku
In the beginning
I had no doubts in my mind.
We had our differences
But I thought it wuold be fine (so)
Infactuated I was blinded by your kisses
You see me changing
Boy you had my mind twisted

C, Cassie

Cassie - Keep On Lovin' Me

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Keep On Lovin' Me po polsku
Ah Ah Ah Ah The Dreamer
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm with my girl Cassie
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah The American Dreamer
Ah Ah Ah Ah with my girl Cassie
Every time i turn around i hear something about you, All my girls telling me about the bad things you do, Everybody all up in my loui bag aint talking bout this there talkin bout that.
And they aint guna stop un till break us... in two, But you have my love and i have yours, Let them keep talkin i aint ever leaving baby i believe in you

C, Cassie

Cassie - My house

Tekst piosenki Cassie - My house po polsku
My house
my house
my house
I dont even wanna go
tell me that you love me so
oh i never wanna leave

C, Cassie

Cassie - Soldier 4 Your Love

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Soldier 4 Your Love po polsku
(Hmm, hey yeah yeah. Hmn, yeah yeah yeah)
Its funny when you find the truth hidden somewhere that you never thought to look but then its right there.
Staring you in the face, but you can't run nowhere.
Cause you've faced it so long for someone to love to finally hear.
What about love, what about faith.
What about trusting that the one that you got is with you all the way.

C, Cassie

Cassie - Fragile heart

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Fragile heart po polsku
When it comes to love
I know that pain
Comes with the territory
I've been here before
Can't take no more
To end like a sad love story
Now lets you here no hesitating

C, Cassie

Cassie - Music In Me

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Music In Me po polsku

you say you understand
and you act like you
can comprehend me
you know its hard for me
but you know i can't believe
i want for you to see

C, Cassie

Cassie - HD

Tekst piosenki Cassie - HD po polsku
This allow me even lying I ain't tryin to keep up
I got lowness all the talking now I'm bouncing pieces up
I just chance you got loss it you a flossin in the truck
like it was yours all them horse like it is so so hard hard up

now that you go you just have to see
everything it was the one to me
how long would you think would be before

C, Cassie

Cassie - Over it

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Over it po polsku
over all the time wasted, over all the tears
over all the thoughts of even loving you
over all the hopes of thinkin' your gonna even change
and i know you're gonna stay the same
cause everytime i put my trust in you,
you find some way to break it.
you can't even look me in the eye,

C, Cassie

Cassie - Right Time

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Right Time po polsku
You Know... Sometimes It's Hard To Let Go
But I Know What I Want... And It's You

There's Something Inside, There's
Something I Feel... Tells Me It's
Not Fiction All I Know It's Real

Something In You

C, Cassie

Cassie - Skydiver

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Skydiver po polsku
Not hard to prove
Both eyes closed
Proof my lies
Take the bad and ill be right behind ya
And if love falls, why hesitate at all
I cut that rope, Para shoot down
I was jumping off a bridge and im going …

C, Cassie

Cassie - Sound Of Love (Ft. Jeremih)

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Sound Of Love (Ft. Jeremih) po polsku
Every time you hear my music.
Feelings I’ve never had before,
You got my head turning baby.
Up in the night, ain’t gotta look no more,
Cause you’re what I’ve been searching for lately.

C, Cassie

Cassie - Addiction (Ft. French Montana)

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Addiction (Ft. French Montana) po polsku
Only thing I wanna do is come around and lay with you tonight
I don’t wanna waste no time, the mood is right.
I just wanna come over and lay with you tonight
Imma do this on my mind,
It’s when I lay my body

C, Cassie

Cassie - All My Love

Tekst piosenki Cassie - All My Love po polsku
Say you want my love,
You can have it all.
Seems like you’re just my type, after all.

I know you want a bad girl,
Give him all of that,
Take this all, won’t give it back.

C, Cassie

Cassie - Take Care Of My Baby (feat. Pusha T)

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Take Care Of My Baby (feat. Pusha T) po polsku
[Verse 1: Cassie]
It's not about me, I do this for you
Still wanna talk ⊂⊃ about everything I do
Crazy thing about it - I'm gettin' high
Way out in space while you wait down in the sky
Crazy thing about it - I'm getting paid
If you do what I say - attitude might change
Crazy thing about it - I'm doing me

C, Cassie

Cassie - Breath Again

Tekst piosenki Cassie - Breath Again po polsku
I looked in your eyes
And for the very first time I
Watched the sunrise in
Colours I've never seen before
It's like the sky was
A brighter shade of blue
I feel like I've been sleeping all this time
And now I'm awake

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