C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - The Afterlife Party

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - The Afterlife Party po polsku
Its so hard to say goodbye to what we had
The good times that made us laugh
Outweigh the bad

And if we get to see tomorrow
Oh I hope it's worth all the wait
Cause it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - The Black Swan

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - The Black Swan po polsku
The sun has fallen and it lies in blood,
The moon is weaving bandages of gold.
Oh Black Swan! Where, oh where is my lover gone?
Torn and tattered is my bridal gown,
And my lamp is lost...and my lamp is lost...

With silver needles and with silver thread,
The stars stitch a shroud for the dying sun;

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Ana Lama

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Ana Lama po polsku
And if you think that I am ruined
I am not ruined, I am whole
I am fine, not even broken
Maybe soft spoken, maybe so
Althought my bones you may have shattered
Its only matter
Its not my soul

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Coyle School

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Coyle School po polsku
So, don't be scared,
may I remind you that I loved you from the very start,
when I saw you in the schoolyard, it was recess,
I think the second grade at Coyle School in Sacramento, California,
We lived on Marlin Circle.
Oh, it was the suburbs, yeah, my whole family,
I had a stepdad, I had a stepdad.

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Coconuts and plenty of junk food

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Coconuts and plenty of junk food po polsku
Coconuts and plenty of junk food
Coconuts and plenty of junk food
Coconuts and plenty of junk food
Coconuts and plenty of junk food

I know it’s never light
And I know it ain’t right
I don’t know your name so I don’t wanna pry

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Childhood

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Childhood po polsku
The day couldn’t get any more sad
Unless I were at the movies
And I’m wondering now
What heat my heart will take
Into a snowy deep
After the news of your sleep

Childhood is a kingdom where no one ever dies

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Ohio

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Ohio po polsku
Out from my window across from the city
I have what's considered a good view
Two blocks from the subway, three from the fountain
Where I walk to break in new shoes

She stands on the sidewalk just waving at taxis
Like horses in parades in passing
I ask where she's headed she tells me,

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Watermelon Juice

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Watermelon Juice po polsku
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...
Watermelon juice...

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Left Hand Shoe

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Left Hand Shoe po polsku
Don't be afraid of Jesus
Jesus, oh no
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson, he's an angel

I believe in Jesus
And he owns the tomb
And don't be afraid of Michael Jackson, oh

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Devil's Island

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Devil's Island po polsku
Who wants to get their head chopped off on Devil's Island?!
Who wants to lie down on the softest bed in the universe and die?!
Who wants to be a beer and make someone drunk?!
Oh lord
Please tell me
I only have eyes
For you

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Hairnet Paradise

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Hairnet Paradise po polsku
Bad crowd
Tea, cake and sweet
Sweet Jamaica
Goddamn that is sweet
Sweet, sweet Jamaica
It was a hairnet paradise
God bless them eyes

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - 1, 2, 3...

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - 1, 2, 3... po polsku
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Your dewy mouth tastes just like heaven
I can't sleep without you near
I just toss and turn and wonder
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Beautiful Smell

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Beautiful Smell po polsku
The night, it pours in
And it's empty again
It's reeking of sin
With a perfume of violets, with a perfume of violets
The angel-less air
Filled with smoke of despair
Afraid that nobody cares

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Teen Angel

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Teen Angel po polsku
When you sleep in white
You looks like a teen angel
Heaven starts to sparkle light
Don't steal her soul tonight
Tube socks pulled up high
Like the Twin Towers
Hairnet Paradise
Lovers at midnight

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Qui Qu'a Vu Coco

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Qui Qu'a Vu Coco po polsku
Did she disappear like the morning stars?
Nearly gone by time I'd risen,
imprisoned to the nighttime.

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Surfer Girl

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Surfer Girl po polsku
Little surfer little one
Made my heart come all undone
Do you love me, do you surfer girl

I have watched you on the shore
Standing by the ocean's roar
Do you love me, do you surfer girl


C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Brazilian Sun

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Brazilian Sun po polsku
Cuando el sol cambia color...
Cuando el sol cambia su color...

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Goldrush

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Goldrush po polsku
I'm a goldminer
Just mining for my gold
And on the other side of the rainbow
Is where I find it I am told
Cause I'm a goldminer

His shadow passed
In a raindrop of rain

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Haylofts

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Haylofts po polsku
I'm in the haylofts, I'm in the jail,
I'm in the barracks, I'm down below,
I'm hot and bothered with sticky feathers;
a restless widow with feline features.
Brawny creatures sustained below,
an unmet desire,
A scarecrow in meadow of wild fires,
A scarecrow in meadow of wild fires,

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - RIP humans

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - RIP humans po polsku
Would You go
If they came?
With open arms,
Far away

RIP Humans
Tears for animals

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Broken Chariot

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Broken Chariot po polsku
My love
My broken chariot
Oh, my love
My broken chariot
Oh, my love

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Roots Of My Hair

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Roots Of My Hair po polsku
Wet is my whistle
Wondering wayward
Trouser is caught in the torny bramble
Sensibly slipping down spine of the meadow
Swamp candle flower, the watery fellow
The monarch's my right hand, left is the sparrow
Twilight gloom of bone and marrow
The river's path is old and narrow

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Milk

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Milk po polsku
I wanna give you my milk...

C, CocoRosie

CocoRosie - Hopscotch

Tekst piosenki CocoRosie - Hopscotch po polsku
I got a hopscotch tear drop ready to drop
If the sun decides to rise
Without it's colors in your eyes
It matters not a heart of mine
Prefers the darkness
A hopscotch tear drop ready to drop

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