C, Constantines

Constantines - Trans Canada

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Trans Canada po polsku
There's no short cut
And no straight line
How am i to find the sleeping country?
Ghost horse in my head keeping time
Wandering lines

Trans Canada

C, Constantines

Constantines - Brother Run Them Down

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Brother Run Them Down po polsku
Too many hospital blues
Too many hanging men
Come living rites
Come desperation
You are not your generation

Days of doubt can ruin men
Brother run them down

C, Constantines

Constantines - Shower of Stones

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Shower of Stones po polsku
Oh, love can be
Oh, love can be a shower of stones

You said "I've never felt this far from home
I've never felt this good before
I watched as the sky was falling
I watched as the sun explodes
It was like nothing

C, Constantines

Constantines - Time Can Be Overcome

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Time Can Be Overcome po polsku
now, architect
now, archeologist
now a man whose hand's in the past
somebody's made to face the changes
somebody's built to last
what do you know
still living so young
tomorrow's no burden

C, Constantines

Constantines - Our Age

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Our Age po polsku
I was not up for saying grace
Hung up before a loving face
A table set with spinning plates
Only our age between us

You remember in the living
There was no real forgiving.
In every age a common bent

C, Constantines

Constantines - Million Star Hotel

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Million Star Hotel po polsku
Sick at heart
Oh, city doctor
City doctor on the twenty-first floor
I can see that city doctor
Can't help me anymore

When the dust settles
I won't be kissing

C, Constantines

Constantines - Hard Feelings

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Hard Feelings po polsku
We live in the light
the constant light
a family of eyes
Talking about common sense
Coming thru the bedroom window
shining across the ceiling
You can't sleep in a nation
of imagination

C, Constantines

Constantines - Windy Road

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Windy Road po polsku
It's true that the sky was filled with dust and silver
Waves of light across a crooked highway
The ocean in a silver flask
Best get new dreams, these old dreams won't last
This is not your home
Leave this place alone
Windy Road
You said I had the look of a prairie crow, that year when all your friends were married

C, Constantines

Constantines - You Are a Conductor

Tekst piosenki Constantines - You Are a Conductor po polsku
Useless secrets, beat your wings
There's a little good in everything
You are a conductor

It's a giant step going out,
reeling in jungles of doubt
You are a conductor

C, Constantines

Constantines - Love in Fear

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Love in Fear po polsku
On the weird winds of Ontario,
came worry sailing strange and low.
And we laid under the heavy sheets to love to spite
the strange winds blowing.
To lust with raging lungs.
What hangs above when we love in fear?
Don't take me to the hospital.
Don't tie me to the wires.

C, Constantines

Constantines - Working Full-Time

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Working Full-Time po polsku
The sun was coming up
Soldiers of light storming my brain
Day, have I the guts to greet you?
Alarm clock tomorrow, cradle to the grave
Working full-time
Vigilant people in the cult of enterprise, lean into the day with all your heart and mind
We were not made to fear the morning
Put down, put under, and put on

C, Constantines

Constantines - Lizaveta

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Lizaveta po polsku
Lizaveta, we stood together in the pissing rain
Your skin was showing through your shirt
You said, 'Lover, let's run for cover.'
I said, 'Lover, wait.
Stay here and I'll give up all I'm worth.'

It's good... we desire disorder
With this design, we're all born our own destroyer

C, Constantines

Constantines - Young Lions

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Young Lions po polsku
Oh young lions
This is your kingdom
Every beast has its poison
Every lion has its victim

Choose your crime
Pour the ashes out the window
Empty mickey by the river

C, Constantines

Constantines - Goodbye Baby & Amen

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Goodbye Baby & Amen po polsku
For the break this new year
Strange wonders from the kingdom disappear
Bring me the poison dart
Bring me the shining spear

Human kindness
Sold down the river
Raise the edge against the hurricane water

C, Constantines

Constantines - On to You

Tekst piosenki Constantines - On to You po polsku
The architects are choking out another hollow tooth
And the rooms have all been rented from the gutter to the roof
In the heart of a city desire finds its fuel
You go out looking for trouble, sooner or later and the trouble finds you

Here the men walk like pigeons
And the women all talk loud
Skin's a coin of the kingdom

C, Constantines

Constantines - Tank Commander (Hung Up in a Warehouse Town)

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Tank Commander (Hung Up in a Warehouse Town) po polsku
You were a rhinestone installation,
hung up in a warehouse town
I was a latebreaking back alley mistake,
howling at the moon night after night

When you came around, you made the cannibals croon
Subway connections, a satelite hipbone
You claimed all the devil's moves

C, Constantines

Constantines - Sub-Domestic

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Sub-Domestic po polsku
Put this confession in your sensitive files
Here's some kindling for the schizophrenics
The new sick sleepless ex-patriot congress is living sub sub sub-domestic
If sanctuary still exists
Its among the shaking fists
Seeking out a living free of the postures of politics

Plant a paint bombs in the market

C, Constantines

Constantines - Draw Us Lines

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Draw Us Lines po polsku
Starhawk in a street ritual,
pleas from Herald Square to the heavens,
earth and seas.
Let the hand move its people,
and draw us lines from our fiery designs.
Unknown unknowns,
let all our gardens grow,
and overtake our history.

C, Constantines

Constantines - Hotline Operator

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Hotline Operator po polsku
I believe this life is blessed,
When against your hand,
My pulse can rise and rest.
Sing dissemblers.
Sing Lazarus.
Stand on ceremony.
For us with lust it's only motivation.
Hotline operator.

C, Constantines

Constantines - Nighttime

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Nighttime po polsku
Its hard not to surrender
to the bold and comely words
what sway the bloody minded
what hang above the graceless herd.
Its hard not to surrender,
but I will dance down through the alleyways with one foot in the gutter.
Take the city as a sister,
the nighttime as a lover.

C, Constantines

Constantines - Shine a Light

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Shine a Light po polsku
Although the things you've done, I wouldn't criticize
I guess, you had your way
You see, I gotta make you understand
I know it sounds a foolish thing to say
But it don't matter baby 'cause today's another day
You shine a little love on my life
You shine a little love on my life
You shine a little love on my life

C, Constantines

Constantines - National Hum

Tekst piosenki Constantines - National Hum po polsku
Your mayor is raising fences to keep bodies off the Don Valley Parkway.
Send your praises to the mechanics of the state
Singing sweetly from the mess into the valley of the damned

More and more neglected hands,
Judgment ripe, they're starting bands, working on a new solution,
youth is not absolution

C, Constantines

Constantines - Scoundrel Babes

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Scoundrel Babes po polsku
Look all around you, we're a bunch of mighty scoundrel babes
The summertime is out time, and I'm a beast
Tear off a leg and come back with a bone
The tide has gone and disappeared
Drown you dogs!
I'm a beast
Slip the jaws
Split the horizon

C, Constantines

Constantines - Soon Enough

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Soon Enough po polsku
Years from now, they will make water from
The reservoirs of our idiot tempers
Soon enough, work and love will make a man out of you
Through and through
Your gentleman father would pray for a daughter,
As he walked from room to room


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