C, Constantines

Constantines - Little Instruments

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Little Instruments po polsku
Mercy little rocker, bleeding guitars
went out chasing landmarks. fell asleep at the bar
swinging with the sweet rogues down at Club Charity
Always dressed to the teeth, always in heat

beyond them naked dancers, all we got
leather hands together, all we got
we got an amplifier

C, Constantines

Constantines - St. You

Tekst piosenki Constantines - St. You po polsku
Sweet girl in the diamond cut dress
She's the queen of the broken hearts
I'm going to milk that posison tongue
And go blind in the lovers' march
Who you calling on?
Who's callin' you?
I'm soaked in kerosene
This is no gentleman's blues

C, Constantines

Constantines - Hyacinth Blues

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Hyacinth Blues po polsku
Raise the grey flags
Ink the trenchant ballads
The retail mob is bleating
At the latest dead sensation

The cretinous crowd is salting the sores
Rejects at the trough
Vulture the corpse

C, Constantines

Constantines - No Ecstasy

Tekst piosenki Constantines - No Ecstasy po polsku
Born to hold your breath, 1979
Growing up in a dollhouse 'neath a beehive
But you've been wading in them dirty waters
Since you were thirteen years
Running with that lonely crowd
Crying them dirty tears

Thirteen, broke your last baby tooth

C, Constantines

Constantines - Seven A.M.

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Seven A.M. po polsku
We're paperless
Won't document this
Under surveillance

The nation of the sleeping
And its promotions
We slip beneath the marquee

C, Constantines

Constantines - Justice

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Justice po polsku
When your words won't do no justice
And you've been led by the tusk
To the aid of a friend who's down a busted
To a sister who's lost the lust

This is the Easter of your skin, son
This is the making of your tongue

C, Constantines

Constantines - Some Party

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Some Party po polsku
This is some party. a capacity crowd on some fifty-four story
A mile above the lowly stations and any honest crime
Sick with the stars consolidating on the vine

I'll play the witness, every line here is baited
The spoils got us impressed, the wine- intoxicated.
Saw this slow city buried in confetti,
Some night, some time ago, at some party

C, Constantines

Constantines - Arizona

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Arizona po polsku
This is a song about the death of Danny Rapp
And that great gospel jest called rock and roll:

Some modern spirit
Wounded and sober
Here's the hunger of a generation
And another ritual surrender

C, Constantines

Constantines - Do What You Can Do

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Do What You Can Do po polsku
I wish you twelve lanes of peace and quiet
And all speed away from human sorrow
You and I
We're gonna break even
Two animals on the road to animal heaven
You do what you can do with what you got
You do what you can do with what you got

C, Constantines

Constantines - Life or Death

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Life or Death po polsku
I keep a lighter in my pocket
Since the fall of 2005
I was there
Waiting on a revelation
I was lucky to get out alive

I was looking for a name
For a place to

C, Constantines

Constantines - New King

Tekst piosenki Constantines - New King po polsku
Your mother and father
Walked out of the city
Bound together as they were bound to be
To pull a fortune from a river
Drink the syrup from the tree
Kith and kin
When the ice gets thin
We'll forage and we'll fend

C, Constantines

Constantines - I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song

Tekst piosenki Constantines - I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song po polsku
We've become the outer order
Live our lives along the border
Get up in ease and face our other
To name the sign you've been born under

I was bitten by a man
Trespassing in a psychic state
What well-healed boy

C, Constantines

Constantines - Credit River

Tekst piosenki Constantines - Credit River po polsku
So you've decided to declare bankruptcy
You say that lease it brought out something bad in me
You say I feel like half the man I used to be
Is there any place left for me to go?

Friend I know the hounds of debt
They do get hungry
And desperate times will set you often wondering

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