D, Delphic

Delphic - Clarion Call

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Clarion Call po polsku
We all return to change
We all have time to change
We swim against the tide
Look back into the past
We all do anything
We live in unconditional change
A call to all

D, Delphic

Delphic - Doubt

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Doubt po polsku
Wanting meaning, wanting more than the same things
Wanting everything, just to start at the ending
I found another face to show
Just because what you say is what will go
Doubt, in it all for me
I've hit the wall, all that's left for you is doubt
Better you than me, I've so far to fall

D, Delphic

Delphic - This Momentary

Tekst piosenki Delphic - This Momentary po polsku
We, you and me what is said wasn't never meant to hurt,
Real stories always come off worse
Can we make the time to leave it behind and reshape, remake our faith in what we see, how you feel so unsteady,
I'm already out of reach, remember finding your feet,
In a fine time, take the time to find me,
I'll be ready waiting lets do something real...
Let's do something real
We, you and me what is said wasn't ever meant to hurt,

D, Delphic

Delphic - Halcyon

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Halcyon po polsku
You said enough, you said too much.
You focus solely on her touch, and halcyon.
In arguments set in stone
In promises of what was once, you come undone.
If you take this away, I fade to black and disappear.
If it's all a state of mind.

D, Delphic

Delphic - Counterpoint

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Counterpoint po polsku
Late at night, I'll run through the streets and empty corridors.
I'll find my counterpoint, inside a red room locked behind a door.

I keep holding my head up, holding it up.
Holding my head up, holding it up.
And you just don't come back, around.
It seems to me that we will never be.

, ,

D, Delphic

Delphic - Of The Young

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Of The Young po polsku
We could be alone right now
And I know I'm in your game
I'm in your game
I wouldn't wanna hang around here, in your game
I wouldn't wanna hang around here
'Cause it's a new religion
Scratching at the skin

D, Delphic

Delphic - Exotic

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Exotic po polsku
Eyes down
You'll see that in me
Eyes down
You'll see that in me
That place, that place
That cradled me
You help our wave from crashing in

D, Delphic

Delphic - Atlas

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Atlas po polsku
All the way around my window
And all the way outside my door
All the weight of the world
All the weight of the world

Dream on, dream on
Dream yourself a ride
But it's been so long, so long

D, Delphic

Delphic - Good life

Tekst piosenki Delphic - Good life po polsku
Now do you feel the spurnal wheel?
It kicks out of the song you’re writing, desire to be free.
Every song, eh, now I’m lonely.
I were to join a force, there I wait to be safe.

We wait, we wait, we wait, we wait, we wait, we wait.
We wait, we wait, we wait, we wait, we wait, we wait.

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