D, Dido

Dido - Sweet Eyed Baby

Tekst piosenki Dido - Sweet Eyed Baby po polsku
So you're with her, and not with me,
I hope she's sweet, and so pretty
I hear she cooks delightfully, a little angel beside you
So you're with her, and not with me,
Oh how lucky one man can be
I hear your house is smart and clean,
Oh how lovely with your homecoming queen
Oh how lovely it must be...

D, Dido

Dido - Flowerstand Man

Tekst piosenki Dido - Flowerstand Man po polsku
'Bout a month ago I'd never seen your face
I'd never heard your voice 'bout a month ago
I am a careful hunter and I had to search
Before I found your love 'bout a month ago

Are you my boy or the Flowerstand Man
You bought such colour to this place
Are you my boy or the Flowerstand Man

D, Dido

Dido - Too Bad

Tekst piosenki Dido - Too Bad po polsku
Last time I saw you
You left me crying on the floor
You just stepped over me
Running for the door
And if you think I want you back
You must be mad
Even if you were the last man

D, Dido

Dido - Us 2 Little Gods

Tekst piosenki Dido - Us 2 Little Gods po polsku
Walking home, burnt and red..
Sticky thin - he said.
Let us go down in the woods.
Can you be careful? - she said
Us 2 little gods with the world at our feet.
Sticky thin, how you've grown? - They said
You'll never fit in your long white dress.

D, Dido

Dido - Hurry Home

Tekst piosenki Dido - Hurry Home po polsku
I've been drinking
Kinda celebrating
'Cos I've been thinking
About my baby
I've been lonely
Kinda empty
Sleeping where ghosts

D, Dido

Dido - Winter

Tekst piosenki Dido - Winter po polsku
I could leave it on the floor
Down the hall by the door
I could hang it out in the sun
And leave it there when you come home
I'll just leave it there
It's much warmer there
I don't care if people stop and stare

D, Dido

Dido - Girl Who Got Away

Tekst piosenki Dido - Girl Who Got Away po polsku
I wanna move with the seasons
And go with the flow
And take it easy
And let stuff go

I wanna sleep like a baby
Rise with the sun
And kick it all back

D, Dido

Dido - Northern Skies

Tekst piosenki Dido - Northern Skies po polsku
I have returned to northern skies
Where summer hasn't touched the clouds that pass above
I have returned to the sombre grays
Of days too early to come and too hurried to stay

I have left a million stars
And an ocean light and clearly blue
I have left warmth of the sun

D, Dido

Dido - Leaving on a jet plane

Tekst piosenki Dido - Leaving on a jet plane po polsku
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn,
The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

D, Dido

Dido - Love To Blame

Tekst piosenki Dido - Love To Blame po polsku
Helen of Troy was the kind of girl
Who really had it all
Not a care in the world but her head was turned
And forever changed
She said one love is lost but another is found
So just take the keys and let's just go, birds fly south

Nothing ventured

D, Dido

Dido - Lost

Tekst piosenki Dido - Lost po polsku
However long I’m under makes no difference
However long I’m down there’ll be air for me
All I’ve had that’s lost that’s gone it falls away
I’ll come up in my time there’ll be no fear for me

I walked down and see path
Where shadows fall behind
And rest beneath a tree

D, Dido

Dido - River, Run Me Dry

Tekst piosenki Dido - River, Run Me Dry po polsku
A thousand faces
On a grey, grey day
A million houses
Under dull, dark sky
So much noise and
So little time
Oh river, run me dry

D, Dido

Dido - Summer

Tekst piosenki Dido - Summer po polsku
We can make it rain again
I'd feel like I belong
Let's make it cold again
I'm not ready and it's wrong
We can put the outdoor chairs back in and lock the door
Go back to walking all heads down and put our coats back on
The summer's come too soon and I'm still missing you

D, Dido

Dido - Let Us Move On

Tekst piosenki Dido - Let Us Move On po polsku
Don't wrap it up in gold
don't hide it behind the sun
Just give it to me as it is
And let it stand
Don't fly it like a kite between the clouds
It needs no excuse, just bring it down
Let us that are in pain look upon it
In all its glory


D, Dido

Dido - Go Dreaming

Tekst piosenki Dido - Go Dreaming po polsku
Another summer coming to an end
And I'm still walking on without a care
And even if the birds have flown, the sun has gone
I'll still be here, here

Oh, I want to walk with kings
Oh, and take a chance on things
And though I may give way to those who could cause me pain

D, Dido

Dido - Sitting On The Roof Of The World

Tekst piosenki Dido - Sitting On The Roof Of The World po polsku
I climbed a mountain
Not knowing that I had
Thought it was just a road from a to b
I took no protection
Not much of anything
Just went as I was
Looking in windows
And playing songs

D, Dido

Dido - Day Before We Went To War

Tekst piosenki Dido - Day Before We Went To War po polsku
All the pictures on the wall
The sand lying on the floor
The bed upstairs still unmade
The dust float in the light
The people just left
All laughter and mess
Forgetting this and that
And rushing back

D, Dido

Dido - Blackbird

Tekst piosenki Dido - Blackbird po polsku
He put the coffee in the cup and with milk he filled it up
He added sugar and I never knew he liked it like that
He took his coat from the hook and his scarf and his hat
And he put down a key and said I won't be needing that
And he turned and smiled and said that explained it all
And he walked down the hall and he opened the door and said
Of course I'll call,


D, Dido

Dido - NYC

Tekst piosenki Dido - NYC po polsku
White house on the beach
My steps down to the sand
The plane takes off and we
We are just when it lands

Waiting in a room
Where the windows won’t open
Got coffee with no mud

D, Dido

Dido - All I See

Tekst piosenki Dido - All I See po polsku
"All I See"
(feat. Pete Miser)

I thought it was done when I packed my bags and walked into the light
I picked the books I thought I should and closed the door behind
And when I handed back the keys I thought that I was free
No shame, no dirt, no surprises wait for me

D, Dido

Dido - Happy New Year

Tekst piosenki Dido - Happy New Year po polsku
I'll wear the jewels you gave me round my neck tonight
Though I know you won't be there
I'll wear them in a gold chain that catches in the light
Though I know of course you won't appear

I'll leave the party early after a drink or two
And I'll check my phone for calls
Though I know there will be none from you, from you

D, Dido

Dido - Let's Run Away

Tekst piosenki Dido - Let's Run Away po polsku
And before I start the day
I have a glimpse of how I used to feel
When we drove all night and laughed all day
Thinking nothing can go wrong
And now our hands are full and walking in the dark
I don't know what's below or what's above

But it doesn't matter now

D, Dido

Dido - Just Say Yes

Tekst piosenki Dido - Just Say Yes po polsku
If by chance, I saw you at first
First time there, there on the dance floor
I would put, my coat back down
I'd head for the door and I'd ask your name
Just because, you've been there before
And been burnt, don't walk away

Well just say yes, why say no,


D, Dido

Dido - Loveless Hearts

Tekst piosenki Dido - Loveless Hearts po polsku
I can find the good news in anything
But without you, that's all gone
No one could have told me how much I'd miss you
And how soon the world moves on

How can they not hear me
When I say
Oh, we're not safe anymore

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