D, Down Low

Down Low - Johnn B

Tekst piosenki Down Low - Johnn B po polsku
Check it out - it's eleven-thirty,
My hand is getting dirty
Snatchin' up things that probably can't be waitin'
Now this is a vision of a violent life
Livin' by a guard and totem of the night
I'm slamin' doors 2-4-5 'n pullin' the keys
Now these are the traged valuable luxuries to me
In the early dawn, before you yawn

D, Down Low

Down Low - So Long Goodbye

Tekst piosenki Down Low - So Long Goodbye po polsku
Uh, yeah, c´mon,
memories of time running thru my mind
So long goodbye…
Aha, can you hear me? C´mon

Many nights, I lay alone in my bed,
looking back on
the letter she wrote, I just read

D, Down Low

Down Low - Moonlight

Tekst piosenki Down Low - Moonlight po polsku
Listen to these takes from the dark;
A mistress stranded in the park,
underneath the larch she's laying face down
on the ground without a sound,
her causal shoes and straps are nowhere to be found
what's going down.
How can this be respectfully, but yes she's history,
So many things in this world that she'll never see.

D, Down Low

Down Low - Once upon a time

Tekst piosenki Down Low - Once upon a time po polsku
All alone without you yeah
So alone, so alone
Without you (X2)
Until that day I see you again
Death do us part your long lost friend
Can't wait to see your face again
I'll be here for you my friend

D, Down Low

Down Low - Can We Get It On

Tekst piosenki Down Low - Can We Get It On po polsku
Yo, whazzup
Are you at home?
Damn, she's not home again...
Well, check this out,
I will leave this message on your answer machine
I hope you like it..
And it goes something like this...

D, Down Low

Down Low - Don't You

Tekst piosenki Down Low - Don't You po polsku
You just don't understand what's going on, do you?
It seems like we can't understand one another
And I think things between us are going to extreme
So I want you to understand this (girl I need you)
I'm begging you not to leave me

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