E, Eamon

Eamon - I want you so bad

Tekst piosenki Eamon - I want you so bad po polsku
First I saw your gorgeous eyes,
then noticed your⊂⊃ was fly
I just thought we could have fun,
I could show you affection.
I want you so bad girl, I want you, I need you so bad.
I want you so bad girl, I want you, I need you.

E, Eamon

Eamon - All over love

Tekst piosenki Eamon - All over love po polsku
Hard to believe it, its kinda amazing, but its true, now that I needed
Someone so special, here comes you.
So how am I crazy, to say that I'm dreamin over you
Someone so special, how could you say this all so cruel.
So when your sayin that you need love
I look at you, and kinda smile
It's very hard just to convince baby, so maybe this will take awhile.

E, Eamon

Eamon - On and on

Tekst piosenki Eamon - On and on po polsku
On and on and on [2x's]
On and on and on [2x's]
Everytime i finish i could see it in your eyes
I know i put in work and there is no surprise
I got just what your looking for
Yo I freak it like you like it
Then you want some more

E, Eamon

Eamon - I'd rather ⊂⊃ with you

Tekst piosenki Eamon - I'd rather fuck with you po polsku
[Person 1:] Royalty
[Eamon:] yea..ya this one of dem songs you can kick bak smoke a blunt nd get real fuked up
[Person 1:] haha thas wha im talkin bout E
[Eamon:] Yea.. ya statin island in tha house huh I like to welcome you to another experience of
ho-wop (woo woo) ladies you can call me E, or you can jus call me huh here we go uh uh uh
I'd rather fuk wit you
All through tha night

E, Eamon

Eamon - Love lovin'U

Tekst piosenki Eamon - Love lovin'U po polsku
Lovemakin' in the morning time
She takin' care of me every day
She know just how to touch my soul
Love lovin' you
I love, love lovin' you
From cookin' to ⊂⊃in', whatever I'm feenin'
My fantasy

E, Eamon

Eamon - Solo [Italiana version]

Tekst piosenki Eamon - Solo [Italiana version] po polsku
ho detto
io mai
sarei stato qui
solo a
rimpiangerti così
il fuoco
le feste
mai una NOTTE persa

E, Eamon

Eamon - Controversy

Tekst piosenki Eamon - Controversy po polsku
On my way to the studio, when the beat rise through, like pure as gold.
And you know I got 'dro to up my flow
When the girl I brought along just dropped her clothes.
And even if its true what you said, I could have your girl chillin in my bed
So theres no need for controversy, what you gotta stop is all this envy.
What I gotta do, cats don't even have a clue, can't stand to see me kick a flow so

E, Eamon

Eamon - Up&down

Tekst piosenki Eamon - Up&down po polsku
And so I learn a lot by what I see
She's fallin' out of love with me
Shoulda never gave up trying love so quick, oh why?
And so I lived it up and played her down
Wishin' she was with me right now
I'd change my life and go back into time
And it was like

E, Eamon

Eamon - By my side

Tekst piosenki Eamon - By my side po polsku
See the situation's complicated
I done tried and waited, getting so impatient
I'm wishin I could go back in time
Wishin I could press rewind
Now even though I treated you wrong
You still held on so long
Baby, you thought about quittin but the feeling's so strong

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