E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Is It Right

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Is It Right po polsku
Is it right? Is it right?
Is it right? Is it right?
He’s got a pen in his hand
A piece of paper staring back
He could write like a man
A novel life, back on track


E, Elaiza

Elaiza - I Don't Love You

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - I Don't Love You po polsku
The first time I met you
I didn't know who you are
It was not my intention
That it would come so far
But there was something
That got my attention and got me warm
The first time I met you

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Thank You

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Thank You po polsku
I would like to say thank you, for your attention
I'm so glad everybody's here
'Cause here is somebody, who's very special
For my life, who's part of me

There aren't so many words to describe
how I feel, how I feel

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Fight Against Myself

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Fight Against Myself po polsku
I see my reflection in the mirror
And I detect some lonely nights
My eyes seem much less clearer
Boy, I’m in silence with myself

I fight against it all, ’cause I know who I am
I try to win the war, winning nothing in the end
Yeah I fight against myself becoming who I am

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Goodbye

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Goodbye po polsku
I wake up every morning
Remembering your face
I'm looking out of the window
Thinking about things I can't erase

Believe in you, believe in me
Trust is over
Parts of you, parts of me

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Without

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Without po polsku
Lying on the bottom
Sitting on my bed
Waiting in the corner
But nobody's there
Feeling lonely
I don't know who I am
Trying to forget
But I can't

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Cinderella

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Cinderella po polsku
I take one step forward
One step back
If the shoe don't fit
Will you take it back

I guess if you need perfect
I'm not thereyet
See I'm not some dumb

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Circle of Life

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Circle of Life po polsku
A table in a busy room
Changes often young and soon
Without a sound
You were on the ground

Nanana, nana, nana, nana I dance
Nanana, nana, nana, nana I stop
Nanana, nana, nana, nana I stand

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Lemonade

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Lemonade po polsku
Broken bottles all around
Pieces on the ground
That's all what's left of last night
That I have found

We're trapped here for too long
Now I see that I was wrong
I don't wanna fight

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Green

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Green po polsku
Put my feet
On the earth
Sun is shining
Birds above
Show their love
Silver linings

Ah ah ah ah all the colours

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Miracle

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Miracle po polsku
When I first met you girl and there you stood
The thunder in your eyes, I felt so good
And I looked up to you my siver moon
Too many good things bring you down too soon

Wake up and change our mind
We're in a miracle, ina miracle
I know you like to criticise

E, Elaiza

Elaiza - Invisible Line

Tekst piosenki Elaiza - Invisible Line po polsku
All my tears are falling down
Like a raindrops on the ground
All those pain you're giving to me
Runs through my heart, runs through my veins
Why are you hurting me so hard?
Why can't you stop? Is it not enough?
Just let me go or go away
I don't wanna more, I don't wanna stay

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