E, Emilia

Emilia - Big Big World

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Big Big World po polsku
I'm a big big girl in a big big world
It's not a big big thing if you leave me
but I do do feel that I do do will miss you much
miss you much...

I can see the first leaf falling
it's all yellow and nice
It's so very cold outside


E, Emilia

Emilia - Kiss By Kiss

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Kiss By Kiss po polsku
You can't believe
how did I succeed
I went it when open gones before
I opened up your heart
and did took through the door
to forever more

What did I do

E, Emilia

Emilia - Sorry I'm In Love

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Sorry I'm In Love po polsku
Baby,baby,I see you hangin´´round,
What´s going on in your mind,baby,baby?
I got the picture now,
Don´t bother wastin´ your time.
Me and the girls,we´re only here for playing,
Don´t get me wrong,
Forgive me when I´m saying.

E, Emilia

Emilia - Daddy, Daddy

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Daddy, Daddy po polsku
Daddy, daddy
Your little girl is really growing up now
And you will see that my life would be so fine
And I ain't gonna need you even more now
I's time to be a women sometimes
Daddy, daddy

E, Emilia

Emilia - Da byah ot gadnite

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Da byah ot gadnite po polsku
Да бях от гадните, от безпощадните,
от егоистите, да бях от лесните,
които влюбват се в случайно срещнати.
Да си измислица, сгрешена улица
и празна страница, но за ръката ти
отново хващам се - като удавница!

Обратно иска ми се да се върна днес,


E, Emilia

Emilia - You're Breaking My Heart

Tekst piosenki Emilia - You're Breaking My Heart po polsku
Smart girls don't go playing too close to the edge
A smart girl wouldn't be here sitting on your bed
But you captured my attention like pretty flashing lights
And too late I discovered the flash was dynamite

Well, I can't blame you completely for taking what I gave
You didn't want fulfilling. Just a piece of cake.

E, Emilia

Emilia - Teardrops

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Teardrops po polsku

I hear the laughter in the hall
Someone is coming home
Someone is being helding tight
But I am here alone

Don't want to think about us now

E, Emilia

Emilia - You're My World

Tekst piosenki Emilia - You're My World po polsku
My lips
On your lips
Your body heat
Lingers on me
Oh what a night
God am I obsessed
With this man
Of my dreams

E, Emilia

Emilia - Come into my life

Tekst piosenki Emilia - Come into my life po polsku
Love is a feeling
That can make you blind
You've got all this love
And it makes you warm

Will you believe me?
Not put me aside
For every day the passes

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