E, Eminem

Eminem - Wicked Ways

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Wicked Ways po polsku
[Hook: X Ambassadors]
I'm getting by with my wicked ways
I'm loading up and I'm taking names
I wanna dig my way to hell
I wanna dig my way to hell

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Guess I got a way with words, I could get away with murder

E, Eminem

Eminem - Em360 Rapcity Backroom Freestyle (Feat. Slaughterhouse)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Em360 Rapcity Backroom Freestyle (Feat. Slaughterhouse) po polsku
[Verse 1: Joe Budden]

I'm the realest mo'⊂⊃er that I know
Wasn't always the case guess the figure had to grow
I do it for the love I don't do it for the dough
But I know these sucker figures will so they keep me on my toes
What's sad is I couldn't tell you what I'm hated for
And them painkillers didn't murder the pain they gave me more

E, Eminem

Eminem - Curtains close

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Curtains close po polsku
Ken Kanif]
*Ken walks to the mic*
Uhhh nmm *taps mic*
This thing on..?
Where'd everybody go?
Guess whos back?
Back again

E, Eminem

Eminem - Wasting My Time

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Wasting My Time po polsku
By bookmat
I don’t think you understand
That what you’re doing is not so cool
You think it’s funny to mess with my mind
Don’t you
You know I like you so you just tease me

E, Eminem

Eminem - Billion Bucks

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Billion Bucks po polsku
Everybody says they want a million bucks
But I'd rather have a million days with you
My account dosen't go that high
It doesn't mean you have to sat goodbye to me
Can't promise you a million bucks
But I can promise I'll be good to you
Everybody wants a million bucks
But I'd rather have a million days with you

E, Eminem

Eminem - Soap

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Soap po polsku
Roger : Skylar Montgomery?
Montgomery : What do you want from me Roger?
Roger : I know it was you all along messing around with my dear Veronica!
Montgomery : Wait a minute, you hold it right there. Me and that woman
love each other.

E, Eminem

Eminem - Two of you

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Two of you po polsku
Two Of You
(Track 12 on "Rotator")
Why tell me why
There's a river to cry tonight
Oh why
Try don't you try
You can never deny what's right

E, Eminem

Eminem - Intro (Curtain Call)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Intro (Curtain Call) po polsku
Hey, how you guys doin.
You want more?
Alright, then SHUT UP!!!
Shoobeedoo (Shoobeedoo)
Shoobeedoo (Shoobeedoo)
Shoobeedoo (Shoobeedoo)

E, Eminem

Eminem - Public Enemy 1

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Public Enemy 1 po polsku
I sense someones tapping into my phones why do
I got this feeling in my bones I might die soon
The F.B.I might be tryin to pull my file soon
I might be walking blind fold into a typhoon
I might be seeing rockets light up the night sky
Right outside of the window of my living room
And if they do you can say goodnight and bye bye to them itunes
If I don't try to record as much before I do

E, Eminem

Eminem - What Colour Is Soul?

Tekst piosenki Eminem - What Colour Is Soul? po polsku
Close ya eyes and try to guess my tint
Close ya eyes and try to guess my tint
Close ya eyes and try to guess my tint
Now open 'em up, even the best sound wins

⊂⊃, there ain't idiots bad as the phattest skinniest

E, Eminem

Eminem - I live at home in a trailer

Tekst piosenki Eminem - I live at home in a trailer po polsku
Well Jimmy moved in with his mother
Cuz he ain't got no place to go
And now I'm right back in the gutter
with a garbage bag that's full of clothes

E, Eminem

Eminem - Lounge

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Lounge po polsku
(Crowd singing in bar in the background)
I never meant too... give you mushrooms girl...
I never meant to.... Bring you to my world...
And now you're lying, in the corner... cryyaaaing.
(yeah!, woohoo!)

E, Eminem

Eminem - Take it or leave it

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Take it or leave it po polsku
In your garden
I try to fall asleep
Sister Mary
Walking on the wall
Sister Mary
Heading for a fall
Sister Mary

E, Eminem

Eminem - Murder

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Murder po polsku
Intro [Bizarre]:
Detroit, Motown
Hey, guess what
They gave us a super bowl this year an you know what happened

Robbin, shootin', killin',
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)

E, Eminem

Eminem - The Showdown (Feat,. Dr.Dre)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - The Showdown (Feat,. Dr.Dre) po polsku
The Wild.. Gotham
The Wild.. West {*BANG BANG, BANG*
Ha ha, riiiiide..

[Dr. Dre]
All you see is the sun, reflectin off of the gun
I'm ready for the showdown, that go down at one
Sweat on my brow, let's settle it now

E, Eminem

Eminem - Brandy & Ma$e Diss

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Brandy & Ma$e Diss po polsku
Hand me an eighth, beam me up and land me in space
I'ma sit on top of the world and spit on Brandy & Ma$e
I'm more than ill
Scarier than a white person trapped in a room with Lauryn Hill
Human horror film, but with a lot funnier plot
And people will fill me 'cause I'ma still be the mad rapper
Whether I got money or not
As long as I'm on pills and I got plenty of pot

E, Eminem

Eminem - Ode to detroit

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Ode to detroit po polsku
There is a resilience that rises from somewhere deep within your streets.
You can't define it, but you can feel it.
You can feel it overflowing from the people who call you home.
The people who are always proud to declare, 'I'm from Detroit'.
You took our country from it's infancy, into industry.
And your name still carries with it the idea of a nation built on steel, muscle and sweat.
You became the city that carried the country.

E, Eminem

Eminem - Final Thought (skit)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Final Thought (skit) po polsku
People chanting eminem
Paper folding/tearing
Door open and slam shut
More footsteps
Gun reloading

E, Eminem

Eminem - Give Me The Ball

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Give Me The Ball po polsku
Ayo, let me tell you about my homies, haha

My name is chauncey billups and im kinda like a raunchey phillips-
screwdriver, my crews live-er when you cant sleep
and youre still up. i get the ball and im like rip
you cant get a grip, you probably got stripped.
wanna rumble? no reason to trip
i grab it like gnarles barkley holds a mic

E, Eminem

Eminem - The Phattest Skinny Kid Alive

Tekst piosenki Eminem - The Phattest Skinny Kid Alive po polsku
To the Batmobile, let's go

Yo', Manix man, I'mma take this one kinda slow, alright?

[Verse one]
Welcome to the Flipside
Hope he can swim, cause if he can't; he gonna drown on a whip tie

E, Eminem

Eminem - W.E.G.O

Tekst piosenki Eminem - W.E.G.O po polsku
{*old school hip-hop beat tune plays in the background like a radio station*}

Yeah soul intent, checking it number one baby this week
You know what I'm sayin'?
This is MC Proof


E, Eminem

Eminem - Watch Dees

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Watch Dees po polsku
Verse One (Thirstin Howl):
I hit harder
than Forman
landing both both gloves to a low blow
with no cup
leave you Speech-less like when Arrested Development broke up
carry a crow bar for egos that won't budge
crack skulls

E, Eminem

Eminem - Mr. Mathers (skit)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Mr. Mathers (skit) po polsku
Mr. Mathers?
Mr. Mathers!
Mr. Mathers... Mr. Mathers can you hear my voice?
OK he's not responding
I'm gonna need an 18 gauge left AC right away

Uh, BP is 90 over 12, respiration's at 8

E, Eminem

Eminem - Renewing The Staff (Freestyle)

Tekst piosenki Eminem - Renewing The Staff (Freestyle) po polsku
If I'm elected for ten terms
I'm renewing the staff after the inagural
And hiring all girls as interns
If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth
While you're rappin and pull your right through the window and fight you
I'll take you straight to the pavement
Uppercut you, and scrape your face wit a bracelet
Like a razor that shaved it


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