G, Globus

Globus - Europa

Tekst piosenki Globus - Europa po polsku
From Agincourt to Waterloo
Poitiers and then Anjou
The Roses War, the Hundred Years
Through battlefields of blood and tears
From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc
Stalingard and the siege of York
The bloody turf of Gallipoli

G, Globus

Globus - Take me away

Tekst piosenki Globus - Take me away po polsku
Kneel, in silence alone
My spirit bares me
Pray for guidance, towards home
In darkest hours

Kneel (dream within dream we travel)
In Silence (empires of faith unravel)
Alone (sealed with our virtues' treasures)

G, Globus

Globus - Orchard of mines

Tekst piosenki Globus - Orchard of mines po polsku
Don't taint this ground
With the color of the past
Are the sounds in bloom with you
Cause you seem like
An orchard of mines
Just take one step at a time

And you seem

G, Globus

Globus - Preliator

Tekst piosenki Globus - Preliator po polsku
Hossana Meus
Fortuna Deus
Aeterna Teus
Mystre, Morte, Sancte, Pior

(( Esere Ait Altyazi
Yapayzaka Icin
Ozel Olarak Hazirlanmistir


G, Globus

Globus - Diem Ex Dei

Tekst piosenki Globus - Diem Ex Dei po polsku
Umbra Dextras, Prima Orbis
Templa Prospice, Diem Ex Dei

Fides Sponsa, Fides Per Dei
Missaes Can Ta, Mistrae Lingua

Umbra Dextras, Umbra Crucis
Umbra Deus, Lucius Dei

G, Globus

Globus - Save Me

Tekst piosenki Globus - Save Me po polsku
See me take my bones
And I'm heading for the exits
I can't stick around
This life's been hard
And I can't see the sense in fighting it anymore
Can't you let me go
Won't you show me the door
'Cause I've made mistakes

G, Globus

Globus - Prelude (On Earth As In Heaven)

Tekst piosenki Globus - Prelude (On Earth As In Heaven) po polsku
On earth as in heaven
We will be strong together
On earth as in heaven
We will be untethered
No martyr can ever
Divide our beating hearts

On earth as in heaven


G, Globus

Globus - Mighty Rivers Run

Tekst piosenki Globus - Mighty Rivers Run po polsku
I am your Mother
In my womb you've seen a universe
Precious life, now I bring you into my world
Fear, love and pain are your guides
Can I provide a sanctuary to shield you
from a world that preys

G, Globus

Globus - The Promise

Tekst piosenki Globus - The Promise po polsku
One sails the seas of life and believes
The storms will lead you home
These open roads will call you with the promise
You'll walk the Earth alone

We lopen
We vallen
We leren, we falen, we staan


G, Globus

Globus - A Thousand Deaths

Tekst piosenki Globus - A Thousand Deaths po polsku
In excelsius benedictus
Blessed angels hear our prayer
Immortales resurrectus
Let thy whisper dry our tears
In excelsius benedictus
Blessed angels hear our prayer
Immortales resurrectus
Let thy promise calm our fears

G, Globus

Globus - Elegy

Tekst piosenki Globus - Elegy po polsku
You never bent, you always stood
Could plainly tell the trees from wood
You knew to part the wrong from right
To coax the darkness into the light
You took me in when hope was lost
You paid with no regard for cost
You gave your time, you always found
A way to keep my feet on the ground

G, Globus

Globus - Black Parade

Tekst piosenki Globus - Black Parade po polsku
Now have we seen this light for the last time
They're turning back the clock and we won't survive
On just hope this time
They slowly break us down from the inside
And force a way of life we don't recognise
And free will has died
We take our breath for the last time
We'll give it one more cry before they burn a hole

G, Globus

Globus - Amazing Grace

Tekst piosenki Globus - Amazing Grace po polsku
Well they cut me down and threw me out
'Cause I didn't fit in with their crowds
'Cause I bang the drum too slow and out of time
And the stuff I think is not allowed
Well they cut me off from all the ways
That could give my soul a chance to feel
And the tea leaves in the wind are pointing south

G, Globus

Globus - One Truth

Tekst piosenki Globus - One Truth po polsku
You don't believe in love and war
You found the truth you can't ignore
And all the hopes for your conforming have all crumbled now
You take the route you've been forewarned
You've been cast out and felt the scorn
And all the lies just mount like broken glass upon the ground

How many words have been spoken about a dream that still survives

G, Globus

Globus - Manuela

Tekst piosenki Globus - Manuela po polsku
She curls up like a ball at the sound of thunder
The distant guns are closing fast
Her body's hard as stone as her heart is tender
Forget your past, Manuela

She finds the strength to heal in her darkest hour
Confronting soldiers as she sleeps
Her solitude is bold, but she fights for comfort

G, Globus

Globus - Doomsday

Tekst piosenki Globus - Doomsday po polsku
Lex lata, pulvis et umbra cinis
Ultra tuum praesidium, consumimur igni plebis victis

You wake up believing this day will end by evening
It's taken for granted that seeds of life are planted
But nothing prepares you for nature's acts of virtue
It's Doomsday, ascending, the world you know is ending

G, Globus

Globus - Terminal

Tekst piosenki Globus - Terminal po polsku
Goodbye Earth, hello Moon
Fancy meeting you so soon
I'm taking leave, taking flight
Leave the universe in light

Goodbye Sun, hello Void
Strap me to this asteroid
Shoot me far, throw me deep

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