K, Kelis

Kelis - I Don't Think So

Tekst piosenki Kelis - I Don't Think So po polsku
You think you might have a chance
I don't think so
You telling me to be nice
I don't think so
You wanna get in my pants
I don't think so
I don't think so
I don't think so (2x)

K, Kelis

Kelis - Finest dreams

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Finest dreams po polsku
Oh baby you're the finest
The finest I've seen
Oh baby you're the finest
The finest I've seen
Oh baby you're the finest
The finest I've seen

K, Kelis

Kelis - Weekend

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Weekend po polsku
(feat. will.i.am)
This is my song, this is my life, baby it's on
Somebody told me, the weekend's just for me

K, Kelis

Kelis - No security

Tekst piosenki Kelis - No security po polsku
Backup, behind the line you hear them,
them sirens gonna see them,
that heat they finally blasting
They playing with my heartbeat
My body grind you shattered
Now walk the line they firing
You hear them sirens

K, Kelis

Kelis - Easy come and easy go

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Easy come and easy go po polsku
I see the way you look at me
It's not the Hennessey
Cuz you're feeling me
But instead you're acting scared
Don't be afraid of me
Let's not be cowardly
Keep in mind boy

K, Kelis

Kelis - Candy

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Candy po polsku
I taste just like candy, candy
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
Yo now let me paint y'all a whisper
Fox pimp hard, quiet just like a whisper

K, Kelis

Kelis - What is this

Tekst piosenki Kelis - What is this po polsku
This is my story
This is my mark
For all of the ages
Until it’s so dark
Like a grave that’s been found
Or flames that began at first spark
This is my song

K, Kelis

Kelis - Suspended

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Suspended po polsku
Don’t wake me
I’m still dreaming
I don’t see you
I can’t feel you
I’m alone for real in my mind
I’ll feel this all night
When my life takes flight

K, Kelis

Kelis - Intro

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Intro po polsku
What is this?
I have no idea
Okay welcome, follow come in okay single file, watch your step,
Welcome to Kelis's world
You've entered?
Don't touch that!...
Yesterday, we were born

K, Kelis

Kelis - In The Morning

Tekst piosenki Kelis - In The Morning po polsku
Hey baby what you doing?
Your flight left yet?
Pshh, I’m half way there
I can’t wait to see you
So tell me have you left yet, damn
I’m running late to the airport
Every time we do this

K, Kelis

Kelis - Farewell

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Farewell po polsku
So this is how it feels like,
with no pray love in the air
I never tought I've say this
but I'm glad I did it well
But I am the war this time
No mistakes, no legends
Have you roll again this time
No mistakes I try again

K, Kelis

Kelis - Bless the Telephone

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Bless the Telephone po polsku
It's nice to hear your voice again
I've waited all day long
Even wrote a song for you
It's strange, the way you make me feel
With just a word or two
I'd like to do the same for you

Its nice to hear you say "hello"

K, Kelis

Kelis - Intro (Flesh Tone)

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Intro (Flesh Tone) po polsku
You draw me in,
Every time I think I'm free you win.
Just like a sin,
When I know it's wrong but still begin.
Yes I know that I invite it,
I try to fight but like a fire I'm ignited.
You force the dark from my life I'm so inspired.

K, Kelis

Kelis - Floyd

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Floyd po polsku
Seems like no one is surprising
Anymore, it's not that I'm
Ungrateful, I'm just a little bored
Sure I'm self sufficient blah blah
Independent. Truthfully I've got
Some space. I want that
Man to fill it

K, Kelis

Kelis - Forever Be

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Forever Be po polsku
How people hold their breath
Keep it in, waitin' for a sign
Can't let it out till none is left
And night comes on and the moon is high

We are here, you and I, just in time,
To tell a fire tell a secret, here's mine
I was scared, terrified, of the lines

K, Kelis

Kelis - Running

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Running po polsku
How we came runnin' if different things won't touching me
We claim one victory, best without a thrill
How we came here runnin' it's like he couldn't say he love her
Flashing, don't always
I ain't mean that cause either we force to stay
How we came runnin' to escape the fame
Still don't wanna die, now I gotta change

K, Kelis

Kelis - Jerk Ribs

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Jerk Ribs po polsku
And my ear drum, reminds me
His name was just way down in my feet
And this moment, well, I can't breathe
You can't control, something that's getting free
And the rhythm's, exciting
Oh when I start this road full of streets
I'm glad you get this one for cheap

K, Kelis

Kelis - Breakfast

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Breakfast po polsku
I wanna say thank you (thank you)
You've been more than just a man
You've really been a friend
And I wanna say thank you (thank you)
You put me to the test
When I know you could've left me behind

K, Kelis

Kelis - Aww ⊂⊃

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Aww Shit po polsku
(1st Verse):
Lookin too fly walk into the bar
Niggas wanna stop, askin who I are
Hands on my waist tryna find out
If I’m gonna flip off of one drink and can he get down
I’m a rock hip-hop pop star
Can’t check out the door in a fast car
Never run from nothin when I come thru

K, Kelis

Kelis - Friday Fish Fry

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Friday Fish Fry po polsku
I said ,oh my daddy,game's over
I said ,oh my daddy,game's over
I said ,oh my daddy,game's over
I said ,oh my daddy,game's over

I said I'm making you peace
I'm down on my knees
Give me what I want


K, Kelis

Kelis - Rumble

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Rumble po polsku
It's the strangest thing
To have you back in my face
With all those years passed
I guess I just got used to my space
I don't know how to feel
This whole thing seems so surreal
So you keep one foot out the door

K, Kelis

Kelis - Till The Wheels Fall Off

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Till The Wheels Fall Off po polsku
(Verse 1)
I'm drivin' off a cliff just to fall in love with you (I'm serious, i'm serious)
And we ain't got no plans on coming back soon, yeah (I'm serious, i'm serious)
I got my bags packed just to hit the road with you, cause (I'm serious, yeah, i'm serious)
And when it gets bumpy I'll be rollin' with you, cause (I'm serious, yeah, hey baby)
Till them wheels fall off

K, Kelis

Kelis - Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Sugar Honey Iced Tea po polsku
I woke up this mornin' and seen somethin' bright
Was that you?
Then I heard a voice
Sound like birds outside
Was that you?
(Shu-sugar-sugar honey ice-ice-tea)

K, Kelis

Kelis - Brass in pocket

Tekst piosenki Kelis - Brass in pocket po polsku
Got brass in pocket
Got bottle, I'm gonna use it
Intention I feel inventive
Gonna make you, make you, make you notice

Got motion, restrained emotion
Been driving uh, Detroit leaning
No reason, just seems so pleasing

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