K, Kerli

Kerli - Up Up Up

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Up Up Up po polsku
up up up up....
False expectations
Wrong destination
And realization
That is

K, Kerli

Kerli - Not A Barbie Doll

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Not A Barbie Doll po polsku
Little girl you're standing in front of a mirror
Your best friend said that you are fat and ugly
And now you're staring your own reflection with horror
Too bad you do not look like a barbie doll
And you always said that
'You don't want to'

K, Kerli

Kerli - Beautiful Day

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Beautiful Day po polsku
Someone is smiling
Someone cries
Whatever it is it's alright
Someone is borning
Someone dies
Something is holding the light
It's standing in the line now

K, Kerli

Kerli - They Forgive

Tekst piosenki Kerli - They Forgive po polsku
Don't cry,
you know, we all make mistakes
some of them are hard to forget
don't cry,
some of them can break us,
it feels like no one's out there to help.
They will all forgive,

K, Kerli

Kerli - Beautiful Inside

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Beautiful Inside po polsku
Is it cold where I'll be tonight
I should say that I don't care at all
Do I have a place to sleep at night
You should know that I don't care at all
You wont hear me cry
Cos I don't care at all
I'm beautiful inside

K, Kerli

Kerli - Army of love

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Army of love po polsku
Say it loud
(Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh)
We love to love to love ya’
Love to love to love ya’

Say it loud
(Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh)
We love to love to love ya’

K, Kerli

Kerli - When Nobody Loves You

Tekst piosenki Kerli - When Nobody Loves You po polsku
Silence is golden
You will see
You will see
Your diamond shield is broken
You are free
You are free

K, Kerli

Kerli - All The Way

Tekst piosenki Kerli - All The Way po polsku
I'm not afraid to slip or fall
And rain or shine I'm standing tall
I won't be there tonight
But I will be by your side
All the way

K, Kerli

Kerli - Yes I Can

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Yes I Can po polsku
It's time for revolution
Time for personality
Instead of perfect as can we
Embrace creativity
Train wrecks are so last season
Can we just be happy
When they do nothing but put you down
And they just get up and leave

K, Kerli

Kerli - Army Of Angels

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Army Of Angels po polsku
I've been watching you silently
Blindfold come in you violently
Feels like you've fallen and there's
No one out there, no one out there
Sleep walk wander aimlessly
Hands tied keep in your perfectly safe
Not searching or questioning
Follow me

K, Kerli

Kerli - Last breath

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Last breath po polsku
Reaching for your heart,
breaking through the ground
I blossom in your arms.
Please, don't cut me down.

I would die for your love.
Would you die for my love?

K, Kerli

Kerli - Now or never

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Now or never po polsku
I guess it’s now or never,
last scene on the shore
so messed up together.
I can’t seem to let go.

We’re pushing, pulling through.
We're crushing, burning and you’re the
all the lies but can we tear it down?

K, Kerli

Kerli - Legends

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Legends po polsku
We’re the world’s new invention
Bright new generation
From your imagination
We’re coming, we’re coming
With the words that must be spoken
Our hearts cannot be broken
And innocence comes with wisdom
We’re coming, we’re coming

K, Kerli

Kerli - Hopeless dreamer

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Hopeless dreamer po polsku
Going out today.
You’re a little late.
I don’t care there’s lots of my minds.
I light a cigarette.
I’ll be waiting here as long as I have to.
I don’t know who you are
but you are always late.
I don’t care you’re making me smile.

K, Kerli

Kerli - The Lucky Ones

Tekst piosenki Kerli - The Lucky Ones po polsku
We are the lucky ones
Oh whatever comes
We are the lucky ones
Ooh yeah
We are the lucky ones
Oh whatever comes
We are the lucky ones

K, Kerli

Kerli - Moonflower

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Moonflower po polsku
You are a moonflower.
You don't grow beside them
and you don't grow inside them.
They don't know yet
that you're more colorful.
And when the sun is setting,
you'll rise and shine.
You know that it's your time

K, Kerli

Kerli - Immortal

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Immortal po polsku
When I was little
I used to walk across the streets with my eyes closed
to see if God existed and I never got hit.
I danced along the edges of the roof top
to see if I would fall and I never did.
And for a moment

I feel immortal

K, Kerli

Kerli - Here and now

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Here and now po polsku
I hope you're down
'Cause I'm coming to see you
And I don't care where we're going
I wanna get lost tonight

I wanna bounce
To the beat of your breathing
I wanna move to your rhythm

K, Kerli

Kerli - Can't control the kids

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Can't control the kids po polsku
If you're a bad influence,
I'm in trouble,
Got me powered-up,
On the double.

If you wanna do, what I wanna do,
Then we're going down down down.

K, Kerli

Kerli - Love me or leave me

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Love me or leave me po polsku
Sitting here watching you go, for all I know this could be it
It's been awhile since you have kissed me like you mean it
Been working out, you smell so good, it's not for me
I don't mean to push you but you say that you don't feel it

Love me or leave me or quit me or keep me
Whatever it is you're feeling, I just need to know
Love me or leave me, grip me or free me


K, Kerli

Kerli - Tiny angels

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Tiny angels po polsku
Tiny angels dancing on the kitchen floor
so pure, so light. I'm not scared anymore.
Tiny angels... You have made me realize.
I am sheltered, you are always by my side.

If I win you, then I'll understand
that I need you to know who I am.

K, Kerli

Kerli - Sugar

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Sugar po polsku
Oooh la la, ah, be sweet like sugar, ah
Oooh la la, ah, treat me forever, ah

Let me melt your solid heart
I'll let you skip it super good
Straight to the best part
Rushing free, ooh, passion, ah

K, Kerli

Kerli - Fire

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Fire po polsku
There’s something about it.
There’s something to see.

K, Kerli

Kerli - Dollface

Tekst piosenki Kerli - Dollface po polsku
Oh oh oh oh, woah oh oh no
Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's go
Oh oh oh oh, woah oh oh yeah
On your mark, get ready, get set

So you want to play nice with me?
K-I-S-S Come on baby

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