K, K'naan

K'naan - People Like Me

Tekst piosenki K'naan - People Like Me po polsku
Heaven, is there a chance that you could come down
And open doors to hurtin' people like me
People like me, people like me
People like me, people like me

Is it fair to say that I am stressing out?
I'm stationed in Iraq and they won't let me out
My homeys said I was stupid for even joining

K, K'naan

K'naan - Abc's

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Abc's po polsku
Bundle up my whole style is so cold
I glow like old guys who go bald
My flow got no front in the vocal
Your flow got no button its so old
I don't mean to sound like a showboat
But it's true my persona's no joke
I stepped into some kinda portal

K, K'naan

K'naan - Fatima

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Fatima po polsku
Picture the morning taste and devour
We rise early pace up the hour
Streets is bustling hustling their heart out
You can't have the sweet with no sour

Spices herbs the sweet scent of flower
She came out precisely the hour
Clouds disappear the sun shows the power

K, K'naan

K'naan - Smile

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Smile po polsku
My tragedy’s different, my life’s deep listen,
Gotta bail, I’m limpin, walked outta hell’s kitchen.
Why bother cherishin’, my past is everything wrong and my arrogance,
Walk down the stairs pissin’, cop us 'cause they’re ⊂⊃in’.
Life isn't fair singin’, blues in my rap drippin’,
Ooze out the blood sinkin', deep down to earth thinking.
Leave out a merc chicken,
I should run forfeit, and everything I know LISTEN.

K, K'naan

K'naan - America

Tekst piosenki K'naan - America po polsku
gabar yaroo subhaano
maro shabeelo hirato
maro qafiifa huwato
maga'aaga ii sheeg
magaeygu waa sharaf
sharaf haaji weeyan
aqalada hariirta
dhina baan ka jooga

K, K'naan

K'naan - Fire In Freetown

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Fire In Freetown po polsku
There is no way to write it …there is no way to fight it
And I kick and scream but you got me despite it
And I got my pride so I begin to hide it
Like a fire in a free town you begin to lighten it..

Aha aha aha
Sidii hogasha roobka
Ah ah aha you shine down upon me

K, K'naan

K'naan - Strugglin

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Strugglin po polsku
Yeah, yeah, it’s me, strugglin'...
I start out, just to vibe out, I ain’t about to bow out,
I’m more gangsta than you are but I ain’t about the rou' rou'.
My season will come, it has to,
Honestly I feel like I’m ten months pregnant or something, I’m passed due.
Sincerely I’m touchy these days I can’t take nothing,
I’m tryna treat my record like the law, ⊂⊃ I’m dying to break something,

K, K'naan

K'naan - Does It Really Matter

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Does It Really Matter po polsku
Yea, uhhh.. Its K'naan.. Yea, uuhh. About to take over with this, here we go I check it...
They don`t expect me on this beat, the thunder on the street
But I never turn the cheek, surrender or retreat
You can bet that I am strong, trying to right what is wrong
They say it wont be long, keep on singing your song
But ayo you need a single, single to make a mingle

K, K'naan

K'naan - Wavin' Flag

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Wavin' Flag po polsku
When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag

When I get older, I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back, oh

K, Kna'an

Kna'an - The End Of Purity

Tekst piosenki Kna'an - The End Of Purity po polsku

As leaves fall on a perfect autumn,
Sorrow takes part in us
As summer springs a perfect blossom
Shadowed by mistrust

We face ourselves

K, Kna'an

Kna'an - The 12th Star

Tekst piosenki Kna'an - The 12th Star po polsku
"Gather round, my brothers
Gather close to me
For I have dreamt last night
And in my dream I see:

11 stars surround me
Alongside sun and moon

K, Kna'an

Kna'an - Scarred Forever

Tekst piosenki Kna'an - Scarred Forever po polsku
"I gaze at this pool of blood on the ground
I sought completion but emptiness I found
As the sunset ends my longest day
Flesh and blood I have slayed, myself I betrayed

His spirit blows with the wind and the stroke of my hand
And finally, mortality I will understand

K, Kna'an

Kna'an - Rain Upon The Battlefield

Tekst piosenki Kna'an - Rain Upon The Battlefield po polsku
Off to the battle we go
Without fear
We know
Death is near

''Rain drops upon my companions' heads
Who are covering themselves
And upon the dead

K, Kna'an

Kna'an - Binding Testament

Tekst piosenki Kna'an - Binding Testament po polsku
"I've climbed the highest mountain
I've traveled across this land
All my deeds by god's command

After all we said
After all I've done
Has it come to this

K, K'naan

K'naan - Mecca

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Mecca po polsku
Getting shot is easy tried it 7 times
Now I'm just a solo poet workin on my rhymes
Killer used to think he was wise to the system
Prince of the street always do things his way
But he had a case of conventional
Wisdom never say nothin the others don't say
Threat of dawn that wakes the east to the cry
My souls unfolding Oh God, oh man


K, K'naan

K'naan - I Come Prepared

Tekst piosenki K'naan - I Come Prepared po polsku
set to high
no callin the rerevulationary youths
dam marley alongside k'naan
gunpowder philosipher what some boy feel like
peppop huh
i made the list this year
im on a roll
you aint no east african rock and roll

K, K'naan

K'naan - Boxing My Shadow

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Boxing My Shadow po polsku
[Verse 1:]
It's like writing to the dead, dear people,
I don't know if you'll hear my last plea,
But somebody needs to be a little concerned about me,
it's like I'm standing on the edge of a high tower by kanie,
Ya'll are rootin me to jump, nobody stoppin me,
It's like a drug filled rock n roll documentary,
Just wait till the world knows what's inside of me,

K, K'naan

K'naan - With God On Our Side

Tekst piosenki K'naan - With God On Our Side po polsku
It's a movie and the whole world is viewing it
And the popcorn is dreams torn, but we're always chewing it.
(They said) Dishonest by God but the costumes by the devil
And the screenplay is adapted from a book that's embezzled.

This is where I grew up.
This is where I grew proud.
This is where neighbors never say music is too loud.


K, K'naan

K'naan - Until The Lion Learns To Speak

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Until The Lion Learns To Speak po polsku
[Verse 1:]
Until the lion learns to speak
The tales of hunting will be weak
My poetry hales with in the streets
My poetry fails to be discrete
It travels across the earth and seas
From Eritrea to the West Indies
It knows no boundaries

K, K'naan

K'naan - The Wall

Tekst piosenki K'naan - The Wall po polsku
You don't have to launch a missile to break down my defense
You don't need a fighter jet to end our arguments
We don't have to be like everyone to use our common sense
So I guess it's time we burned the documents

'Cause you're crazy I'm crazy so there ain't a thing to lose
Except our pride it's suicide of all we ever knew
In some ways we're east and west and the wall is coming down

K, K'naan

K'naan - The Sound Of My Breaking Heart

Tekst piosenki K'naan - The Sound Of My Breaking Heart po polsku
Bombs are falling on me since you been gone
Shook my world feels like it's armageddon
It's not a earthquake ake or tsunami
What you hear is the sound of my breaking heart
The sound of my breaking heart
The sound of my breaking heart

There's nothing good at all

K, K'naan

K'naan - The Seed

Tekst piosenki K'naan - The Seed po polsku
It's not a memory core that I am here today
Life has been been so cold
But I'm not typical
I mean a long long time
I go I should have died
But see my blood's on fire
I can't help but survive

K, K'naan

K'naan - The African Way

Tekst piosenki K'naan - The African Way po polsku
[Verse 1]
I take it home
I take [?]
Don't think about it, just take it from my rule, it's done
I am sick about it
I feel like I am surviving alone
I got a record and I am not afraid of cops at all
I am like a Ja-Rule poster, cuz I am off the wall

K, K'naan

K'naan - Simple

Tekst piosenki K'naan - Simple po polsku
Simple as it feels right now
With you right now right here right now
It took all this time all this time all this time
They say I came a long way and they don't mean em took the subway
Got sandals but no candles and shots fired for my birthday
In the kitchen mom's missing when she needs to cook for her children
In addition, I see killers in the corners taking lives like they on commision
But I keep on, on a mission survival is my addiction

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