L, L.A.

L.A. - Stop The Clocks

Tekst piosenki L.A. - Stop The Clocks po polsku
Listen to me
there's only one thing
you cannot see
everytime you talk

Millions of things
there only one
you cannot see

L, L.A.

L.A. - Perfect Combination

Tekst piosenki L.A. - Perfect Combination po polsku
That's the perfect combination
that it's really what I wanna live with you
Everybody dreams about it
that it's really what I want to do with you

Cos baby it's so hard to live without you
it's so hard to live without you

L, L.A.

L.A. - After all

Tekst piosenki L.A. - After all po polsku
Words I've never told
And the rest is calm
Roses on the floor
Depends on the clock
If you never close your door
If you never close your door
I'll be in your arms

L, L.A.

L.A. - Close To You

Tekst piosenki L.A. - Close To You po polsku
I lost my friends
I’m in the center of nowhere again
searching for something since
I heard that voice coming from the other side

I try again
the only thing that I’ve been doing well
searching for something since

L, L.A.

L.A. - Crystal Clear

Tekst piosenki L.A. - Crystal Clear po polsku
All the moments we lived here
Leave their mark as tattoos painted in our skin
And we need more than one thousand years
To understand exactly what happens here

I see crystal clear
This time is better here
I see crystal clear

L, L.A.

L.A. - Hands

Tekst piosenki L.A. - Hands po polsku
In front of the ocean
I kissed my baby once I heard her knockin'
At my heart door
'Cause I used to be there down the line
To be unbroken

More than words
And more than any other kind of connection

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