L, Lamb

Lamb - Stronger

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Stronger po polsku
I'm so afraid
Something is broken now
Too much been said
To wipe it clean somehow
This love
Where will I be

L, Lamb

Lamb - God Bless

Tekst piosenki Lamb - God Bless po polsku
You're gonna feel the wind at your heels you know
You're gonna feel a sparkle in your step
Everything will touch you in a different way
Let it come, soon come, let it come
'Cause I'm gonna make you feel lighter than the air above
Let me breath it into you
Let me breath it into you

L, Lamb

Lamb - Gold

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Gold po polsku
Stay with me forever and a day if I could be near you
For a lifetime I'd never want for anything
Hearing your voice is like icicles down my spine
And touching your warm skin
Starts electric storms
Through my mind.
You put a strength in me

L, Lamb

Lamb - Here

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Here po polsku
Mister sunshine looks over his shoulder for rain
All ours joys in this life are outlined by pain
But all we do is search and search
For fulfillment that seems so elusive
We should know that it's all right here if we just could see it
All I want is here X4

L, Lamb

Lamb - Butterfly Effect

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Butterfly Effect po polsku
Come and shine your light upon me honey bee
And we'll take a trip to hell exponentially
And all the world will know
And all the world will know

There is something in your eyes I know is mine
And knowing such a thing goes up and down my spine
And all the world will know

L, Lamb

Lamb - Feela

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Feela po polsku
You saw me crying but you didn't want to look
You heard me hurting but you didn't want to listen

This could have been something
This could have been really something
Tell me something more
Tell me something more worth living for

L, Lamb

Lamb - Learn

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Learn po polsku
Are you feeling lost and lonely ?
You needn't be
Like you've lost all hope and your sanity
Oh you needn't be
If we only have one turn
In this life we have to learn

L, Lamb

Lamb - Trans Fatty Acid

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Trans Fatty Acid po polsku
No one said it would be easy
Did anyone tell you the road would be straight and long
Relax your mind and give it all to me
cause you know and I know our love is strong enough
To weather the rain
To weather the snow
To weather the storm
To weather the rain

L, Lamb

Lamb - Just is

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Just is po polsku
What kind of fool am I
Reaching into a world
I thought might have changed
Somehow re-arranged?
Yet here I am
Stepping into the night
Like a keenly sharpened knife
Carving holes in my life

L, Lamb

Lamb - Another Language

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Another Language po polsku
Where are the words
To speak this thing in me
To tell the words
You' ll wanna hear

For there are songs
That can set us free
While hearts lie lost

L, Lamb

Lamb - We Fall in Love

Tekst piosenki Lamb - We Fall in Love po polsku
Face to face
One to one
Two hearts race
All is lost and won

Air to air
Light to light
All laid bare

L, Lamb

Lamb - Till the clouds clear

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Till the clouds clear po polsku
What's left to say with all that's come and gone
Words get in the way and anyway the devils got your tongue
And a storm brews inside and there's nowhere to hide
It's gonna blow your cover sky high
If you let this thing go, it's gonna burn, it's gonna burn
You're gonna take the whole world with you when you go
Oh oh oh,

L, Lamb

Lamb - Build a fire

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Build a fire po polsku
Where is my heart
What took it away from me
Right from the start
Thought it was mine to keep

Where are the days
Where dreams came so easily
Thought they would stay


L, Lamb

Lamb - Open up

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Open up po polsku
The thing that makes
Us all but same
And melts the coldest heart
We try to run
And hide in vain
But without love
We'd fall apart

L, Lamb

Lamb - Shines Like This

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Shines Like This po polsku
Calling me now
Early in the winter
Like a daughter
Singing in the fall
Ever after
Running fast and barefoot
And a treetop
Dancing over all

L, Lamb

Lamb - In Binary

Tekst piosenki Lamb - In Binary po polsku
Hearing sounds
In open doors
Brings a heart-shaped smile
Many lives
Just tiny dots
On earth's great surface shine

It's all here just a moment

L, Lamb

Lamb - What Makes Us Human

Tekst piosenki Lamb - What Makes Us Human po polsku
Throw me a line so I
Can feel the way
More than a sense of time
Could save the day
One soul to another
Is a chance
Of fighting the rule of circumstance

L, Lamb

Lamb - As Satellites Go By

Tekst piosenki Lamb - As Satellites Go By po polsku
Every soul a brightness
And the darkest night
Every life a lightness
Space and time in flight
Being still in motion
Clouds go rushing by
A drop becomes an ocean
When the river's dry

L, Lamb

Lamb - Backspace Unwind

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Backspace Unwind po polsku
Future present past
Could this be the last
Time I ever see this place
'Cos Something jumped and swayed
In all the lines we'd made
And my heart began to race
Backspace and unwind
All is redefined

L, Lamb

Lamb - Nobody Else

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Nobody Else po polsku
When you came along
Your face was the song
I'd forgotten to sing
And a blinding light
Made a thread so bright
To join us together, never ending

There's nobody else for me

L, Lamb

Lamb - Doves & Ravens

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Doves & Ravens po polsku
He said
He'd never face the cold
Without her hand
There to hold.
That was
Long ago
When the snow
Was whiter

L, Lamb

Lamb - Only Our Skin

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Only Our Skin po polsku
Hold me gently
Hold me strong
And make it last for ever
We have waited
Far too long
To be this way together

You my lover

L, Lamb

Lamb - Written

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Written po polsku
The wind stands still around you
And suddenly i'm trembling and I don't know why
There's something deep about you
That echoes in my mind

Mystifying feelings
Running round in my brain
Love is all around me

L, Lamb

Lamb - Random

Tekst piosenki Lamb - Random po polsku
Strange as it seems
Just the sound of your name
Makes my heart skip a beat
Again and again
The sweetest fluttering in my chest
'Cause you're the one i love the best
I can't believe what
You're doing to me

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