L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Frozen Tears

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Frozen Tears po polsku
Am I arrived
At the end of my pains ?
The fire that is consuming life
Is slowly dying out
Some frozen tears come blurring my hopes

The spirit who carries my body
Hides away from his reflect

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Bow Down

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Bow Down po polsku
Some liars are talking about peace
Good pretext to plan a war
The place is full of gloomy clowns
The crowd takes pride in Big Brothers

No penance for past sins
Your god is your worst enemy

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Deuce (Kiss cover)

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Deuce (Kiss cover) po polsku
Get up
And get your grandma outta here
Pick up
Old Jim is workin' hard this year
And baby
Do the things he says to do

Baby, if you're feeling good


L, Loudblast

Loudblast - The Serpent's Circle

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - The Serpent's Circle po polsku
Short illusion
Easy cum – Super shot
A divine desire
An evil reaction

Be sound, be light, be God
Lord who never surrender
For one second be the master

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - About Solitude

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - About Solitude po polsku
The place where we all drink the poison

The place where we are all lost, lost
The place where our slow suicide is called life
Is called life

About solitude

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Steering for Paradise

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Steering for Paradise po polsku
Let the tomb give its silent lesson
Let the dead dictate how to live

Mystic pilgrims against proud scientists
Never ending fight
Where is the earth from ? Who knows the truth ?

Deaf to all voices

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Dusk to Dawn

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Dusk to Dawn po polsku
Entering the last tunnel of life
As a butterfly locked in a cell of my skull
My reason’s prepared to fly far away
We will rise together forever with the holy ghost

Knocking the wings against my bones
Seeking death and my return to you
Sever my veins, blood runs free

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Wrapped in Roses

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Wrapped in Roses po polsku
[Adaptation based upon "Le Testament XXII, XXIII, XXIV" and "La Ballade des Pendus" by François Villon (1431-1463).]

I mourn the time of my early youth
Time of binging and indulgence
Old age obstructing my path
Finally taking my will

Despair, gone is my time

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Shaped Images of Disincarnate Spirits

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Shaped Images of Disincarnate Spirits po polsku
Vivid pictures of science’s failures
I’m the embodiment of your usurped theories
Succession of images while I’m leaving
Indulgence, erosion, punishment, despair

Seven stages
Seven ways of the cross
Seven bodies

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Presumption

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Presumption po polsku
Art is rarely truth
In the realm of mankind
Some are better than others
This world has become schizophrenic

Man your morals will destroy you

What an insane balance

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Arrive into Death Soon

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Arrive into Death Soon po polsku
Struck down, weakened by the modern plague
The organic system reduced to pieces

Life ebbs away
Obvious misery
The bell tolls again
Louder this time

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - After Thy Thought

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - After Thy Thought po polsku
Caught in the machine where use became the law
Compelled to trust they need you
Gonna lose my soul, gonna waste my life
This can’t be true

Epilogue of a fairy-tale, heartrending cries
What started this slow erosion ?

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Disquieting Beliefs

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Disquieting Beliefs po polsku
Trust this message of god
A wise explanation
Which will calm your soul
Serene beings, credible sermons

Who’s able to soothe our anguish ?
Is religion the way god chose
To control our minds ?

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Outlet for Conscience

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Outlet for Conscience po polsku
Being nothing but flesh, bones, innards and blood
A presumed empty brain washed away with time

Outlet for conscience

Already far from your mind
I inspire you with disgust

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Oath of Allegiance

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Oath of Allegiance po polsku
The usurper sits on the throne
You fall under his command

Cries of agony
Come from torture chambers
The opponents fall one by one
An unknown messiah
Threatens your life by the rope

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Visions of Your Fate

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Visions of Your Fate po polsku
Know that it begins
In world of mystery
In worlds of terrors and perditions
And that is comes among pale visions
Of the precipice where are larvae
And crimes
Where the creation scaring abysses
Prolongs itself in a shadow

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Agony

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Agony po polsku
Crushing skulls
Mutilated limbs
I delight in tormenting
Bloody vomit
Rottening guts
Repulsion is my kingdom
Screams Of horror
Final agony

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Trepanning

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Trepanning po polsku


L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Rebirth

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Rebirth po polsku
You all know what I look like
You think to know all about me
You find I'm repulsive
You don't understand the word pity
I'm just your whipping boy
For the jokes I'm your guy
But beware of your mind
Today it could twist

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Malignant Growth

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Malignant Growth po polsku
Hurled by the road of your life
Your stomach burned at the stake
You tried to escape
You thought succeeded in
But you flew too high
The bound, the energy
You gave to yourself
Turned against you

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Infinite Pleasures

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Infinite Pleasures po polsku
Back from the infinite past
What's the real climax, now I know
Pleasure and pain being integral part
In my indescribable travel

Through mourning cries laughin' and lust
Fire lands of desolation
I must do penance

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Pouss Mouss

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Pouss Mouss po polsku
Pouss Mouss
Pouss Mouss

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - Fatal Attraction

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - Fatal Attraction po polsku
When I met you, it was so easy
Pleasures in a high conventional way
So much climax I felt
When you taught me pain
A feeling of never going too far
Caught in an iron collar
Never thinking of scattering from it
Beware of the following step

L, Loudblast

Loudblast - From Beyond

Tekst piosenki Loudblast - From Beyond po polsku
My blood curdles in my frozen veins
My corpse enters the coffin
They all cry before my lifeless body
But my spirit lives again and goes far

Walking along empty corridors
To the gates of death
I'm seeking for an open door

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