L, Lovage

Lovage - Book Of The Month

Tekst piosenki Lovage - Book Of The Month po polsku
You and me are a disease and the germs are spreading
Use me like Listerine, keeping your breath fresher
Feel the stroke of your paintbrush, my blank sheet of paper
I'm your book of the month, read the fine print later
We'll invent new four letter words
You are the bitter, I am the sweet
Run through the fields, sing with the birds

L, Lovage

Lovage - Anger Management

Tekst piosenki Lovage - Anger Management po polsku
My inner demons compel me to be here
Your cheeks are flush like rose petals
You're consumed with rage
But I'm consumed with you
Eyes intertwine through the haze
Intoxicated by your bloodshot stare
In all of my dreams I never thought I'd see

L, Lovage

Lovage - To Catch A Thief

Tekst piosenki Lovage - To Catch A Thief po polsku
I feel that you shouldn't get involved in an intimate relationship
Until you are emotionally mature enough to handle it totally
Able to cope with your feelings and your ⊂⊃uality
Without guilt, inhibition or phoniness
But with love, tenderness and honesty
Things were disappearing in my neighborhood
Once again somebody was up to no good

L, Lovage

Lovage - Lifeboat

Tekst piosenki Lovage - Lifeboat po polsku
After all, our dreams went down
Sinking for our very eyes
Still echoing the sound
Oh, the frozen dreadful cries
Witnessed the passing of our only loves
Lose a barrel to the sea
Why did you choose my only love?

L, Lovage

Lovage - Ladies Love Chest Rockwell

Tekst piosenki Lovage - Ladies Love Chest Rockwell po polsku
People want to know what's the secret to Chest Rockwell's
Ability to pick up all these beautiful women
Is it your good looks ?
Is it that big bulge in your pants?
Could be that fancy car you drive
That I lease and change every other year but
You don't need to know that

L, Lovage

Lovage - Pit Stop (Take Me Home)

Tekst piosenki Lovage - Pit Stop (Take Me Home) po polsku
I was driving
In my car
Late at night
All alone

Then he stopped me
Asked me for a ride
There you were

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