M, Madness

Madness - We Are Love

Tekst piosenki Madness - We Are Love po polsku
Yeah, we are love
We are loved
Loved up, right up
Yeah, we are love
We are loved
Loved up, right up
Yeah, we are love
We are loved

M, Madness

Madness - What's That

Tekst piosenki Madness - What's That po polsku
No pain no fame never feel the same again
That's right uptight I've been awake all night
Cold sweat in bed crazy thoughts fill my head
Next thing morning breaks hide my hands control the shakes
Out now dirty street music in my mind that's sweet
Sad man sad girl young child make world
Feel love don't shove give thanks to God above
No fear never hear kiss and tell my mother dear

M, Madness

Madness - You Keep Me Hanging On

Tekst piosenki Madness - You Keep Me Hanging On po polsku
Set me free, why don't you, baby?
Get out my life, why don't you, baby?
'Cause you don't really love me
You just keep me hangin' on
You don't really need me
But you keep me hangin' on

Why do you keep a-coming around


M, Madness

Madness - You'll Lose A Good Thing

Tekst piosenki Madness - You'll Lose A Good Thing po polsku
If you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing
If you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing

You know I love you, do anything for you
Just don't mistreat me, and I'll be good to you

Cause if you should lose me, oh yeah, you'll lose a good thing

M, Madness

Madness - Girl Why Don't You?

Tekst piosenki Madness - Girl Why Don't You? po polsku
Girl, I think I love you

I say, girl, I want to ask you your name
Yeah, girl, why don't you answer me your name?
They say, your name is Jane
And you make me feel ashame

And such a sweet girl like you

M, Madness

Madness - Africa

Tekst piosenki Madness - Africa po polsku
Oh I wake up in the morning can't get out of bed
What a terrible aching in my head
I'm pulling up the sheet shutting out the light
But not today, today I cannot fight
I couldn't get to work if I wanted to
The state I'm in you'd be glad if I don't

I wash my face, comb my hair

M, Madness

Madness - Airplane

Tekst piosenki Madness - Airplane po polsku
Please observe my continental alligator skin line shoulder bag
I've covered it in stickers from far and wide
And stuffed it full of suits and matching ties

I've travelled on the seas and I've travelled on the land
And there's not a single person I can't understand
I've forgotten the languages and wave my cash
I've enjoyed every minute of it with a splash

M, Madness

Madness - Animal Farm

Tekst piosenki Madness - Animal Farm po polsku
This is a tool

This cage is my home
And oh so alone am I
Am I am I am I

Don't burn me with your laser beam
It's pointed at you and tomorrow's dream

M, Madness

Madness - Bingo

Tekst piosenki Madness - Bingo po polsku
(This train is destined for all stations to High Barnet. Thank you.)

(Mind the gap)

(Like a moth to the flame)

Oh drawn by a multitude
Of different factors

M, Madness

Madness - 4 B.F

Tekst piosenki Madness - 4 B.F po polsku
The foundation member of a space age group
Who crooned his way to my heart
Who took the breath of young men and women
Has left us for a brand new start

But oh, I've got a feeling
A strange kind of feeling
And inspiration of many dreams

M, Madness

Madness - Be Good Boy

Tekst piosenki Madness - Be Good Boy po polsku
Sitting by the fire
It seems only yesterday
Look how you've grown
Now the time has come
For me to say:

You can do whatever you feel
I guess I'm right whenever you feel

M, Madness

Madness - That Face

Tekst piosenki Madness - That Face po polsku
I see a face that face is mine
The mirror marks the changing time
Her face I'll never see again
And mine will never be the same
That face was fine only yesterday
My problems seemed so far away
Reflections I see of myself

M, Madness

Madness - Lovestruck

Tekst piosenki Madness - Lovestruck po polsku
Staggering home, the headlights throw a shadow up and upon
Friends and loved-ones that have done no wrong,
But no longer mean anything to me.
Oh am I mumbling on, into a crystal glass that echoes a song?
The enticement invites you along a path of exterior colour.

But come the morning, shivering and contorting,
To border on the brink for just another sink - oh take me down,

M, Madness

Madness - Sugar and Spice

Tekst piosenki Madness - Sugar and Spice po polsku
I thought I'd seen you round before
Then you came knocking on my door
You were only 16 years
And yet you took away all of my fears

I held your hand and then I knew
I was the one and only one for you
We were married at 21


M, Madness

Madness - La Luna

Tekst piosenki Madness - La Luna po polsku
Oh the places I remember from the moment I was born
From Battersea to Birmingham, memories forlorn
Just faint wafts of nostalgia blowing gently on the breeze
I sit among the evergreen, of all I have received

Estrellas y la luna, the rays are breaking through
Out come the twinkling stars shining down on you

M, Madness

Madness - Sarah

Tekst piosenki Madness - Sarah po polsku
Welcome home
Seems as if it were yesterday since you were gone
Now sit yourself and let me witness what's become
Of the smiles that you brought, and placed upon
But there is nothing that I
could or would have done
Oh, the look in your eyes as they dragged you from

M, Madness

Madness - Tarzan's Nuts

Tekst piosenki Madness - Tarzan's Nuts po polsku
Hey you seen Jane?
No man, ok I'll catch the train
Can you wait a long time?
No, we gotta catch a flight
Well, that's roots man
No man it's a fruit
So give my stone, I'll save it for tonight

M, Madness

Madness - No Money

Tekst piosenki Madness - No Money po polsku
She'd gotten used to the idle life
Following the sun was her full time occupation
A lesson to us all footloose for the education
Oh but look at her now foxtrotting the globe
With her head in the clouds
I haven't got no money to keep this affair afloat
And I don't think that its funny it looks like I've sunk my boat

M, Madness

Madness - Madness (Is all In The Mind)

Tekst piosenki Madness - Madness (Is all In The Mind) po polsku
I've never had much cause for worry
And I've not got a lot to say
You'll never find me in a hurry
Because I live my life day by day
People say that I'm crazy
But I'm not that way inclined
I know what I know and I'll happily show

M, Madness

Madness - Keep Moving

Tekst piosenki Madness - Keep Moving po polsku
Hurry up
Don't slow down
Pick a time
Don't let hands pull you down
If you're waiting
Have it up
Move along

M, Madness

Madness - Going to the top

Tekst piosenki Madness - Going to the top po polsku
When you're going to the top and you have no time to stop
Then you have to travel light and you'd better go by night
Cause its not a pretty sight when you're going to the top
And you're never going to stop and you won't let nobody block
Your way to the top
And though bodies they may fall old friends up against the wall
Can't let feelings in the way as if you had some anyway

M, Madness

Madness - Coldest Day

Tekst piosenki Madness - Coldest Day po polsku
No I never heard through the grapevine
How you left long before your time
But in France on the radio
I could not understand a word
But I felt you go
We waited all night for the midnight lover's
It was the coldest day of the year

M, Madness

Madness - Behind The Eight Ball

Tekst piosenki Madness - Behind The Eight Ball po polsku
Er, excuse me mate,
scuse me,
scuse me,
scuse me,
scuse me mate
Yes, sonny

M, Madness

Madness - My Girl 2

Tekst piosenki Madness - My Girl 2 po polsku

Lately I've been wondering about you
and the things you do
I'm in love
But you drive me mad, be so sad, to be losing you


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