M, Madonna

Madonna - Veni Vidi Vici

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Veni Vidi Vici po polsku
[Intro: Nas]
Madonna, life is so crazy
You've been through a lot
I'll tell you a story sometime, you know

[Verse 1: Madonna]
Seemed like yesterday,
I was a baby on the street

M, Madonna

Madonna - Tragic Girl

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Tragic Girl po polsku
I tried to change
but I couldn't help myself
I am to blame,
I used to be someone else
No one got through,
nothing came inside the gate
You made me feel
when my heart was set on hate

M, Madonna

Madonna - Queen

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Queen po polsku
It will never rain, never rain
If the great sky falls down,
no rain, no more rain
Blood's pouring down,
high alert, we watch it burn
It's a world undeceived, sirens, sirens
Everyone's whispering, the CIA, MI6
Hire the unknown

M, Madonna

Madonna - Take It Back

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Take It Back po polsku
No one loves you more than me
Baby we got history
Let's move forward, don't look back
I'll make up for what you lack

Don't you hear me calling
Can't you see I'm falling
Take it back, take it back

M, Madonna

Madonna - Take A Day

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Take A Day po polsku
One, two, ah one, two, three, four (Take a day)

All I wanna do is have some fun (Take a day)
Two is always gonna be better than one (Take a day)
Come and sit with me under the sun (Take a day)
Drink some wine until the day is done

Let me turn this beat around

M, Madonna

Madonna - Alone With You

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Alone With You po polsku
Don't you treat like I'm anybody
Not average, I'm not everyone
You criticize me like you're something special
But you're not

This is who I am, not ordinary
If you want the prize, better pay the price
Pointing out all the flaws in me like you were perfect

M, Madonna

Madonna - Heaven

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Heaven po polsku
My heart is a wasteland
My soul is a ghosttown
This bed is sinking sand
In where we both going down
Your words are like arrows
They're aimed at the core of all my doubt
And the battle sins the day my heart fell out

M, Madonna

Madonna - She is a diamond

Tekst piosenki Madonna - She is a diamond po polsku
But on the other hand, she's all they have
She's a diamond in their dull gray lives
And that's the hardest kind of stone
It usually survives
And when you think about it, can you recall
The last time they loved anyone at all?

M, Madonna

Madonna - Never Let You Go

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Never Let You Go po polsku
This isn't what it seems
Feels like
I'm living inside a dream
But I'm just dancing
Dancing with myself

You're from different time
And I know that

M, Madonna

Madonna - God Is Love

Tekst piosenki Madonna - God Is Love po polsku
If God is love and love is God
Then why you're acting like it's not
Everyone's afraid to change
Different doesn't make it strange

Who decides what's right or wrong
Religion shouldn't separate
Or tell us who we're supposed to hate

M, Madonna

Madonna - Iconic (feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson)

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Iconic (feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson) po polsku
(Mike Tyson:)
I'm the best that the world has ever seen (I'm the best ever)
I'm somebody you'll never forget 'cause
I work hard and sweat and my tears (Can't be stopped)
I've never fallen again and if I did I'll come back

If you try and fail, get up again
Destiny will choose you in the end


M, Madonna

Madonna - Autotune Baby

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Autotune Baby po polsku
I told you
I don't want you all the time
Cause you're not mine
I'm not in love, but I'm in light
So far it's working fine
But when I need you down,
I'm desperate
I'm a little child

M, Madonna

Madonna - Back That Up

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Back That Up po polsku
Mean the metaphor
Move to the beat of the
Sway to the rhythm of
Wave it around like a

Back that up to the beat, to the beat
Back that up to the beat, to the beat
Bang that drum to the beat, to the beat

M, Madonna

Madonna - Graffiti Heart

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Graffiti Heart po polsku
If graffiti on the wall
changed anything at all
Then it would be illegal
If scars could go away
What would your body say
Don't ever hide your feelings

Oh, oh, oh

M, Madonna

Madonna - I surrender, dear

Tekst piosenki Madonna - I surrender, dear po polsku
Pride's that splendid liar
Sworn enemy of love
Kept my lips from saying
Things my heart was thinking of
But now my pride you've humbled
I've cast it to the winds

, ,

M, Madonna

Madonna - Two Steps Behind Me

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Two Steps Behind Me po polsku
You're a copycat, get back
I'm always on your mind
Take a photograph, like that
Always ahead of my time
I give you a heart attack ???? clap
Where is my royalty
You're a pretty girl,
I give you that

M, Madonna

Madonna - Arioso

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Arioso po polsku
Everyone's an authority
On who and what is good for me
Who I see, what I wear

Everyone's a specialist
On where I've been
And who I've kissed
Choices I should make


M, Madonna

Madonna - No Llores Por Mi Argentina

Tekst piosenki Madonna - No Llores Por Mi Argentina po polsku
¿Será difícil de comprender?
que a pesar de estar hoy aquí.
Soy del pueblo. Jamás lo podré olvidar.
Debéis creerme.
Mis lujos son solamente un disfraz,
un juego burgués, nada más,
las reglas del ceremonial.

M, Madonna

Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix) feat. LMFAO & Nicki Minaj

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix)  feat. LMFAO & Nicki Minaj po polsku
Party, pa-party rock
Party, pa-party rock
Party, pa-party rock
Party, pa-party rock

Don't play the stupid game
Cause I'm a different kind of girl
Every record sounds the same

M, Madonna

Madonna - The Beat Is So Crazy (Feat. Eve)

Tekst piosenki Madonna - The Beat Is So Crazy (Feat. Eve) po polsku
Some nights, all alone
Thoughts of you come creepin' in
Temporarily insane
Cause you're never gonna change, no

We had good times with the bad
Always out with what we had
Keep your pride, I'm not mad

M, Madonna

Madonna - The day you went away

Tekst piosenki Madonna - The day you went away po polsku
Well I wonder could it be
When I was dreaming 'bout you baby
You were dreaming of me
Call me crazy, call me blind
To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time

M, Madonna

Madonna - Requiem for Evita

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Requiem for Evita po polsku
Requiem aeternum dona Evita
Requiem aeternum dona Evita
Requiem Evita, Requiem Evita
Evita, Evita, Evita, Evita
Grant eternal rest to Evita
Grant eternal rest to Evita

Rest to Evita, Rest to Evita

M, Madonna

Madonna - Between the Bars

Tekst piosenki Madonna - Between the Bars po polsku
Drink up, baby, stay up all night
the things you could do,
you won't but you might
the potential you'll be,
that you'll never see
the promises you'll only make

drink up with me now

M, Madonna

Madonna - What the woman feels

Tekst piosenki Madonna - What the woman feels po polsku
Girls can wear jeans
And cut their hair short
Wear shirts and boots
'Cause it's OK to be a boy
But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
'Cause you think that being a girl is degrading
But secretly you'd love to know what it's like

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