M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Paris

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Paris po polsku
Jetlag, been in a state of disaster
Ever since I left you the last time
I saw you just fade away

Now I get lost, tracing my steps back
It cost nearly everything that
I'm not ready to lose today

M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Tonight

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Tonight po polsku
Wandering out into a sea of streetlights
Calling up everyone I know
We're trying our best to keep our monsters inside
Nobody wants to be alone

But tonight we're all believers
And I fell alright with all of my heart
Tonight we're all believers

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M, Magic Man

Magic Man - It All Starts Here

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - It All Starts Here po polsku
Just the kid looking out the window over rusted rundown moon
Wall eyes, and a thicken smile
Radio drowning on and on
Don't hold back, don't hesitate
'Cause we've got fire, it's in our blood

God damn this restless heart, keeping me up through the night
I'm fine down the inner state, in the same old car that I used to drive


M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Out of mind

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Out of mind po polsku
I've got to know you're coming back,
saw you walking out into the rain.
But your shiver is a heart attack
in a silence that I can't explain.

But you know when you're the first to go,
well, it's harder just to be alone.
Now we're fading like a photograph

M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Every Day

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Every Day po polsku
Don't stop to worry, there’s nothing worse
When you’re falling off the surface of the earth
I start to wonder, how much you care
When you’re slowly disappearing up the stairs

Just turn around
I can’t believe that you would go without a sound
Am I just waiting, waiting for the girl


M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Waves

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Waves po polsku
Hey, what the hell was on your mind that day?
I heard the wind outside your father’s car
And felt the weight of life

Now, I try to get inside your head somehow
The storm is coming and it might get loud
So listen while you can
I know you care

M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Nova Scotia

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Nova Scotia po polsku
Waited up, waited up, waited up all night
The sky filling up your mind
Like smoke in some obscure design
Here's another thing

You never said, never said, never said anything new
Not a word that fall
But sometimes nothing says it all

M, Magic Man

Magic Man - Texas

Tekst piosenki Magic Man - Texas po polsku
It's been a while, and I've been alone
And you've been the only thing I've known
Born in the South, at home in the North
We could be anywhere you want

Now you're taking me down where you grew up
I wish I had known you when we were young
You figured me out, I know I've said it enough

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