M, McFly

McFly - Hypnotised

Tekst piosenki McFly - Hypnotised po polsku
I feel like I've been here once before
You threw my bags out through the
Door and in the road
I came home to find them on the floor
And as the rain began to pour
I got cold

And I tried to compromise

M, McFly

McFly - Nothing

Tekst piosenki McFly - Nothing po polsku
Everything she says to me
Means nothing
Even words of sympathy
Mean nothing
Feeling down and I hate the sound
Of nothing
What's the point in hanging round
For nothing

M, McFly

McFly - She Falls Asleep

Tekst piosenki McFly - She Falls Asleep po polsku

She falls asleep, and all she thinks about is you
She falls asleep, and all she dreams about is you!
When she's asleep the air she's breathing is
For you are why she wants to live
And she's not got that much more to give

M, McFly

McFly - Acoustic medley

Tekst piosenki McFly - Acoustic medley po polsku
Do do do do do doo
Do do do do do doo
Do do do do do doo
Went out with the guys
And before my eyes,
There was this girl she looked so fine.
And she blew my mind,

M, McFly

McFly - Home is where the heart is

Tekst piosenki McFly - Home is where the heart is po polsku
I'm a lover not a fighter
Hold me close and I'll take you higher than you've ever been
Raise your hands and lay down your weapons
We could turn this around in seconds flat if you believe

Home is where the heart is
It's where we started
Where we belong

M, McFly

McFly - Making Love

Tekst piosenki McFly - Making Love po polsku
Making love
Making love
Making love
Making love

I don't have much in the way of possesions or money
My empty pocket and wallet have seen better days

M, McFly

McFly - Broccoli

Tekst piosenki McFly - Broccoli po polsku
Everything was goin just the way i planned
the broccoli was done,
She doesnt know that im a virgin
in the kitchen cos its normally my mum,
But then she called me and thats when she said to me
she wasnt coming round for tea

M, McFly

McFly - Memory Lane

Tekst piosenki McFly - Memory Lane po polsku
Two years away, got back today
Tried calling up this girl I used to know
But when I said hello, she didn't know
Who the hell I was supposed to be.

Memory Lane,
We're here again
Back to the days


M, McFly

McFly - Brown Eyed Girl

Tekst piosenki McFly - Brown Eyed Girl po polsku
Hey where did we go,
Days when the rains came
Down in the hollow,
Playin' a new game,
Laughing and a running hey, hey
Skipping and a jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our hearts a thumpin' and you


M, McFly

McFly - The Ballad Of Paul K

Tekst piosenki McFly - The Ballad Of Paul K po polsku
He's drinking cold corona
Feels like he's getting older now
And noticing how he's finding
Grey hairs left in the shower
Tattoos fade by the hour and
He can’t understand these feelings

Why life is getting him down

M, McFly

McFly - Only the strong survive

Tekst piosenki McFly - Only the strong survive po polsku
The worst is over and the sky is clear
And there's not a place on earth I'd rather be than here
But on the horizon
As the morning breaks
I can see a brand new day that's full of new mistakes
They tell me that only the strong survive
I don't know if we'll make it through the night

M, McFly

McFly - Ultraviolet

Tekst piosenki McFly - Ultraviolet po polsku
Nothing goes to plan
It's all a game of chance they say in Wonderland
There's magic in the air
A tragic love affair that I don't understand

These summer girls are really
Something else
Our lives are short

M, McFly

McFly - Sofa, Hyundai, Administration

Tekst piosenki McFly - Sofa, Hyundai, Administration po polsku

M, McFly

McFly - On My Own

Tekst piosenki McFly - On My Own po polsku
See all those people on the ground
Wasting time
Try to hold it all inside
For just one night
Top of the world
I'm sitting here wishing
The things I’ve become
That something is missing

M, McFly

McFly - Surfer Babe

Tekst piosenki McFly - Surfer Babe po polsku

Well it's quarter to four
Hanging out at the pizza place
And we all got our boards
Later on we're gonna catch the waves
Well that's what I said when I left her in bed

M, McFly

McFly - Diarrhoea

Tekst piosenki McFly - Diarrhoea po polsku

When your climbing up a tree and it's running down your knee
Diarrhoea, Diarrhoea
When your sitting in the gutter and your eating bread and butter
Diarrhoea, Diarrhoea
When your climbing in the the loft and you tread in somethin' soft
Diarrhoea, diarrhoea

M, McFly

McFly - Dragon Ball

Tekst piosenki McFly - Dragon Ball po polsku
Picking up the pieces of my heart left on the floor
Like it was written in the stars that I was meant for something more
Now I'm the one man I'll be fighting everybody's war
Will I survive? I must survive...
The world is on my shoulders so much pressure to prevail
This is the story of my life and its a sad and lonely tale
So what's the point in trying if your destiny's to fail

M, McFly

McFly - Down By The Lake

Tekst piosenki McFly - Down By The Lake po polsku
Well you better get home coz your dad is awake
Said he saw you last night making out by the lake
With a guy that he hates
He doesn't look at me the same way that you do

Said I look pretty cute but I don't got the grades
Seen the star on my foot and the way I behave
And we're better off when daddy's outta town

M, McFly

McFly - Easy way out

Tekst piosenki McFly - Easy way out po polsku
Been having doubts now,
For a week or two,
She doesn't love him,
Like she used to do,
He's had his chance,
But he's fallen through,
He wants her back,
With him tonight.

M, McFly

McFly - Foolish

Tekst piosenki McFly - Foolish po polsku
I never thought she’d remember
The way that I left her heart
Didn’t know I had it all
Till the moment I lost it all
People mind mistakes and fall
And she won’t ever recover
I couldn’t get over

M, McFly

McFly - Teenage

Tekst piosenki McFly - Teenage po polsku
Lights go out all over the city
In the dark this place ain’t so pretty
You’re not safe tonight
Turn back now or you’ll never leave here
Crush my heart, you better believe it
I swear on your life

This place is dangerous

M, McFly

McFly - Dancing shoes

Tekst piosenki McFly - Dancing shoes po polsku
She was a quite little woman
But no one ever give her a chance
But she kept a little secret
She really had a pageant in dance
She was out on the town
When the DJ started playing the blues
There's no stopping her now
She put on her dancing shoes

M, McFly

McFly - Shine A Light ft Taio Cruz

Tekst piosenki McFly - Shine A Light  ft Taio Cruz po polsku
Tell me are you feeling strong,
Strong enough to love someone,
And make it through the hardest storm
And bad weather
Will you pull me from the flames?
Hold me ‘til I feel no pain,
And give me shelther from the rain.

M, McFly

McFly - My TVR

Tekst piosenki McFly - My TVR po polsku
oo oo oo
oo oo oo
oo oo oo
oo oo oo

I've got a girl i love
i took her to the cinema
but on the way back home

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