M, Millenium

Millenium - Day after day

Tekst piosenki Millenium - Day after day po polsku
Na na na na na na na na na na na na (x4)

I am, the one, who can see myself
Tonight, it's cold, it's raining outside there
I know, the truth, that you can see yourself
Of all the tears and sadness
And turn them into light

M, Millenium

Millenium - You are the one

Tekst piosenki Millenium - You are the one po polsku
Ooo nananana
Ooo nananana
Ooo nananana
Hope that you can understand me
You can see that I didn`t try
Hold your body next to my

M, Millenium

Millenium - Time

Tekst piosenki Millenium - Time po polsku
Tic Tic Tac
The time is passing by
And you fall can see
The seconds don't lie
Tic Tic Tac
I wish I could go back
On the other hand

M, Millenium

Millenium - I still believe

Tekst piosenki Millenium - I still believe po polsku
I was married to the mayor’s daughter
Because I used to love to hear her sing
But then she turned all of my wine to water
And now I’ve lost everything
This is a new beginning
And I’m on my way
I can do what I want to do ‘cause

M, Millenium

Millenium - Hourglass

Tekst piosenki Millenium - Hourglass po polsku
I have travelled all across the ocean
I have seen what there is to see,
Been living my life in the fast lane
Now this heart has been torn from me
It’s getting colder and I’m slowly dying
I should have told her, and now it’s too day

M, Millenium

Millenium - Chasing time

Tekst piosenki Millenium - Chasing time po polsku
Deep in the night there’s an image on the ceiling
So many stars they hang so near
Makes me wonder is it all eternal
Stranded here endlessly
There’s a promise in the wind that blows
It’s life and it’s dying
Standing alone with my eyes open wide

M, Millenium

Millenium - I will follow

Tekst piosenki Millenium - I will follow po polsku
Dreams broken dreams of love
It’s making me cry when I think about you baby
Blue over you is there nothing I can do to change
Your mind and come back to me
If you call out my name I will follow
Shades of grey since the day you took your love away
I’m a fool acting cool but my heart beats for you

M, Millenium

Millenium - Welcome to the action

Tekst piosenki Millenium - Welcome to the action po polsku
Welcome to the action
everything we'll be all right
get my satisfaction hear
when i say shalala
(shalala, shalala)

you and me
is all i want to see

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