M, Morandi

Morandi - Endless love

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Endless love po polsku
Endless pain, I'm living in sin
Endless pain is burning my skin
All I need is you, give me love
I believe in you, take me above...

M, Morandi

Morandi - Oh my God

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Oh my God po polsku
She's crazy
My baby
She doesn't want to dance cuz' she's too ⊂⊃y
Her body
She doesn't want to share it with nobody
I feel it
Inside me


M, Morandi

Morandi - Come home

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Come home po polsku
R: I cried once, I cried twice
Since you were gone
I prayed once, I prayed twice
For you to come home
1. Before you take my heart away
Look in my eyes again and say
I don’t feel anything no more

M, Morandi

Morandi - Hiding from the sun

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Hiding from the sun po polsku
Look at me now
What have you done?
I'm hiding from the sun
Away from this world,
Hotness and cold
The story of my life untold.
As my dream is getting over
Loneliness is taking me to

M, Morandi

Morandi - Reality and Dreams

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Reality and Dreams po polsku
Oh, I can see it in your eyes
I can feel you by my side
Closer and closer
Hope this is not another dream
I hope the game’s not over
Oh, when the darkness steals the light
I can feel you in my arms

M, Morandi

Morandi - Blue

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Blue po polsku
Your heart is always blue
Cause I'm feeling my passion
Feeling my passion...
Loving you, my baby

M, Morandi

Morandi - Beijo uh la la

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Beijo uh la la po polsku
toda vida te busqe mora,
pergunte a jente en la rua,
quiero ser con tigo so nois dois
apaixona baby, vais per pois

refren: ooh, ve una e beijou-la
ve una e beijou-la
ve una e beijou-la la

M, Morandi

Morandi - Love is tickling

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Love is tickling po polsku
oh, friends i`ve lost
many left us over the years
but my guitar
is always here with me
i`ve been in love
and i suffered just as much
but my guitar
've kept in touch

M, Morandi

Morandi - Sun Goes down

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Sun Goes down po polsku
When the sun goes down
I feel like
I need you around
'Cause you're like
Butterflies in May, always flying away
Everytime you leave
I feel like

M, Morandi

Morandi - Hello goodbye

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Hello goodbye po polsku
Hello goodbye!
I leave my life withouth you
I'll be fine!
I think I never loved you!
Hello goodbye!
I leave my life withouth you
I'll be fine!

M, Morandi

Morandi - Get High

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Get High po polsku
I look at the window
I start a new day
No one knows how far we've gone
Time's running crazy in it's own way
And so many places in faces i've met
A special something with every step
This kind of feelings are harder to get

M, Morandi

Morandi - Reverse

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Reverse po polsku
Every day i lose my faith
Should i call my self a fake?
I can`t stand all this pain
Cuz is driving me insane!(2x)
aiii woa moa in ioaw yus min an misak(7x)
Every day i lose my faith

M, Morandi

Morandi - Valio amar te

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Valio amar te po polsku
1.Vivele sola,
En sala es amor o es amar?
Mi nina ermasa te gueiro,
Y tu mi aplar
Mi vida,mi vida,por que...?
2.Toda el mucho dice tengoque olivar
Mi coratzon no intentra vas en ancasar

M, Morandi

Morandi - N3xt

Tekst piosenki Morandi - N3xt po polsku
Ten years from now
Were would i be
On top of the mountain
Or drowned in the sea
Ten years from now
When fame will be gone
Myself would be here
To help me go on

M, Morandi

Morandi - Ezayem

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Ezayem po polsku
Take me as I am
Let me be your friend
Cry now and let it go
Love will come..and love will go
I feel love
Can you...feel love?

M, Morandi

Morandi - Mind fields

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Mind fields po polsku
Shades of purple, shades of gray
Shades of everything I say
Not as ugly as it seems
As I’m walking in my dreams
Threw these mind fields
Threw these mind fields...
Shades of purple, shades of gray

M, Morandi

Morandi - Gol

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Gol po polsku
Ladies & Gentelmen we are ganthered here to celebrate goals . With the football master Morandi .
It-'s my goal baby ....
Gol gol gol gol gol , gol gol gol gol gol , gol gol gol gol gol , gol Gooooool !
Cristal da un gol fatal
Noi ne bucuram de gol de Cristal
2-1 , 2 si 0 se umfla ca un Pot in-a Greed
Hey gol... bai intra bai odata e

M, Morandi

Morandi - Musica mi libertad

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Musica mi libertad po polsku
R.: Eres tu,musica
Siempre tu,mi libertad.
1.Oh,she's a summer rain
On a hot sunny day
Yeah, she's a cherry pie
Spreadin' flavors in the sky.

M, Morandi

Morandi - In ochii tai

Tekst piosenki Morandi - In ochii tai po polsku

Baby I was dreaming long ago
Time was passing silently too slow
There was nothing in the world that I could do...
For me and you...
Sometimes feeling you
Around it hurts
And every...

M, Morandi

Morandi - Rock the world

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Rock the world po polsku

Hey, I feel,I feel so god
'Cause it feels just like it should, yeah!
I, I feel, I feel so right
I will rock the world tonight!


M, Morandi

Morandi - Mikala

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Mikala po polsku
mikala mikala ela ela -mikala vino vino mikala
ta matia na do xana = sa-ti vad ochii iar
se filo, ela do na se filo = te sarut, vino aici sa te sarut
s`agapo, kathe mera s`agapo = te iubesc, in fiecare zi te iubesc
mikala, thelo mono mikala-mikala, o vreau doar pe mikala
ta .... , i agapi ta .....iera ..-agapi = iubita
se thelo, mono esena se thleo-te vreau, doar pe tïne te vreau

M, Morandi

Morandi - Daleh cumnaleh

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Daleh cumnaleh po polsku
Daleh Cumnaleh,ale ale (x4)
Tengu medo di ti amar
Mas nao paro di soniar
Daleeh Cumnaleeh ale ale....

M, Morandi

Morandi - Summer In December ft. Inna

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Summer In December  ft. Inna po polsku
I’m not feeling so strong now
I’m not ready to give up on you
My song hurts
Maybe I’m playin’ it wrong now

Cold eyes and everything’s fadin’
And though I’m blinded

M, Morandi

Morandi - Living Without You

Tekst piosenki Morandi - Living Without You po polsku
Hey baby, say baby
Do you even miss me anymore
Oh, baby, I’ve been dreaming
About us and the life we had before

Inside my heart is bleeding
All that I wish is to hold you again
You give me such a feeling

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