M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Hold It Against Me

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Hold It Against Me po polsku
[Verse 1]
Hey, over there
Please, forgive me
If I'm comin' on too strong
Hate to stare
But, you're winnin'
And they're playin' my favorite song
So, come here

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Nervous

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Nervous po polsku
i think we've got something here
a little nervous but its okay come here
and im beginning to stare
unlock your fingers and run them through my hair
im just a little bit nervous
just hush
a little bit nervous

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Artificial

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Artificial po polsku
There's my number
There's my name
Leave me alone
Better take off that disguise cause now you're cover's blown
Think I've got you figured out all on my own
Ima make it quick and painless so let's start small
From the cheating and the lying

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Want It Or Not

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Want It Or Not po polsku
Sittin' out, no standing in line.
New designer dress, heals on high.
Came a little late, never on time.
Lookin' for the kind of guy to give me just what I like.
I think I spot him on the floor.
I bet he knows what I'm askin' for.
Come satisfy my appetite.
Just take a chance, you want it or not?

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - End of the World

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - End of the World po polsku
La la la la la la la x4
A cigarette would be easier to quit than you. (Uh huh)
Wish that I could fit into someone elses shoes. (Right now)
I'm such a wreck from crashing into you. (Oh no)
Now that I'm left alone now, what am I gonna do?
Can't live with or without you.
I'm something else around you.

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Look In Your Eyes

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Look In Your Eyes po polsku
Here you stand, I'm waiting
Anticipate the moment
I?m stuck here, pretending
I?ve got to close my eyes now
I can only see it
I can only feel it
I can only see the look in your eyes now

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Animal

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Animal po polsku
'll be the hunted, you be the hunter.
You're just an animal, I'm just an animal.

Sophisticated? Give me a break.
This city is a jungle, make no mistake.
My claws come out, come take a bite.
I'll be cryin' at the moon all night.

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Heaven

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Heaven po polsku
ou’re leaving and should,
The door… I’m begging you for more.
E-xactly what I’m looking for you know I want you.
It’s aching through my bones
Please don’t leave me alone,
Time passes… yet I feel the same and nothing seems to change.

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Alive

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Alive po polsku
You’re empty handed
I’m stuck on when you said it
Imagination, my creation
It’s getting to my head
Stop testing me
So indiscreetly
Swallowed by your time, you…
Make me feel alive, you…

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Blindfolded

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Blindfolded po polsku
Lalalalalalala woah ohhh x5
Ohh you know you love it when I'm in control
It's like I've got you walking into walls.
Oh just one wrong
Move baby and you'll fall down
What you gonna do now?

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Sorry 4 U

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Sorry 4 U po polsku
Don't repeat another promise,
sick of it all

I fell sorry for you
everytime I let my guard
down you let it fall.

I used to love all the attention

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Paper Doll

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Paper Doll po polsku
Put me in your room i am so impressed with you
don't know what do i am so impressed with you
let's just get up and go i'll be the best for you
you can take me on ill get undressed for you
Yeah you can pick me up and take me down
paste me and up cut me out

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Dead To Me

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Dead To Me po polsku
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I didn't know what you did to me
The people you told
Especially me
Why did you pour
Those things in my head
I didn't know

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Heart Attack

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Heart Attack po polsku
I need a paramedic
You've just stopped my heart (Oh no)
And now the lights are off
And I'm left in the dark (Oh no)
You've messed me up
Concusion all up in my brain
You've knocked me out of conscious
I don't know my name (Oh no)

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Chemistry

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Chemistry po polsku
the moment that we shared
on repeat in my head
im pullin out my hair
i dont think that you meant it

oh but you sound sweet
im going off the deep end
and i can barely sleep

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Single

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Single po polsku
I’m alone and feelin’ unrestrained (unrestrained)
I got no one to tell me what to do
Can’t keep me contained
No restrictions to drive me insane (me insane)
And I’m feelin’ like a burden
You just feel like a king

I’m tryin’ to hide

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Name Dropper

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Name Dropper po polsku
ame dropper.
You're a name dropper. (Name dropper)
Baby, I bet you're use to being lazy.
And all the girls, they just go crazy.
For you but I'm not them, I'm not gonna roll.
No red carpet for you.

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - This Time

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - This Time po polsku
I've got a good thing. (Usually it's enough, my love)
This one is different. (I don't want to mess it up again)
But everytime I try, something goes wrong. (Ohh Whoa)
Normally I can see, I can breathe. (Stand on my two feet)
Without anyone else around.
'Cause there's no guarantee someone else can satisfy me.

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Losing Focus

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Losing Focus po polsku
Thoughts around me make me fall
I am closing up the pain
I am ignoring every call
Things will never be the same
The same, the same x2
I wanna figure it out
Clouding all my dreams

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - From Here

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - From Here po polsku
You take a step back acting shy
As you undress me with your eyes
Our fingers touch, our thoughts collide
Where do we go from here?
And now I'm giving you control
It's what you wanted, it's your goal
I've played before, this game is old

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Over Again

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Over Again po polsku
I'm so sick of sleepless nights
Most of them caused by you
So damn tired of all these fights
Tear drops are what I crave (I crave)
Mirrors become my slave (my slave)
Don't think I can escape
So why do I bring you back?

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Everything

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Everything po polsku
Don't push me
Away from you
I've got to
Behave I do- I do
Cause I
Want this to stay

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Hallucination

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Hallucination po polsku
(Ha-hallucinate, ha-ha-hallucinate)
What is this? Who is she?
How could you do destiny, yeah
I thought we would perfect,
Yes, I was wrong

M, Myah Marie

Myah Marie - Chances

Tekst piosenki Myah Marie - Chances po polsku
Speak (speak)
Slow (slow)
Know your in a rush
But I (I)
Don't (don't)
Think I'm asking for too much
Cause I just hit a royal fresh
I don't want us to lose


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