N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Lexicon

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Lexicon po polsku
Burnt eyes

See - sick - eyes - on - off - broke - dry - trigger- lexicon
Relentless dreams
Don't even leave
Realities without home
So stick back, ever blind

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Insensitivity

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Insensitivity po polsku
See the suffering of their lives as you pass them by
Read about the daily tragedies in the paper
Get your depression fix from the T.V. set
It's all too real - can you deal with it?

Quietly whispered lies of happiness
Shouted the truth of being
Face the daily tragedies

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Flight

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Flight po polsku
Too weak to stand up the power
Mentally castrated
Seeking security in sedation
Sedation amidst the hum of the machine

Playing on
Grinding on weakness

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Eye

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Eye po polsku
Third seed throw down
Visions of Serpents
Cut - life storm, drown
Suffocated spirits
Regression's avowed
Torment's pawn
Life bringing paradoxes
Of mysteries that teach

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Enemy Of The Sun

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Enemy Of The Sun po polsku
Torn of this land's disgrace
Too hungry to contain a future
The sun bathes my wounds with a veil of rage
It's rays dyed with the blood of our disrespect

Suffering for the wisdom long forgotten
The sound of bloodletting echoes on the wind
The suicide of drought for a faith destroyed

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Enclosure in Flame

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Enclosure in Flame po polsku
Of time that we rode
Darkest vows seal my woe
I was seen in your head
The waste flew from
Our throats - desires
Fate is low - bleed
My eye - heal my stone
I will open a door

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Common Inconsistencies

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Common Inconsistencies po polsku
Toiling our lives away

We learn to accept the petty rewards that we get
From the feudal system of our modern day wage-slavery
Setting goals for ourselves that cannot be met
Through this system of self-perpetuating misery
Always saying yes when we want to say no
Because we're committed to our roles of subserviency

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Cold Ascending

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Cold Ascending po polsku
Your eyes are stained - you're shining low
Candles burn on your star - slowdive in
Old stain (slide on)
Brain is cold ascending - crawl on bits
Away - firestarter - crow (slide on)

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Choice

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Choice po polsku
Sacrifice your security
Sell your identity, integrity
Give till it hurts, give some more, give it all away
Sacrifice yourself

The choice I made is my own

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Blisters

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Blisters po polsku
I felt like I was in a cage
My body was numb, my head was fixed just right
Too sacred to speak for fear of what cuts me like a knife

It's a leech on my soul
Draining my blood and leaving me cold
Left with angry deflections of the feelings I have sold
Leaving me cold

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - A Chronology For Survival

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - A Chronology For Survival po polsku
The cycles they are clawing
Wander, then starve
The cycles they are thawing
Wallow, then freeze


N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Sterile Vision

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Sterile Vision po polsku
Bury me in a shallow grave. So the rain will
wash me away. And the sun will burn my soul
and the earth will feed on me.
The earth must drink my sour blood
To breathe.
My disease is caustic pain. I'm stumbling but
I'm trying to say that I'm crumbling away.
In the corner you'll find me. On the back of the bus.

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Strength Of Fates

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Strength Of Fates po polsku
On this earth - lay me down
Soil my blood - this shell will fade
Gods with eyes - i'm ready now
At the hanging tree - giver of life
Great mother heal - I will rise

(I believe in you - we all keep the flame
We are all pure flame inside)

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Stripped

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Stripped po polsku
Destroy the eyes of the world
Wish for invisibility
God damn your eyes I say from the gallows

Stripping you down

Ashamed for feeling
Ashamed for thinking

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Takeahnase

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Takeahnase po polsku
When it begins(Takeahnase, Takeahnase)
The the floods will sever the Christs from the earth
Thieves called it property(Takeahnase, Takeahnase)
You'll drown for our mother's disgrace.

We tried to tell you, now let us show you!
You'll know the way.
Like spiny fingers that'll seperate.

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - The Time Of The Beasts

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - The Time Of The Beasts po polsku
On lasts the kill in the cold
The crush succumbs humanity
The will lead the walk

Coal shoved into my skull
The time of beasts
A time to rise

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Pollution

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Pollution po polsku
The corpse of mankind is floating down your stream
Raping everything but keeping the image clean
Is it will or is it gain ?
The trick is being efficient yet undetectable
Keep the stream flowing and decieve undesirables
Is it will or is it gain ?

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Raise The Dawn

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Raise The Dawn po polsku
I can't walk anymore.
The moon stuck the promise through my heart.
Lightning strikes and leads me through.
Bleeding walls, and the oceans hold on me.
Her fingers reach to raise the dawn.
All the rest have fallen on,

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - The Web

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - The Web po polsku
Leave me demons did I want you?
Why do you need me?
I can see you have so many.
I know I'm a magnet but why must I feel your evil?
You give me pain.
My thoughts of blood reign.
And it's falling to someone...

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Burn

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Burn po polsku
You lie in the snow, cold but not dead
stare into the sun, long since its last heat
feel the freeze burn skin
salt your open wounds
a burning desire clears your eyes
a willful air fills your lungs

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Bleeding The Pigs

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Bleeding The Pigs po polsku
When the serpent swallows it's tail,
With a half-eaten heart.
The god of reason deserts me.
Only earth and sky remain;
Mountains shake and wake me.
Words of the seeress reveal.
Carve out my eye that I might see,

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood po polsku
Through silver in blood
We stand judged not by
Eyes of flesh, when
Transit times cross
Prey vision consumed

Bleeding one
Bleed alone

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Lost

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Lost po polsku
"Are you lost?"
“Because we don't know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four, five times more, perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps 20. And yet it all seems limitless.” /**

My eyes were jaded, so close to the centre I could not see
But now they are fixed and glaring at the sacrifice to be made
Now that I'm aware of the cycles I pray that I can deal
Now that I have shown you these cycles I pray that you can feel

N, Neurosis

Neurosis - Aeon

Tekst piosenki Neurosis - Aeon po polsku
Illumination bleeds fire
Karmic well of deceit
Blood will nourish
Your sense breeds disgust
Sickened flow
Cauterize my waste
Devoid spirit gone
Our universe will breed

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