O, Oasis

Oasis - Songbird

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Songbird po polsku
Talkin to the songbird yesterday
Flew me to a place not far away
She's a little pilot in my mind
Singin songs of love to pass the time
Gonna write a song so she can see
Give her all the love she gives to me
Talk of better days that have yet to come
Never felt this love from anyone

O, Oasis

Oasis - She's Electric

Tekst piosenki Oasis - She's Electric po polsku
She's electric
She's in a family full of eccentrics
She done things I never expected
And I need more time
She's got a sister
And god only knows how I've missed her
On the palm of her hand is a blister
And I need more time

O, Oasis

Oasis - Hello

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Hello po polsku
I don't feel as if I know you
You take up all my time
The days are long and the night will throw you away
Coz the sun don't shine
Nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day
Nobody ever seems to remember life is a game we play
We live in the shadows and we had the chance and threw it away

O, Oasis

Oasis - Sad Song

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Sad Song po polsku
Sing a sad song
In a lonely place
Try to put a word in for me
It's been so long
Since I found this place
You better put in two or three
We as people, are just walking 'round
Our heads are firmly fixed in the ground

O, Oasis

Oasis - Acquiesce

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Acquiesce po polsku
I don't know what it is
That makes me feel alive
I don't know how to wake
The things that sleep inside
I only wanna see the light
That shines behind your eyes
I hope that I can say

O, Oasis

Oasis - Who feels love

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Who feels love po polsku
Found what I'd lost inside
My spirit has been purified
Take a thorn from my pride
And hand in hand we'll take a walk outside
Thank you for the sun the one that shines on everyone
Who feels love
Now there's a million years between my fantasies & fears

O, Oasis

Oasis - Go let it out

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Go let it out po polsku
Paint no illusion, try to click with what ya got
Taste every potion cos if yer like yerself a lot
Go let it out, go let it out, go let it out
Life is precocious in a most peculiar way
Sister psychosis don't got a lot to say
She go let it out, she go let it in, she go let it out
She go let it out, she go let it in, she go let it out

O, Oasis

Oasis - Married With Children

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Married With Children po polsku
There's no need for you to say you're sorry
Goodbye I'm going home
I don't care no more so don't you worry
Goodbye I'm going home

I hate the way that even though you
Know you're wrong you say you're right
I hate the books you read and all your friends

O, Oasis

Oasis - All you need is love

Tekst piosenki Oasis - All you need is love po polsku
Love, love, love
Love, love, love
Love, love, love
There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
Nothing you can say but you can learn how the play the game
It's easy

O, Oasis

Oasis - (It's Good) To Be Free

Tekst piosenki Oasis - (It's Good) To Be Free po polsku
Head like a rock spinning round and round
I found it in a hole sitting upside down
You point the finger at me but I don't believe
Paint me a wish on a velvet sky
You demand the answers but I don't know why in my mind
There is no time
But the little things they make me so happy

O, Oasis

Oasis - Be here now

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Be here now po polsku

Wash your face in the morning sun,
Flash your pen at the song that I'm singing,
Touchdown base living on the run,
I make no sweat at the hole that you're digging.
Wrap up cold when it's warm outside,
Your ⊂⊃ jokes remind me of Digsy's,

O, Oasis

Oasis - I hope, i think, i know

Tekst piosenki Oasis - I hope, i think, i know po polsku

They're trying hard to put me in my place,
And that is why I've gotta keep running,
The future is mine and its no disgrace
Cos in the end the past means nothing.
You tell me I'm free then you tie me down,
And from my chains I think its a pity,

O, Oasis

Oasis - She is love

Tekst piosenki Oasis - She is love po polsku
Oh when the sunshine beckons to ya
And your wings begin to unfold
the thoughts you bring and the songs you sing
are gonna keep me from the cold

And if the sword is among ya
and its words may wound my soul
you can fill me up with what you've got

O, Oasis

Oasis - Roll With It

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Roll With It po polsku
You gotta roll with it
You gotta take your time
You gotta say what you say
Don't let anybody get in your way
'Cause it's all too much for me to take
Don't ever stand aside
Don't ever be denied

O, Oasis

Oasis - Hey Now

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Hey Now po polsku
I hitched a ride with my soul
By the side of the road
Just as the sky turned black
I took a walk with my fame
Down memory lane
I never did find my way back
You know that I gotta say time's slipping away

O, Oasis

Oasis - Rock 'n' Roll Star

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Rock 'n' Roll Star po polsku
I live my life in the city
There's no easy way out
The day's moving just too fast for me
I need some time in the sunshine
Gotta slow it right down
The day's moving just too fast for me

I live my life for the stars that shine


O, Oasis

Oasis - Half the World Away

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Half the World Away po polsku
I would like to leave this city, this old town don't smell too pretty and
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind
And when I leave this island I'll book myself into a soul asylum
'Cause I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

So here I go, I'm still scratching around in the same old hole
My body feels young but my mind is very old
So what do you say?

O, Oasis

Oasis - Up In The Sky

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Up In The Sky po polsku
Hey you! Up in the sky
Learning to fly
Tell me how high
Do you think you'll go
Before you start falling
Hey you! Up in a tree
You wanna be me
But that couldn't be

O, Oasis

Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning

Tekst piosenki Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning po polsku
I'm all over my heart's desire,
I feel cold but I'm back in the fire,
Out of control but I'm tied up tight,
Come in, come out tonight..
Comin' up in the early morning,
I feel love in the shock of the lightning,
I fall into the blinding light,

O, Oasis

Oasis - Bag it up

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Bag it up po polsku
Gold and silver and sunshine is rising up
Pour yourself another cup of Lady Grey
Take my hand in the meantime, when you've had enough
You'll find me on the end of a runway, babe

Tell the world that you love them in a melody
Send my old piano and a telegram
Gotta get me a doctor with a remedy

O, Oasis

Oasis - Where did it all go wrong

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Where did it all go wrong po polsku
You know that feeling you get
You feel your older than time
You ain't exactly sure
If you've been around a while

Do you keep the reciepts
For the friends that you buy
And ain't it bitter sweet

O, Oasis

Oasis - Sunday morning call

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Sunday morning call po polsku
Here´s another sunday morning call
yer hear yer head-a-banging on the door
slip your shoes on and then out you crawl
into a day that couldn´t give you more
but what for?

and in your head do you feel
what you´re not supposed to feel

O, Oasis

Oasis - ⊂⊃in in the bushes

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Fuckin in the bushes po polsku
We put this festival on you bastards
with a lot of love
we worked for one year for you pigs
and you want to break our walls down
or you want ⊂⊃in' to destroy us
well you go to hell
kids are running around naked ⊂⊃in' in the bushes

O, Oasis

Oasis - Love Like A Bomb

Tekst piosenki Oasis - Love Like A Bomb po polsku
i’m seeing a whole
other world in my mind
girl i feel it
i’m breathing our love all the time
you turn me on, love’s like a bomb blowing my mind
you turn me on, love’s like a bomb blowing my mind

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