O, Oceana

Oceana - Boneworks

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Boneworks po polsku
When feeding the ones left breathing
It's our only way to live.
My minds past growing in the salt,
with the bone community.
They took my tongue for the things I wanted,
but couldn't say.
When your taking my child away
my colors will surely change.

O, Oceana

Oceana - U need a hug

Tekst piosenki Oceana - U need a hug po polsku
You wake up every mornin',
Not knowin' who you are,
Tryin' to take a breather,
Cannot fill you own heart.
You afraid to go to bed at night,
Can't even close your eyes,
How do you go on like that,
Haunted by your lies.


O, Oceana

Oceana - Mother love

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Mother love po polsku
Fear love.
A failure to nothing but an empty shape.
We collide and we're dead on.
Are you tired enough?
I think I hurt your head enough.
Bruising me the first touch.
Well fall asleep.

O, Oceana

Oceana - Hello astronaut

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Hello astronaut po polsku
It's hard to breathe when you're choking your self.
It's hard to see through eyes misleading.
Though I swear I've been here before.
So please oh please pick up your feet I can't carry you

O, Oceana

Oceana - Escape the flood

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Escape the flood po polsku
These walls are closing in on me
Come on
Don't talk as they watch us sink into the sand where they know it should be
It could be said
We've been here to many times
And this is what I am
But I'm still trying to change my past
I've left so many drowning... So many hearts left astray

O, Oceana

Oceana - Unexpected

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Unexpected po polsku
I was feeling down with my back against the wall
And suddenly I got an unexpected call
Feeling weak feeling like I'm gonna fall
And then a voice said
I will catch you if you fall

Cause life is so unexpected
So live life without no regrets yeah

O, Oceana

Oceana - Creations

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Creations po polsku
He's sick
He's pulling the skin right from his bones
And in the separation she will unfold
She'll unfold,
She'll unfold in this separation

Leave the seems
You were nothing but tearing fabric

O, Oceana

Oceana - We are the messengers

Tekst piosenki Oceana - We are the messengers po polsku
Oh, dear God.
We are lost.
We need your guidance now.
In this moment of truth, you're our voice.
We are the messengers.
In this moment of truth, you're words fall on deaf ears.
We will not stand for this.

O, Oceana

Oceana - Everybody

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Everybody po polsku
Good times must to stay
And bad times fade away
That’s the only way
Smiles still remedy
That’s good energy
Put it on the play

That’s no escape

O, Oceana

Oceana - Devil walk, God walk (heaven walk,hell walk)

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Devil walk, God walk (heaven walk,hell walk) po polsku
For those who mean it your skin will be cleaned
The scales you have shed for the family disease
Wash the salt from you palms
You're sweating it out I beg for the taste of it
Believing in him

Devil the fear of you in me
Delivering the failures that made me believe

O, Oceana

Oceana - In birth

Tekst piosenki Oceana - In birth po polsku
In birth we lose them
to sudden defects.
Our minds are not open yet.
And all, all the life you had
you'll finally see.
There's no life here.
We welcome you to the world in fascinating views.

O, Oceana

Oceana - The family disease

Tekst piosenki Oceana - The family disease po polsku
I'll vomit illusions,
Trick myself that i'm happy,
But so much comes out of my mouth it's burning me empty.
I think my heart could receive it,
Cheap imposter where you heading,
Thank you my love would you believe me,
Thank you my love would you be listening.

O, Oceana

Oceana - Breather II

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Breather II po polsku
Let it be reborn invited
and I hate my ways now.
I looked possessed
in a focus of pure hate
and I was gone forever. Gone.
I didn't mean it
and now I'm faded and wasted
I'm throwing up the old.

O, Oceana

Oceana - The tide

Tekst piosenki Oceana - The tide po polsku
And his face shown like the sun
Rejoice, rejoice the tide has come
Tide has come to take us all
Tide has come to take us
Tide has come to take us all
Tide has come to take us

O, Oceana

Oceana - Upside Down

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Upside Down po polsku
Oceana - Upside Down

[Verse 1]

I just got fired from my job
But I don't really give a (Whaa!)
No money in my pocket but [...]
I don't give a (Whoo!)

O, Oceana

Oceana - Antlophobia

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Antlophobia po polsku
Break your ties to a life of hypocrisy.
You've let down everyone who has cared.
If wasting every second of your life
is what you think can save you
then let that be that
Reaching into the back of my mind
Searching for a moment like heaven.

O, Oceana

Oceana - Mindless

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Mindless po polsku
I'm staring at the cracks, and all the lines you wrote to get me home.
It's not over yet;
I'll speak the same until it breaks my jaw,
And it breaks my heart to see you this way.
So I'll pray for the day,
That new things will come to wash these ones away.

O, Oceana

Oceana - I came as dust (I left as dust)

Tekst piosenki Oceana - I came as dust (I left as dust) po polsku
I kept a cross in my right hand.
I dropped it into the quicksand the wood went to waste.
Your faith, it's broken.
You're furthering yourself to fame,
you're losing.
Your god is leaving.
I left it there for a blind man.
He pulled it out with no questions,

O, Oceana

Oceana - Bang

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Bang po polsku
Now your hearts jump up, you move the boundclub.
You all ride on top of all I ever drop.
I give you all I got. Your beauty is my plot.
Hear this one love shot.

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

Now your hearts jump up, you move the boundclub.

O, Oceana

Oceana - Far Away feat Leon Taylor

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Far Away  feat Leon Taylor po polsku
I know you feel what I feel right now
I'm singing for you when you're not around
life ain't the same when you're out of town
when we couldn't be closer

Deine Sachen liegen noch hier

O, Oceana

Oceana - The abortion

Tekst piosenki Oceana - The abortion po polsku
I left my head when i was home
I caught an evil side of me.
I only breathe when I'm alone.
The days await till I am gone.
I grew right next to your heart.
I should have grabbed it,
and pulled it down.
I feel what you're feeding me.


O, Oceana

Oceana - The portrait

Tekst piosenki Oceana - The portrait po polsku
Oh, the humanity.
Oh, the perjury.
Tell me how it feels not to know that your children are safe at night.
Dear father, do i care?
I'm leaving you,
Does it feel familiar to you?

O, Oceana

Oceana - Thank You

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Thank You po polsku
Ladies and gentlemen
Here is the man of the evening
None of this would’ve been
If it wasn’t for him lying and cheating

I was dreaming peacefully
Until you woke me up
Felt like this would never end

O, Oceana

Oceana - Sweet Violet

Tekst piosenki Oceana - Sweet Violet po polsku
Yeah man! You hear this!

She awakes to the sound of the siren,
Trouble waits at a door.
Dresses up to match the situation,
Tears are worth crying for.
Then when she walked,

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