P, Passenger

Passenger - The Way It Goes

Tekst piosenki Passenger - The Way It Goes po polsku
One man's home is another man's journey
Stars shine late and the sun shines early
One man's straight and another man's curly
That's just the way it goes
One man's trash is another man's treasure
Rummaging around in the rain in the weather
One man's pain is another man's pleasure
That's just the way it goes

P, Passenger

Passenger - Words

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Words po polsku
Well the first time that I saw her
Standing in the middle of the road
Eyes just bright as christmas lights
Wearing someone else's clothes
I did my best to ignore her
But ignoring my best, pretty soon
We spent the night all tangled tight
In an armchair in my friend's front room

P, Passenger

Passenger - Nothing's Changed

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Nothing's Changed po polsku
well the walls are turning yellow like a smokers tooth
cold as a call girls smile in a phone booth
baby pigeon starving on the side of the roof
and nothing's changed

sometimes words don't say enough
sometimes silence says too much
you're too close for comfort but too far to touch

P, Passenger

Passenger - Strangers

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Strangers po polsku
Well when you're with your friends
But you're lonely
You smile a smile that's not your own
When comfort comes from a strangers arms
Miles away from home

And you close your eyes to feel a darkness
You dream of love you have known

P, Passenger

Passenger - Brick Walls

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Brick Walls po polsku
Well we dance without our shoes,
But there’s glass around our feet
And we’d walk around the town,
But we’re allergic to concrete
We’d be stuffed to the gills
But there’s nothing here to eat
No, there’s nothing here to eat
No, there’s nothing here to eat

P, Passenger

Passenger - Rivers

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Rivers po polsku
There’s wood chip on the walls,
There’s wood on the stove,
You would if you could but you cannot I know,
But I’m still yours alone.

We’d lie on our backs,
We’d lie on your floor,
But we lied so much we don’t talk any more,

P, Passenger

Passenger - Setting Suns

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Setting Suns po polsku
Well, I walked out this evening
Stood out in front of my house
To see the day that I'm leaving
My eyes have pointed South
I felt like I was dreaming,
I never seen the sky so red
Gave me strangest feeling,
A voice inside me said:


P, Passenger

Passenger - Table For One

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Table For One po polsku
So I sit on this table for one
And pour me a drink that'll last
I'm not drunk I just miss being young
And I grew old so fast

My wife she breaks and she bends
My children they don't understand
I came here tonight in search of a friend

P, Passenger

Passenger - The Last Unicorn

Tekst piosenki Passenger - The Last Unicorn po polsku
Well we’ll kiss for that’s how it begins,
We’ll embrace just to warm our skins.
I’ll think of her and you’ll think of him.

And we’ll talk to keep the silence from our ears,
And we’ll laugh because we’re so close to tears,
We’re just lonely, you know, that’s why we’re here.

P, Passenger

Passenger - Dark Horse

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Dark Horse po polsku
I knew you were
You were gonna come to me
And here you are
But you better choose carefully
‘Cause I am capable of anything
Of anything

Make me your Aphrodite

P, Passenger

Passenger - Underwater Bride

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Underwater Bride po polsku
Help me stay awake I’m falling asleep
And I don’t want to fall asleep
While you’re here
You’re gunna leave when the alarm clock beeps
And it will beep any moment
My dear
And all that we have will be locked into memory
Like everything that we’ve had before

P, Passenger

Passenger - Divers and submarines

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Divers and submarines po polsku
Well, I clung to you
Like cat hair clings to a woollen shirt
You needed me, like a wedding dress needs dirt
The more that I wanted, the harder I squeezed
The harder I squeezed, the less you could breathe
And we sunk down to the bottom
Yeah, we sunk down to the bottom of the sea
Yeah, we sunk down to the bottom of the sea

P, Passenger

Passenger - Community centre

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Community centre po polsku
Well, the sky’s turning purple
Above the community centre
And I’m sitting in a circle
Telling my secrets to strangers
And they say I’ve got a problem
But I don’t know that I’ve got one
‘Cause you never know that you’ve got one
Till someone comes along and spots one

P, Passenger

Passenger - Crows in snow

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Crows in snow po polsku
Windscreen wipers never gonna stop
Never stop wiping all the snow from the top of our car
A car that has travelled so far from our homes
It’s never good to feel alone

But we’ve got what we’ve got
It’s friends that we’ve got in a car
A car that has travelled so far from our homes

P, Passenger

Passenger - House on a hill

Tekst piosenki Passenger - House on a hill po polsku
In an old house on a hillside
Next to the sea
Far from the madness that folds around me
Peaceful and gentle, like sails on the breeze
In an old house on a hillside
Next to the sea
There’s a warm light on a cold night

P, Passenger

Passenger - Diamonds (feat. Simon R. Beckleman)

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Diamonds (feat. Simon R. Beckleman) po polsku
Well I spoke to this man
Said he’d been to the moon
Carved his name in the ground
Saw the world spinning round
And came back that afternoon
And I laughed at this man
Said he’d been lost at sea

P, Passenger

Passenger - Travelling song (feat. Gabrielle Huber & Cameron Potts)

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Travelling song (feat. Gabrielle Huber & Cameron Potts) po polsku
This is your travelling song
And I hope it sees you well
Through train rides and hotels

This is your travelling song
And on the window of the train
With your finger write my name

P, Passenger

Passenger - Stray dog

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Stray dog po polsku
I had fallen down again, I had nowhere to go
You had bolted your doors and closed your windows
Still a crack in your wall that I could see through
Saw your house was empty and rode out to meet you
But the city was cold confusing and vast
And the light in my soul was fading fast
Slung towards the back streets
And the alleys where the drunks fight

P, Passenger

Passenger - Month of Sundays (feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone)

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Month of Sundays (feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone) po polsku
Well, I've been living in this month of Sundays
For so long I don't remember Saturday night
Broken records don't play new tunes
Except for once in a blue moon
And I have looked and the moon is still white

And I've pinned some hope to the summit of some day
Someone somewhere may do something with this light

P, Passenger

Passenger - Shape of love (feat. Boy & Bear)

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Shape of love (feat. Boy & Bear) po polsku
I only came inside to get out of the rain
And by the looks of things she may well have done the same
But I swear I know that face but I don’t know her name
She’s the shape of love

I stir my tea and throw away wet cigarettes
I watch her shivering through her rain sodden dress
I know her make up runs and her hair may be a mess

P, Passenger

Passenger - Saturday night TV

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Saturday night TV po polsku
Saturday night TV
My shallow friend
Colourful and easy
With me till the end

'Cause it's like an alibi
We've made a deal
That the lights and the people outside are not real

P, Passenger

Passenger - Four Horses

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Four Horses po polsku
Four horses pull a carriage through an empty street
And though the day is cold and still they are not breathing
They make no sound at all
As easily as water finds its way to ground
They bleed into the brick and are gone
And I have seen what I have seen as I fall
Like a whisper in the dome of St Paul

P, Passenger

Passenger - Manchester

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Manchester po polsku
Well Manchester you and me we're free to be whatever we
decide but like the weather we never really know.
It's time beneath your gray sky singing to my throats dry
And you would never ask why, because we both already know.

Well Manchester you and I are tangled like a fishing line
dangled from your city spire and hanging down below.
I stand beneath your doorways and listen to your stories,

P, Passenger

Passenger - Settled

Tekst piosenki Passenger - Settled po polsku
Well it's funny with age
You get to the stage
Your head in your heart
Down on the same page
Your heart will wait forever
But your skin says you're getting old

Good things come to those who wait

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