Q, Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones - Soldier In The Rain

Tekst piosenki Quincy Jones - Soldier In The Rain po polsku
Young lonesome soldier, sleeping in the rain
Far from home
Half a child, half a hero
Tossed by the times, caught in the winds
Dream, lonesome soldier, weary of the rain
Dream of home
Someone's son, someone's lover

Q, Qualm

Qualm - Unsound

Tekst piosenki Qualm - Unsound po polsku
Dishonored and mislead
Worse than our bodies our souls bled

Phanthasmal thoughts blend with hurtful memories
Ascending fog that leads us to bane
In ravenous cold
A bloodshed that tries us shoulder to shoulder

Q, Qualm

Qualm - Escape

Tekst piosenki Qualm - Escape po polsku
Now as the nails brake through my palms
Leave me orphaned soul
Tear your earthly chains
Rise up from your carnal gaul

Mistrustful as a wounded beast
In piercing cold of a new day’s dawn
Quivering in filth, sweat, and blood

Q, Qualm

Qualm - Downfall

Tekst piosenki Qualm - Downfall po polsku
Is the early blossom
Along with all those springs
That you have missed
And noone will ever pay
For your pain
All needlessly taken
Force yourself to shut your eyes

Q, Qarto Aparte

Qarto Aparte - El Cuadrtio

Tekst piosenki Qarto Aparte - El Cuadrtio po polsku
Con un pedacito de tu corazón,
mas un poquitico de este tierno amor,
con una pizquita de arena del mar,
y el tenue azulito del amanecer.
Igual al rayito de luz que se escapa
poquito a poco, anunciando la mañana.
Igual al olor de la brisa que inunda

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Where Dreams Go To Die

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Where Dreams Go To Die po polsku
So here we are again, as we plead upon our knees, this agonizing pain
Spreading like a new disease, where heroes lay to rest
When we watch our idols fall, a revolution call
Now I'm standing in the crossfire
Now I'm raising up my fist
And you'll pay for this

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Fallout

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Fallout po polsku
A sudden notion seizing the beginning
Cuts me like a knife, you used to be my valentine
The ocean in the sky, drifting
Swim against the tide, the flowing current in your eyes

And blind through the night while isolated, and on your island
(fall out, fall out, don't hesitate...fall out, fall out, don't hesitate)

Q, Quique Neira

Quique Neira - Amor prohibido

Tekst piosenki Quique Neira - Amor prohibido po polsku
A pesar de lo que dicen
Todo en mi esta bien
Secaron las cicatrices
De aquel amor de ayer

La distancia de tu boca
Esta matándome
Esto es un amor prohibido

Q, Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age - 3's & 7's

Tekst piosenki Queens of the Stone Age - 3's & 7's po polsku
Lie, lie to my face
Tell me it ain't nothing
That's what I wanna hear

Take the lie to the grave
That's what an old friend told me
Look what it did for him

, ,

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - The Chase

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - The Chase po polsku
You think you're smart, inventive
Because you've figured out my game?
Pride is a handy substitute,
When you've got only yourself to blame.
All my dreams I've realized while you... were indisposed.
While you've spent eighteen years watching TV,
I've watched my fortune grow.

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Surgical strike

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Surgical strike po polsku
It's lonely in the field
that we send our fighters to wander
They leave with minds of steel
It's their training solution
We've programmed the way
It leads us to order
There's no turning back

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - How could i

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - How could i po polsku
There you were like
A ghost from my early days
Staring straight ahead at me.
How could I ever guess
From that moment on
Just how everything would change.
How could I know?

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Neue regel

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Neue regel po polsku
Reach for a new horizon
Setting sights on a circuit scream
Hail the new arrival on
Static signs from a distant wanderer
Fill the air nights are never seen
Face the electric time shock now
No it's not a dream anymore

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Nm 156

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Nm 156 po polsku
Uniform printout reads end of line
Protect code intact leaves little time
Erratic surveys, free thinking not allowed
My hands shake, my push buttons silence
The outside crowd
One world government has outlawed war among nations
Now social control requires population termination

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Before the storm

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Before the storm po polsku
Red gates of iron cast their
Black shadows on this land
Dividing souls... far below
The gathering winds the armies watch
Are rising from the west
Foretelling news... of freedom's hand
In secrecy they've infiltrated

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Deliverance

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Deliverance po polsku
Ride swift across the plain
Don't you turn back, keep heed in your flame
Kings with no mercy, this planet at war
Torn from enchantment, this land forevermore
Born from obsession, you cried death for light
You saw things before and after you died
Back from beyond to rule again

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - One and only

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - One and only po polsku
Back in '86
February and a special number
I just had to know
Is this feeling real
I picked up the phone
I was one step closer to the danger zone
I knew she'd steal my heart away
But I know I couldn't live without her love

Q, Queens of Dogtown

Queens of Dogtown - Would?

Tekst piosenki Queens of Dogtown - Would? po polsku
Know me broken by my master,
Teach thee a child, love hereafter,

Into the flood again,
Same old trip it was back then,
So I made a big mistake,
Try to see it once my way.

, ,

Q, Queens of Dogtown

Queens of Dogtown - Last Caress

Tekst piosenki Queens of Dogtown - Last Caress po polsku
I got something to say
I killed your baby today
It doesn't matter much to me
As long as it stays

Well, I got something to say
Well, I raped your mother today
It doesn't matter much to me


Q, Queens of Dogtown

Queens of Dogtown - I Remember You

Tekst piosenki Queens of Dogtown - I Remember You po polsku
Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

I paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes


Q, Q-Pow

Q-Pow - Summer Holiday

Tekst piosenki Q-Pow - Summer Holiday po polsku
Vamos a la fiesta!

1. I left the city, had to walk away
I’m in for action but I wanna stay
Stay in a place where I can feel all right
It’s time to party, cause it is Friday night

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Cumberlands crew

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Cumberlands crew po polsku
Now Then, Shipmates, Come Gather and Join in My Ditty
Of a Terrible Battle That's Happened of Late
When Each Union Tar Shed a Tear Od Sad Pity
When He Heard of the Once-gallant Cumberland's Fate.
O, the Eighth Day of March Told a Terrible Story
And Many Brave Tars to This World Bid Adieu,
Our Flag It Was Wrapped in a Mantle of Glory

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - At 30,000 ft

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - At 30,000 ft po polsku
Whatever happens now
is beyond my control.
Emotion has abandoned me.
Faded away and left me...cold.
The call's been made.
I'm here, dependent on the atmosphere
contained inside this mask I wear.
My breathing is all I hear.

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - 6:00 P.M.

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - 6:00 P.M. po polsku
Our friend Nikki, charged with several counts
of murder involving members of this city's political
and religious leaders, has been committed to
State Hospital under heavy security. London-born
nurse, Debbie, seems determined to administer the
tranquilizer and give us her personal feelings
regarding her patient. Hmm? Injection completed,
Nikki listens to his favorite tape and retraces his past

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