Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Silent lucidity

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Silent lucidity po polsku
Hush now, don't you cry,
wipe away the teardrop from your eye.
You're lying safe in bed,
it was all a bad dream spinning in your head.

Your mind tricked you to feel the pain,
Of someone close to you leaving the game (of life).
So here it is, another chance, wide awake you face the day.

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Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Scarborough fair

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Scarborough fair po polsku
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme,
Remember me to the one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine.

Tell her to make me a cambric shirt
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme,
Without a seem or needlework

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - I don't believe in love

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - I don't believe in love po polsku
I awoke on impact
Under surveillance from the camera eye,
Searching high and low
The criminal mind found at the scene of the crime
Handcuffed and blind, I didn't do it.
She said she loved me,


Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Eyes of a stranger

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Eyes of a stranger po polsku
All alone now
Except for the memories
Of what we had and what we knew
Every time I try to leave it behind me
I see something that reminds me of you
Every night the dreams return to haunt me
Your rosary wrapped around your throat
I lie awake and sweat, afraid to fall asleep

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Anybody listening

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Anybody listening po polsku
You and I long to live like wind upon the water
If we close our eyes we'll maybe realize
There's more to life than what we have known
And I can't believe I've spent so long
Living lies I knew were wrong inside
I've just begun to see the light

Long ago there was a dream, had to make a choice or two

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Jet city woman

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Jet city woman po polsku
Every time I leave
you say you won't be there.

And you're always there.

Every time I cry your name at night,
you pull close and say it's alright.

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - One life

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - One life po polsku
One life is like one prayer
One love to share.
One thought, one dream.
One world, one meaning.
A man that’s lost everything
Holds his faith in his heart.
Speaks to God of broken dreams

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Open

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Open po polsku
You’re an angel
With your wings broken
Wearing sandals that
I tripped in.
You’re a holiday already taken
A cocktail that’s stirred
Never shaken.

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - I'm American

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - I'm American po polsku
I gotta have it, gotta drink the high life.
I'll buy a new suit, black skinny necktie.
I'll mingle with elite and imitate
And they'll never even get it 'til I hit 'em.
I've got no fear 'cause I've weathered the breakdown,
San Quentin to the edge of the Big Town.
I'm a man of the people,

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Empire

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Empire po polsku
Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown.
Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at thewrong time
Too bad, people say what's wrong with the kids today
Tell you right now they've got nothing to lose
They're building EMPIRE!
Johnny used to work after school

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - The lady wore black

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - The lady wore black po polsku
On a lonely walk this morning
A light mist in the air
Dark clouds laughing at me in silence
Casting shadows through my hair
In the distance I saw a woman
Dressed in black with eyes of grey
She wore her pain like a shackled spirit

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Breaking the silence

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Breaking the silence po polsku
They told me to run
But just how far
Can I go wearing the black mask of fear?
The hate in my eyes always gives me away
The tension building slowly
Now I've lost everything I had in you
Nothing we shared means a thing
Without you close to me

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Almost Cut My Hair

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Almost Cut My Hair po polsku
Almost cut my hair
It happened just the other day
It's gettin' kind of long
I could've said it was in my way

But I didn't and I wonder why
I feel like letting my freak flag fly
And I feel like I owe it, yeah ... to someone

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Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Someone else (with full band)

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Someone else (with full band) po polsku
When I fell from grace I never realized
How deep the flood was around me
A man whose life was toil was like a kettle left to boil
And the water left these scars on me

The chains I wore were mine, dragging me towards my fate
Planned for me long ago

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - The whisper

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - The whisper po polsku
Cries from the aisles
the tolling of the judgement bell
Eyes watched the violence
the absence of those who have
seen, marks the faith of the spell
Cold is the viper
stalking the night for the heat

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Walk in the shadows

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Walk in the shadows po polsku
What? You say you're through with me
I'm not through with you
We've had what others might call love
You say it's over now,
What's done, what's through?
You can't stay away, you need me
I need you

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Waiting for 22

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Waiting for 22 po polsku
Left alone, Nikki thinks of Mary;
Of the night she died, and why
He wonders about his future
Who will be there to care for him
And be his friend?

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - The thin line

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - The thin line po polsku
Another hungry look in her eyes again
Pacing the floor
The hunt begins
Skin-tight leather provides my pleasure
Wake my fear, surge wit the pressure
Walk away and leave forever, do I dare?
Raise my eyes, she stands
Holding out healing hands...are you happy now?

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Someone else

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Someone else po polsku
When I fell from grace
I never realized
how deep the flood was around me.
A man whose life was toil
was like a kettle left to boil,
and the water left scars on me.
I know now who I am.

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Screaming in digital

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Screaming in digital po polsku
I am the beat of your pulse
The computer word made flesh
We are one you and I
We are versions of the same
When you can see what I feel
Don't turn your back on me
Or you might find that your dreams
Are only program cards

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Roads to madness

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Roads to madness po polsku
Most of this is memory now
I've gone too far to turn back now
I'm not quite what I thought I was but
Then again I'm maybe more
The blood-words promised, I've spoken
Releasing the names from the circle
Maybe I can leave here now and, o
Transcend the boundaries

Q, Queensryche

Queensryche - Resistance

Tekst piosenki Queensryche - Resistance po polsku
Protests in New York
Listen to the call of the wild
Brother, sisters carrying signs
Breathe deep before it's too late
The sky is falling burning your eyes
Down in New Orleans
River's boiling, nothing living, nothing to eat
Thank the Lord, Daddy's working 8-5


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