R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Million Miles

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Million Miles po polsku
To walk this streets without you
I hate being on my own
So many souls around you
But it never feels like home
Home is where my heart is aching
Home is where there's no mistaking

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Strong

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Strong po polsku
1. I see the fear in the things we don´t understand
I see the fear in another blind man
I can´t hold back this fight that stills inside
I can´t hold back who I am
Ref. I know you're strong,
I know you're belong,
I know you´re strong

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - If I go

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - If I go po polsku
There's a little part of me
inside of you
and it's growing up
as you do
And I hope you see this world
through my eyes
But I hope you don't see
the tears I cry

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Through The Eyes Of A Child

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Through The Eyes Of A Child po polsku
Sweet innocent child, with your open eyes,
you´ve seen us foul,
we really are
And I know that we will be tomorrow to their
how can held this glory day?
And I wish that this world will embrace you from magic stars and mystery.
My open heart...

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Aeroplane

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Aeroplane po polsku
I saw your name in a telephone book
As someone unlisted someone unknown
I guess you want to disappear
To another world
Where you're left on your own
And I know we could close our eyes
And fool ourselves

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - The Only Ones

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - The Only Ones po polsku
Sweet the hands that
laid me to the ground
sweet the voice that
makes the sweetest sound
I won't go down
On my knees
There's just you and me

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Waiting there for You

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Waiting there for You po polsku
Did they let you go
or are you running still
from them
or are you just mesmorised
by the way it is
Did you see your dream
fade before your eyes
are you still reaching out

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Moments Like This

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Moments Like This po polsku
I was young I was told I should follow my dreams
From my worse broken heart
To a world that just seems
To move on
Dance with the wind
Now she's gone

I've been down on my luck

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Promise (You and Me)

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Promise (You and Me) po polsku
Once again I’ve messed it up
At cigarettes and coffee cups
But most of time we make it out
We’ll make it through this
Lying here on carpet stone
I feel I’ve let your safety zone
But how can I feel so alone

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Faith

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Faith po polsku
Cause I'm not giving up
I'm not running away
There's nowhere left to hide
Cause I'm not going to chance
Change to suit your ways
I'd rather stand and fight
You feel your life gets turned around

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Beautiful Sky

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Beautiful Sky po polsku
Oh tonight, shines down a guiding light
Showing a former life
When we felt so alive
In a sea of light swimming before my eyes
Hold on to what is right
Open your open mind
Oh no please don't let me go no please

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Just Another Night

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Just Another Night po polsku

She wakes up cold
reaching for his arms
but there's no one there

She feels so old,
she falls apart

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - I need You

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - I need You po polsku
It`s a time, to remember
it`s a time, we have to believe
it`s a time, to surrender
to someone that your heart really needs.
I need you
I need you
I really need you

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Come to me

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Come to me po polsku
I walk these halls
In search of sin
It drags me down
But I won’t give in
I’m reaching out
I need your touch
I’m standing strong
But all alone

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Sunshine baby

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Sunshine baby po polsku
Won't you be my sunshine baby in a world that's sometimes crazy
I see through my window I see through the trees
I'm watching the world as it falls on it knees
I hope for tomorrow hope for today
I'm lost for the world with so much to say
No one can tell my answer me why
I'm watching the world as it's crashing me by

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - It's Over Now

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - It's Over Now po polsku
Who decides when the time has come to role the dice?
And say goodbye
Should be fight or try to see it from the other side
There's black or white
Who was right never seems to be the question why
Just close your eyes
You know

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Broken Stone

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Broken Stone po polsku

She said she wants to get out of the way
And find a new time
She's searching for the words
She's out of her mind
She thought she was approachable
She's feeling so emotional

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Free Like A Bird

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Free Like A Bird po polsku

This ice feels so thin,
I think I'm falling in
As sweet as you are
I'm learning to swim
Forgive me for my sins
And it's so cold

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Swim

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Swim po polsku
Sometimes I find myself
stuck in the middle with
nowhere to turn
So I pull it in
and tell myself it all works out
But then again
no one helps when
things go wrong

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Falling Down

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Falling Down po polsku
Two times today I had to call you up to let you down
Don't wanna let you down
Two times today I ran out of luck and I let you down
Don't wanna let you down
Cause I fall down when you're not around
Yeah I fall down when you're not around
Two times today I messed up and let you down
Don't wanna let you down

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Pain

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Pain po polsku
All these words rushing round inside my head
All these thoughts we held so close and still we never said
All these dreams I can't believe what I would do for you
Holding on is there anything left to loose
There's something beautiful about you but I just
can't explain I found it in the rain I found it in the rain
So much Pain, so much Pain is coming down will you hold me close again, hold me close again.

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Wish

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Wish po polsku
See the sun
Shine above your head
See the love
That you once had
Don’t ever let go
Oh no
See the dreams
That you hold inside

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Picture of heaven

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Picture of heaven po polsku
Yeah I´ve got something that you can´t have it´s a picture of heaven that I stole from the dead
And I´ve got something in my room gonna open it up and let the light shine through
Cause I´ve seen heaven in the light of your pain
gonna feel your warmt as you walked through the flame
I could see your tears now washing your face could you see my light guide you to this place
Got a picture of you in my room
Gonna open it up and let the light shine through
Got a picture of you in my room

R, Reamonn

Reamonn - Out of reach

Tekst piosenki Reamonn - Out of reach po polsku
I see a smile that lights a million
I’ll hold your hand tonight
I’ll wait with stars shining on me
I know it’s time
And when will we learn to keep
And when will we walk so deep
And when will we love again

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