R, Robyn

Robyn - Get Myself Together

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Get Myself Together po polsku
It's all over like steps in the first snow
Something's been building up and it's gonna blow
My momma called me last night, she said what nothing else fits
Pick up the pieces and move on
I see the flashing lights, just can't make sense of the bits
It's like my mind is gone

I got ... got to get ...

R, Robyn

Robyn - Time Machine

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Time Machine po polsku
Hey, what did I do?
Can't believe the fit I just threw
Wanted the reaction

I remember the words
How I said them, so they would hurt
But then, I regret my actions

R, Robyn

Robyn - Robotboy

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Robotboy po polsku
Hey now boy, where you been?
Smashed up toy, are you lost again?
Your circuit's blown
Will you find your coordinates home
Your battery's low, did you crash again?
Robot boy, do you need a friend?
Hey little droid

R, Robyn

Robyn - Ain't no thing

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Ain't no thing po polsku
Boy you gotta want me
Really really want me
Boy gotta need me
coz baby I can't get enough and I'm
Trying to catch the way
of how it used to be
how it used to feel back then

R, Robyn

Robyn - Don't Stop the Music

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Don't Stop the Music po polsku
This little girl didn't
care what anybody said
She got the whole world
dancing to the music in
her head
They love to trush her,

R, Robyn

Robyn - Love is free

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Love is free po polsku
Free, love is free baby
Free, love is free baby

Boom boom boom boom boom chica boom
Let me give it to you baby!
Boom boom boom boom boom
Chica boom chica boom chica boom

R, Robyn

Robyn - Dancing Queen (ABBA cover)

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Dancing Queen (ABBA cover) po polsku
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, digging the Dancing Queen
Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go
Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
You come in to look for a king
Anybody could be that guy


R, Robyn

Robyn - You've Got That Something

Tekst piosenki Robyn - You've Got That Something po polsku
you've got that something
you've got that something
Look at me here I am
I'm givin all of my lovin' every day of my life to you
All you see can be yours
If you show me you want me just one little hint will do

R, Robyn

Robyn - We Dance To The Beat

Tekst piosenki Robyn - We Dance To The Beat po polsku
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat
We dance to the beat

R, Robyn

Robyn - The Last Time

Tekst piosenki Robyn - The Last Time po polsku
Ever since I was a little girl even younger than I am now
I always felt good about you in a special way, I don't know how
And we always seem to find our way back to the love that we are sharing
And every time we say it's over I can't forget your sweet loving
After every time we break up, thing always turn out the same
I tell myself that I have shaped up, but I am still a part of this game
You always seem to come back into my life

R, Robyn

Robyn - Stars 4-Ever

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Stars 4-Ever po polsku
You and me together -
Stars forever (4x)

You and me on the hood
On my car
Saturday night
Watching the stars (2x)

R, Robyn

Robyn - Robyn Is Here

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Robyn Is Here po polsku
Robyn is here
Robyn is here
Robyn is here gotta let you know
Lend me your ears can you hear my flow
Wake up people there's something new in the air
Can you hear it, smell it, feel it, Robynis here
Provin' I'm alive when I'm comin' with the spring

R, Robyn

Robyn - Include Me Out

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Include Me Out po polsku
It is really very simple
Just a single pulse repeated at a regular interval

Mmm, hmm
Don't include me out, no
Don't include me out

One time for the records and the hits

R, Robyn

Robyn - Aldrig hant

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Aldrig hant po polsku

Allt som jag slipper att få veta
allt som jag slipper att förstå
är det för att jag inte orkar att leta
när har man gjort allt man har kunnat
finns det en gräns för vad man kan ge
är det vi vet det enda som vi kan se

R, Robyn

Robyn - Where Did Our Love Go

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Where Did Our Love Go po polsku
Thoughts about you and me
Thinkin' about what we used to be
Love was strong so were we
Until one day it all went wrong
A new body a new face
But no one good enough to fill your empty space
Baby where did our love go

R, Robyn

Robyn - Play

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Play po polsku
Some people live their lives by the book,
Some people are too scared to even look,
Some people don't even really care,
I'm not a woman yet still not a child,
So what am I suppose to do with my life,
It doesn't fit me anymore,

R, Robyn

Robyn - My only reason

Tekst piosenki Robyn - My only reason po polsku
Love is my only reason and love can make you do crazy things
And that's why my only explanation is cuz I love you and that's all
Boy I love you and that's all
My friends think I'm crazy
Coz I'm running around with you
But they don't know you like I do, and I do
You're so impossible, so unpredictable

R, Robyn

Robyn - Oh baby

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Oh baby po polsku
Oh baby
You’re making a mistake again, oh why?!!!
Don’t you understand, every time you do you make me cry?
I see those tears and it hurts so much
Each time you said you’re sorry
Cause no more words or regretful touch
Could change the way I’m feeling

R, Robyn

Robyn - Just another girlfriend

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Just another girlfriend po polsku
You say that I am all a gilr like me could be
And you say that all that you need you find in me
And that feels good, 'cause that is all a gilr wnats to hear
But are you telling me this baby just to keep me near
My soul and all of my heart I'll give to you
But my trust is something that I put in few
So baby if you want it all you've got to show me
That what you say you're gonna do is something that will become reality

R, Robyn

Robyn - How

Tekst piosenki Robyn - How po polsku
Often things in life don't make sense
It's when the timing is right thins can happen
And I feel that my clock is tickin'
So if you wanna get with me, you better start thinkin'
How I want to be loved by you baby
How I want to feel your sweet love for real

R, Robyn

Robyn - Here we go

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Here we go po polsku
I couldn't wait another minute when I had you here again
'Cause baby it's been more than minutes since we were more than friends
All of this time I thought,
I thought that nothing had changed
But it's all the same
Here we go
Once again you and I are more than friends

R, Robyn

Robyn - Electric

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Electric po polsku
It's electric
It's a natural high
We don't always know why
Keep your ego aside
Well it's electric
It's a thing you can't deny

R, Robyn

Robyn - Don't want you back

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Don't want you back po polsku
I know what can I expect you're just a man
But even
But even a man should understand his woman
I don't want you back, I don't want you back here with me
I don't wanna get back, get back to what we used to be
I just wanna be free, free to be what I wanna be
I just wanna be me, I just wanna be me and only me

R, Robyn

Robyn - Do you know (what it takes)

Tekst piosenki Robyn - Do you know (what it takes) po polsku
(Always be around)
Verse 1:
Don't you know I can see what you're doing
Runnin' around with your cheap talk? (cheap talk, yeah)
What I need is a man who can do me right (do me right)
If you've got what I need I can guarantee
To return all the love that you've given to me

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