R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Not 2 Luv U

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Not 2 Luv U po polsku
Not to love you, not to love you, not to love you, not to love you
Not to love you, not to love you, not to love you..
It's like you were the sun
And I've been spinning in your orbit
I tried to run but you got me where you wanted (yeah)
I don't know how it took so long to see
The love for you is poison for me

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - I will try

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - I will try po polsku
Tonight I sit awake and wonder
I sit awake, I cannot fake the slumber
Called you late last night
just to see if you'd answer
to know you're alright
I'm trying to show what I feel inside
love I no longer can hide

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Everything

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Everything po polsku
The first time I looked in your eyes I knew
I would do anything for you
the first time you touched my face I felt
what I never felt with anyone else.
I want to give back what you've given to me
I want to witness all of your dreams
now what you've shown me who I really am
I wanna be more than just your man

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - The Look

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - The Look po polsku
Is it possible maybe to have a love so strong
That nothing could ever compare
I'm holding back nothing just for the look in your eyes
So baby don't be surprised
Well I want to know what makes your world go round
And I want to hear your voice for the sound
A love that defines all I've had in mind

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Show Me

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Show Me po polsku
It could have been that you and I
Were always meant to be
Sometimes I don't remember all the reasons why
But deep inside I know
I tried to be the one who you wanted
But all I got was flack from you
Now tell me girl what you want me to do
Loved you but you never saw the forest for the trees

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - All for you

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - All for you po polsku
(All for youu..) Everything, Anything I do...all for you
Everything, anything i do and you know that these words are true
I don't take my promises lightly, I try
Darlin, we know, right or left..which way i should go
Cause i can't get you out of my mind baby..i've tried
I've fall for you at least a thousand times before
Ever try to turn and walk away..

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Gravity

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Gravity po polsku
Every time that you told me
That we were at our own story
Something in your voice
That made me believe you
Every way that you stole my heart
Everything that you are
There’s something bout your love that

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Strong Enough

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Strong Enough po polsku
You don't have to say goodbye
I'm strong enough to take the blame
I see it coming in your eyes
I know your feeling just the same
You've painted me a portrait of
A picture perfect kind of love
The furtures looking up to me
You've changed all my reality

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Shadows

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Shadows po polsku
Still lingers
Just waking up
I see a shadow of you
Making breakfast for two
I go driving
Past our place and
I see this girl walk by
I smell her perfume

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - It's Beautiful

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - It's Beautiful po polsku
Note the sun
The way it makes you feel
And all the stars in heaven
Have a nice appeal, yeah
Note the rain
Water on the panes, yeah
And for a moment all the Earth is perfectly explained
You're beautiful, but the heart that you have of gold

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Say Goodbye

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Say Goodbye po polsku
You know the dream when your flying then you fall so fast?
So perfect that you knew it'd never last
It's like reality's your biggest enemy

You know the dream when the two of us were so in love?
So perfect that we could never mess it up
But dreams don't ever come with guarantees
Oh and I could swear that our truth was better than fiction

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - ⊂⊃y Baby

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Sexy Baby po polsku
I said 'hey, yo, ⊂⊃y baby!'
Seeing you alone just causes too much pain
So baby , let's go back to my place
And tomorrow morning we can learn each other's names

I don't admit to be anything but what I am
The truth is like a loaded shotgun in my hand
I might be saying "nice to meet 'cha"

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Back To Me

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Back To Me po polsku
You have been wondering
What will become of this love
And it’s causing you to worry
I can⊂⊃ure you
You’re the only one I dream of
You’re safe within my arms
Thru all the times I needed you right here beside me
I knew you’d always be there

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Broken Lights

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Broken Lights po polsku
Baby when they look up at the sky
We'll be shooting stars just passing by
You and me are burning up so bright
We'll be going out like broken lights

Be still my heart cause it's freaking out
It's freaking out, right now
Shining like stars cause we're beautiful


R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - DJ is my lover

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - DJ is my lover po polsku
I can't even sleep in
I'll be up all weekend that's because the
DJ is my lover
The Dj is my lover
I can rock his socks off
I'm just rocking his show tell me if
The DJ is my lover?
The DJ is my lover

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - I've Gotta Be Me

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - I've Gotta Be Me po polsku
Whether I’m right or whether I’m wrong
Whether I find a place in this world or never belong
I've gotta be me, I’ve gotta be me
What else can I be but what I am
I've gotta be me
I want to live, not merely survive
And I won’t give up on this dream

, ,

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Let Go

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Let Go po polsku
I don't know what happened
I guess you finally got me
Now you're off to somewhere
I don't know no no no no no no no no
And I don't wanna make up
Cause I've already seen the light
Everybody fakes it
And everybody hurts sometimes

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Future Love

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Future Love po polsku
A couple of years.
And I'm gonna know your name.
It's like I waited for you forever.
And I know this might sound insane.
But it won't be long
Til' we're gonna take this up.
What I'm talking about is future love.

R, Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder - Anything

Tekst piosenki Ryan Tedder - Anything po polsku
Baby is it’s dark outside
that’s because I have stolen the stars tonight
I put them on the price last chance
Cause he has a sense had to give you something
To show you I will do anything

Anything you want
Anything you need

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