S, Shakin Stevens

Shakin Stevens - A Little Boogie Woogie

Tekst piosenki Shakin Stevens - A Little Boogie Woogie po polsku
All right tonight's the night
Tonight I've made my mind up
It's time to get it right
Just like we did before
Tonight's the night all right
And though I know you ain't quite sure
You're getting all excited 'cause you don't know what's in store

S, Sleeperstar

Sleeperstar - The Day I Quit My Job

Tekst piosenki Sleeperstar - The Day I Quit My Job po polsku
Tuesday morning and there’s not enough
To keep me going in this coffee cup
I traded all my T-shirts for a suit and tie
I see a stranger in the mirror and he wonders “why?”
But now I’m sayin, “Goodbye”

I’m alive
Trying to find

S, Seven Circle Sunrise

Seven Circle Sunrise - In Hate

Tekst piosenki Seven Circle Sunrise - In Hate po polsku
I’m not the fool you thought I’d be
Why have you never bothered to see?
That there is more to this then you
The dream you never had came true

I hope you’re choking on regret
Don’t say a word it’s all been said before
I don’t care anymore


S, Seals and Crofts

Seals and Crofts - Summer Breeze

Tekst piosenki Seals and Crofts - Summer Breeze po polsku
See the curtains hangin' in the window
In the evening on a Friday night
A little light-a-shinin' through the window
Lets me know everything's all right

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze makes me feel fine

S, Skywave

Skywave - Over And Over

Tekst piosenki Skywave - Over And Over po polsku
Did the fire even spark?
Yes, it's true, you control my heart
Even though about this is not right (?)
I'll leave alone with you tonight

Make my words go away
I'll kill this love and fade away
I feel so alone, I can't be free

S, Slow Club

Slow Club - Me and You

Tekst piosenki Slow Club - Me and You po polsku
We're moving gravel off someone else's drive,
Into a barrel, it helps us stay alive.
Off to market
You will buy a cone.
They'll never notice,
They're never home.

Policy and bureaus help to move the tide,

S, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - All Of Me

Tekst piosenki Sarah Blasko - All Of Me po polsku
I'm wide eyed like a new life shaking in the breeze
Enraptured by the world, unsteady on my feet
I fall into a place that I have only dreamed
And I'm the woman that I've always longed to be

And I give all of me
Could you love all you see?


S, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - Bury This

Tekst piosenki Sarah Blasko - Bury This po polsku
Come down to the ocean
Come down and I'll baptise you
To the ocean once more

Come lay down in the soil of youth
Come lay down where you and I were born
In the soil of youth I'll bury you
I'll bury you once more


S, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - New Country

Tekst piosenki Sarah Blasko - New Country po polsku
So hopeful, so gentle, he takes me by the hand
And leads me by water and onto promised land
So simple aritual to leave it all behind
What I search the words for, he speaks in space and time
And oh, what I find it captures me!
In the wide open spaces of a new country


S, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - Fool

Tekst piosenki Sarah Blasko - Fool po polsku
I've been thinking about what you said when we met
That I hold myself back, I'm my own worst enemy
There's truth in what you said, but it's not what you meant
You would have me believe it all just so that I would repent
I'm tired of always being your fool
Somebody who's always playing your rules


S, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - Cast The Net

Tekst piosenki Sarah Blasko - Cast The Net po polsku
I know you given to a change of heart
Move forward but still in the past
And though you think you'll never move on
Deep, inside you know you must
There's a comfort in what you know
But there's a time for letting go
Though it hurts, you're better off
The decision will be enough


S, Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko - An Oyster, A Pearl

Tekst piosenki Sarah Blasko - An Oyster, A Pearl po polsku
Write what you know and let your feelings show
Be who you are and give all that you've got
It's easy and as hard as this
Though you try to resist
It's just the way of this world
Let it be your oyster, your pearl
Nake you an honest girl


S, Skanga

Skanga - Truly, Madly, Deeply

Tekst piosenki Skanga - Truly, Madly, Deeply po polsku
Red lights shining,
brightly it must be a warning,
danger can be so addicted to me.
Sound is down,
but silence is not around me,
Your sweet voice, alone
drifts through my mind,

S, Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies - Lovely

Tekst piosenki Suicidal Tendencies - Lovely po polsku
Screwed up people everywhere, but I ain't got time to care
I feel lovely, la la la lovely
All kind of souls down to the curb, but me help, don't be
I feel lovely, la la la lovely
Cause it's a problem of society, if it don't affect me and I
feel lovely
As long as I feel lovely yea

S, Stat Quo

Stat Quo - Alright feat. Talib Kweli

Tekst piosenki Stat Quo - Alright feat. Talib Kweli po polsku
[feat. Talib Kweli]
Can't believe that I'm standing here alone
How you used me like a stepping stone
I'm getting used to not having you around
Learning to fly now, I'm gaining ground
No way you can bring me down


SHINee - Graze

Tekst piosenki SHINee - Graze po polsku
Uh! You gave me, you gave me a heart break!
Seuchyuhganda murujyuganda numoo jogahaettdun geunyuhga deungeul dollin chaero dorasuhburyuh chorahan giboon mwo gata minho ajiro samkyuh
Naboda mutjyuh boyuh nee yupeh geunamja (nuyeh yupeh geu namja) ujjum geuri dareun geunyuh moseubdo
Seuchyuhganda geu saram soneul jabeun chae... mulujyuganda jogeum jinhan hwajangeul hago... [jonghyun] ubsuttjanee nan chueumbootuh geujuh chaghanchingoo jungdoil bbooneeya
Uh! geujuh nan pyunhan saramil bboon, uh! geujuh seuchyuhan sarangil bboon

S, Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett - Still waters

Tekst piosenki Steve Hackett - Still waters po polsku
Lady of the mansion
She gave me her key
But your cotton print dress
Worked its magic on me
Still waters run deep
Smoke rising from beneath
White lightning in the heat

S, Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett - This World

Tekst piosenki Steve Hackett - This World po polsku
I watched you walk out
Into the world
More like a woman
And less like a girl
All the words
In my ear
Everything you said
Everywhere you tread

S, Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol - Jj

Tekst piosenki Snow Patrol - Jj po polsku

I'm waiting for something new
The rain washes my thoughts away
I'm longing to sing this song
To show you, to hold you
I'm so nervous, so excited
You make me feel, feel I'm not alone

S, Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People - Ten Feet Up

Tekst piosenki Sleep Party People - Ten Feet Up po polsku
Are you dying
Ten feet up, ten feet up
Are you crying
Time to stop, time to stop

Are you dying
Ten feet up, ten feet up
Are you crying

S, Shounen T

Shounen T - Tsuki no Uragawa

Tekst piosenki Shounen T - Tsuki no Uragawa po polsku
Yozora ni maarui tsuki
Kirei ni kagayaiteru
Demo bokura ga itsumo
Miteru no wa uragawa no tsuki dake
Honto wa nakitai no ni
Muri ⊂⊃e warau kimi mo
Itsuwari nanka ja nai


S, Shounen T

Shounen T - Zutto

Tekst piosenki Shounen T - Zutto po polsku
Asa no sakamichi
Kuraru sono saki ni
Mujaki ni warau
Kimi wo mitsuketa
“Ohayou” tte hito koto ga kyou mo ie nakute
Dou⊂⊃e kimi ni wa futsuu no boku ja irarenai n darou


S, Scouting for girls

Scouting for girls - Downtempo

Tekst piosenki Scouting for girls - Downtempo po polsku
I've been down in the ground before
With a head & a heart that's torn.
With the feeling in the can that I can't leave home
In a crowded room but you feel alone.

But like a bad penny, I’m coming back,
I never got lost, just got on the wrong track,
But I'm turning it around, compass in my hand,

S, Shounen T

Shounen T - Hanbunko

Tekst piosenki Shounen T - Hanbunko po polsku
Futari saikin nite kita ne tte tomodachi ni iwareta yo
Kizukeba hikiyoserareru you ni kimi to boku ga ita
Boku ga hekonda toki ni wa itsumo kimi ni wa barete ite
Itsu no ma ni ka nanigenai kao de soba ni ite kureta yo ne
Nee kimi wa itsumo hontou no kimi wo kakusu kedo
Muri ni tsuyogatte iru koto boku wa ⊂⊃te iru kara


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