S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Water Line

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Water Line po polsku
I just sit there, and let the thoughts flood
And I remind myself: '?it's all right, it's all good, it's all love'?
It's not though. Cuz there's a kink in the armor
A pot hole I'm sinkin' in, while I think of the drama
So I stand up, I start to pace in my living room
Set my eye to the highway, knowin' that I'll play chicken soon
There's a vanity plate, wit my name on it
There's a Davy Crocket hat with a Masonic fat cat under it

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Bridle

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Bridle po polsku
[Sage Francis]
Maze broken, she's runnin', feet swollen, he's commin', she's stolen
And before he even knows it - she's gone
Tea cups sittin' on the hollow tree stumps
He's dumped, and can't seem to swallow these lumps
The beat goes on...

Same fire, new passion, old flame

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Tree Of Knowledge

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Tree Of Knowledge po polsku
I'm a construct of your world, deep-rooted, polluted and tortured
Abused and altered, I just caught you eves dropping
Adam's rising to pluck the fruit from off the branch
reaching out to touch your inner-drives
Cut me open and count the rings inside to see how long I've been alive
Containing forms of records about the types of storms I've weathered
Leave a stump for kids to carve initials as long as I'm remembered
But lessons go forgotten plus you don't believe a thing

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Product Placement

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Product Placement po polsku
Hook, Line, Shock Jock, Crackle
(This is paid for advertising
Free food for all)

Well it's a tangible death
And I can almost handle it
When it cancels my breath
Put your hand over my candle then rest

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Narcissist (Non-prophets 2002)

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Narcissist (Non-prophets 2002) po polsku
I don't look at myself in the mirror because I'm a narcissist
I simply like to watch myself exist...(HHHH)
Now I'm in a fog and mist...(HHHH)
Now my reflection is anonymous
Ponder this!

I've seen a reflection of my soul in the store window

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Killing Time (Live On 90.3 Wriu)

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Killing Time (Live On 90.3 Wriu) po polsku
Yo, this is Sage representin Secret Service, yo

Welcome to my world kid I've been waitin for a long time
You come with memories and leave with a free will and a strong mind
It's all fine I hope your girl came prepared
My facial hair is like a web I'm catchin knowledge in my beard
Not much is kept though, I let go into the dying hunger

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Jah Didn't Kill Johnny po polsku
Holla at your boy (Holler at your boy)
New ⊂⊃ I do remember (Holler at your boy)
Go back a few weeks on this one (Go way way back)
This life ain't fair but for some of us, yeah (Life is easy)

This song right here going out to a childhood mentor of mine
Father John, huh, holla

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - High Step

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - High Step po polsku
You can't make it to heaven with a high step
You can't make it to heaven with a high step

I played both sides of the field
I was better at defense
They put me out for special teams
The college league wasn't impressed
But the press called me a work horse

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Hell Of A Year

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Hell Of A Year po polsku
It's been a hell of a year, but I'm mentally prepared
To do a dance around the next couple medical scares
I'm Fred Astaire with the metal wearing quickly off my tap shoes
So I step quietly, the way that cat's move
But I'm bear-like. My head trapped in dear lights
You can call me John, I'm writing letters to the dark side of the moon tonight
My lovely Jane, you went away but the pain stayed
So I'm sending you a package to the address where you traded names

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Good Fashion

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Good Fashion po polsku
Dark lenses, tint the windows that are under my eyelids
To hide from the light like I'm stuck in a fire pit
Burning up a sigh, with no desire to live through these lies
So I suffer in silence
Culture of violence, truth stuck behind my lips
Bound, gagged, and whipped, stripped, divided and split
Eatin' words with a forked tounge
And now the grumble of my stomache's got the thump of a war drum

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Dirty Mac

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Dirty Mac po polsku
Your girl's been spending lots of time at my place
I been helpin her remove the makeup from her fine face
Telling her to go "Au Natural"
And she trust me cause I'm your pal, thats my style
(Vrooom) I drive the Dirty Mac truck
Convincing her to drink that whole 30 rack up
I sit until I think your girly's mad drunk, then I turn the dirty mac up
What you and her, we shacked up

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Black Out On White Night

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Black Out On White Night po polsku
(feat. Jolie Holland)

The lights are out
The phones are dead
And I'm the only thing that's running in this city
Except for the clouds
Man, they're coming down
If I knew my way around, I wouldn't feel so dizzy

S, Sage Francis

Sage Francis - Sea Lion

Tekst piosenki Sage Francis - Sea Lion po polsku
[Will Oldham]
The force of my love was strong
The sea lion laying down on
The song in the air
Was fritting her care
With singer can be among song

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