S, Stryper

Stryper - Not That Kind Of Guy

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Not That Kind Of Guy po polsku
[Verse 1]
I see you lookin' at me baby
I know what's on your mind
You just wanna come to my place
And have a real good time
Even though you look so fine
My reputation's on the line
I don't give my love away for free

S, Stryper

Stryper - Lady

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Lady po polsku
[Verse 1]
I see you standin' there, oh so fine
I can't believe my eyes Girl, I just can't seem to make you mine
No matter how hard I try

[Bridge 1]
I've never wanted any one more than you
Girl, I'm hopin' that you're wantin' me too

S, Stryper

Stryper - All For One

Tekst piosenki Stryper - All For One po polsku
[Verse 1]
Take a look around, won't ya tell me what you see
Is there love to be found in this world's pain and misery?
Tell me, will it ever change?

All for one and one for all
Isn't that the way that it should be

S, Stryper

Stryper - From Wrong to Right

Tekst piosenki Stryper - From Wrong to Right po polsku
I've changed my ways from wrong to right.
The devil never pays, no, he robs just like a thief in the night
So many bands give the devil all the glory
It's hard to understand, we want to change the story
We want to rock one way, on and on.
You'll see the light some day
All say Jesus is the way.

S, Stryper

Stryper - My Love I'll Always Show

Tekst piosenki Stryper - My Love I'll Always Show po polsku
You know I really love you
Your love is beautiful, lasting and true.
I've searched for a true love for such a long, long time
Now, my search has ended, yes, cause you are mine.

I'll always love you and I'll always tell you so
As long as I'm with you, my love I'll always show

S, Stryper

Stryper - Together Forever

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Together Forever po polsku
[Verse 1]
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
All you girls and all you guys
Let's rock the world with a new beat
C'mon don't wait
Don't you pass it by


S, Stryper

Stryper - Holding On

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Holding On po polsku
[Verse 1]
Everyone has been hurt before - love will come and go
When you put your faith in something so unsure
Never happy and wanting more - love will never grow
Till you put your faith in something that's secure

I'm holding on to the One from above

S, Stryper

Stryper - Co'Mon Rock

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Co'Mon Rock po polsku
[Verse 1]
I was born to rock and I'll give it all I've got
I'm sure these boys will say the same.
We're rockin for the rock, and I know we'll never stop.
And we well never be ashamed.
We're here to rock for you an rock is what we'll do
Until your body feels the sound.
So don't be afraid to shout cause that's what it's all about.

S, Stryper

Stryper - You Won't Be Lonely

Tekst piosenki Stryper - You Won't Be Lonely po polsku
[Verse 1]
Won't you open up your heart and let me come inside.
Please let the loving start to climb.
I know you may may wonder why I've come to hold you tight.
I don't want you to cry tonight.
I will take you in my arms and sing your favorite song.
As i tell you of your charms all night long.
You've been hurt over again, with all my love I say I am

S, Stryper

Stryper - The Rock That Makes Me Roll

Tekst piosenki Stryper - The Rock That Makes Me Roll po polsku
[Verse 1]
They say that rock and roll is strong
But God's the rock that makes us roll
Don't need no ⊂⊃ to help us push on
We've got his power in our souls

Stand up and fight

S, Stryper

Stryper - First Love

Tekst piosenki Stryper - First Love po polsku
[Verse 1]
She waits alone, oh every night
Tears are in her eyes
She has lost all the love she had

[Verse 2]
She lived her life for Him each day
She threw it all away

S, Stryper

Stryper - Loving You

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Loving You po polsku
I was so confused, not knowing what to do with myself.
I was being used, blinded I was headed for hell.
Then God saved me, pulled me from the heat.
It's always on my mind.
What a blessing that was sent to me.
Together we will shine and...

S, Stryper

Stryper - The Reason For The Season

Tekst piosenki Stryper - The Reason For The Season po polsku
[Verse 1]
You, you say that you've got it figured out
That life's about, you do what you want to.
You, you walk the tightrope of unbelief
Can't you see? His way is reality.
We all know it's better to give that receive
Then why don't we give God the glory?
Don't hide it, don't fight it, just beleive.

S, Stryper

Stryper - Soldiers Under Command

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Soldiers Under Command po polsku
[Verse 1]
We are the soldiers under God's command
We hold His two-edged sword within our hands
We're not ashamed to stand up for what's right
We win without sin, it's not by our might
And we're fighting all the sin
And the good book -- it says we'll win!

S, Stryper

Stryper - Makes Me Wanna Sing

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Makes Me Wanna Sing po polsku
[Verse 1]
We're gonna rock and have a good time
Tonight's the night, the night we move
Together we will stand to rock the land
We're gonna rock for something new
We're gonna rock for something true
Tonight's the night so let's lift up our hands

S, Stryper

Stryper - Against The Law

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Against The Law po polsku
[Verse 1]
Day after day
I feel like giving up (yes I do)
I lived your way Was that good enough (not for you)

You've got to point your finger
You think you know it all

S, Stryper

Stryper - The One

Tekst piosenki Stryper - The One po polsku
I’ve blown up our world, and scattered pieces behind
A boy and innocent girl, defined one of a kind
Love was making, we were taking
But now it’s harder to find

You Still Move – oh You still move me yeah
You Will Always – You will always be The One

S, Stryper

Stryper - Te Amo

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Te Amo po polsku
In a time when love is taken with a price
I won't cross the line or blindly sacrifice
We have something that they shine upon the screen
And it’s deeper than what's felt or what is seen

Golden years, worthless tears
I’ve seen enough to write tale after tale
But through it all, you never fail

S, Stryper

Stryper - Sympathy

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Sympathy po polsku
Step inside my carnival, where everything’s a ride
Up and down, it’s all around, turning side to side
I’m the outlaw - I’m the law

My way or the highway – I’m one dimensional
I broke the mold and tossed the clay, incomprehensible
I’m the only - A rarity

S, Stryper

Stryper - Sticks and Stones

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Sticks and Stones po polsku
I’m a victim of your pain
But I have no one else to blame but me
There were choices guaranteed
I closed my eyes, and turned the other cheek

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me so they say

S, Stryper

Stryper - Marching Into Battle

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Marching Into Battle po polsku
I saw The Heavens open, and behold a white horse
The One that was sitting upon him, was called faithful and true
His eyes were like two burning flames, on His head a gold crown
He wore a vesture of blood, with a name nobody knew

Marching Into Battle
Marching Into Battle
Marching Into Battle

S, Stryper

Stryper - Jesus Is Just Alright

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Jesus Is Just Alright po polsku
Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah
Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright

I don't care what they may say
I don't care what they may do
I don't care what they may say
Jesus is just alright, oh yeah
Jesus is just alright

S, Stryper

Stryper - Water into Wine

Tekst piosenki Stryper - Water into Wine po polsku
If He were here today, what would we say?
Would we repeat the past, or let Him lead the way

Minds jaded, life’s faded - will we answer the call?
To keep fighting – Uniting, and stand up tall

He turned Water Into Wine

S, Stryper

Stryper - The Trooper

Tekst piosenki Stryper - The Trooper po polsku

You'll take my life but I'll take yours too
You'll fire your musket but I'll run you through
So when you're waiting for the next attack
You'd better stand there's no turning back.

The bugle sounds and the charge begins


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