T, Tinashé

Tinashé - 2 On ft Schoolboy Q

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - 2 On  ft Schoolboy Q po polsku
[Verse 1: Tinashe]
Give me all that you got now
Make you want me cause I'm hot now
I'm gone, so faded I'm on one
Bang bang, pop off like a long gun

[Pre-hook: Tinashe]
If you a lame, nigga you ain't making no noise


T, Tinashé

Tinashé - All Hands On Deck

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - All Hands On Deck po polsku
All hands on deck
All in front all in the back just like that, like that
I'mma blow your mind take it out on the floor like that, like that
All in the front all in the back just like that, like that
I'ma blow your mind like that

Wasted hard
When you left me, you left me with no choice


T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Days In The West

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Days In The West po polsku
Who you think you're talking to?
I spent time alone long before I met you
These days lookin' like a dream since I've been on the road
Seein' ⊂⊃ I've never seen before and still there's no place like home

Spendin' all my days on the west side, oh
It don't feel the same on the other side, no
Young nigga switchin' up the program right now


T, Tinashé

Tinashé - The Leap

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - The Leap po polsku
[Verse 1]
Day after day I'm waiting
Sitting around here poised and ready
Why do I feel so numb?
Hear me now, still when I feel most lonely
There will be people all around me
Shuffling past my eyes
So I live in my head

, ,

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Zambezi

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Zambezi po polsku
Do you remember,
the day you said i will be the only one
cause i remember
the way you held my gaze my lovely one
I still remember
stealing all the mangoes from the farm...
just for fun...just for fun

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Wildfire

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Wildfire po polsku
Feel the calm before the storm
I'll be leaving in the morning
You were my sweet summer song
But the summer's gone and I can't keep your fire burning

You're poison running through my veins
End it with a spark into a pool of gasoline

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Aquarius

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Aquarius po polsku
Simmer down, know you're ready
I can make, make it okay
I can tell, I'mma be your baby
This stress, not enough ways and now
These hoes you know will hold you down
Getting so hard to see the lights

Lights, lights low, low, low

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Feels Like Vegas

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Feels Like Vegas po polsku
Let me set the stage for ya
Cause you know I like it when I dance for ya
Been anticipatin' when you make it over
Furniture rearranged, I need some space open
Ooh, you lose your mind every time
Life's crazy ain't it
We should party on it
Lifestyle's finally changing, (damn)

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Cold Sweat

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Cold Sweat po polsku
I like being alone
I'm out here, spend plenty of time on your own
Cause the city ain't kind, other people who sign
I for you can't take no
This ain't a place to be making friends they all got agendas
These eyes on your back, and on your neck
Making up in, looking for your ⊂⊃, did you see?

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Thug Cry

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Thug Cry po polsku
Let me be the one to put your love on speed
Let me feng shui your sh*t
It tastes way better when you don't think you need it
Bet you ain't never felt 3 am feel like this like the, no
Like the moons collided diamonds baby can we score

There's something 'bout you

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Bated Breath

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Bated Breath po polsku
What if I told you that it was all in vain?
Would it still hurt you?
Would you still feel the same?
Said its impossible-possible
So impossible

But you're still waiting on the moment breath is bated
I wish I could hold you, I can't take it

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Stargazing

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Stargazing po polsku
I'm still wishing on a star
hoping you will feel me wherever you are
I'm still living in a dream
someday you will fall in love with me
..someday you will fall in love with me
I'm still wishing on a star, I'm still wishing on a star

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Slow

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Slow po polsku
(Boy what you know isn't what you know
And the pace is quickening and
Still your heart goes slow)

My heart beats slowly
My heart beats slowly
And my heart beats slowly

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Middle of Nowhere

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Middle of Nowhere po polsku
[Verse 1]
In the desert when I heard your name
In the desert sand where we were laying
In the desert sun I burnt my face
You deserted me but you left the pain
When the sky turns into red
I'll be out here on my own
Don't forget I once called your heart my home

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Bet

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Bet po polsku
[Verse 1]
Sky's on, fire
The stars come
You know I, tried to
Tell you
Attempted to warn you
And we've been praying for the rain

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Reverie

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Reverie po polsku
We are in a reverie
And everything you thought you knew isn't what it seems
Only truth…truth will set you free
And I will never lie to you so listen close to me

We've been eating these lies, and they've been feeding us all lies
What happened to our blue skies?
They be getting us your -- learn to love institution

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - 1 for Me

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - 1 for Me po polsku
I can feel in the air, that there's a freak in here
You know what to do baby if its you
Come on

Someone out there is the one for me
So how will I know you're there, I've already waited

T, Tinashé

Tinashé - Painted faces

Tekst piosenki Tinashé - Painted faces po polsku
[Verse 1]
Feels like everybody got a mask,
Walking past you don't even see them all pass,
Living life three times... as fast,
All of our visions distorted, frosted glass.

What do you mean, I won't?

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