T, Travis

Travis - Colder

Tekst piosenki Travis - Colder po polsku
I'm in love with everything
with every face I've ever seen
and every place I've ever been
has left its mark upon my worries
I color in the world I see
I pick apart the melody
'cause maybe there's a symphony

T, Travis

Travis - She's So Strange

Tekst piosenki Travis - She's So Strange po polsku
She's so strange
And she wore a black moustache
And pilfered all the petty cash
She went to Birmingham
She'll soon be in the can
She's so cruel
And she knew what just what to do

T, Travis

Travis - You don't know what I'm like

Tekst piosenki Travis - You don't know what I'm like po polsku
We've been round the block
And we're getting on fine
But you don't know what I'm like
And I looked at the clock
And it was way past the line
Still you don't know what I'm like
We'd spend a good time
Trying to have a good time

T, Travis

Travis - 20

Tekst piosenki Travis - 20 po polsku
Sure it's a gas
(We're) Stuck in an English class
Can't even dream
So it's hard to accept the role you're given
When you're sittin' there staring at the ceiling
Wishing you were so very far from here
When you're 13

T, Travis

Travis - Ferris Wheel

Tekst piosenki Travis - Ferris Wheel po polsku
My heart is so full of love
My heart is so beautiful
Tell me a number that you think you know
Let’s find out if we’re compatible

My love is an open book
An open book with its pages torn
Stick with me and I will keep you warm

T, Travis

Travis - The Great Unknown

Tekst piosenki Travis - The Great Unknown po polsku
I'm standing at the firing line
Too scared to jump, to leave behind
The lights go down and there's nowhere left to hide
Into the great unknown

You take my hand, but I'm too scared
To jump but I'm not ready yet
The green and the red and the yellow in my head

T, Travis

Travis - Say Hello

Tekst piosenki Travis - Say Hello po polsku
Just a little prayer
Living in my mouth
Wish you were here
Could be somehow
This game is lost?
You’re feeling low
Not strong enough
To let it go

T, Travis

Travis - Tied To The 90's

Tekst piosenki Travis - Tied To The 90's po polsku
We're tied to the 90's
In the middle
It's terribly frightening
I'm takin' it fast
Takin' it slow
There's thunder & lightning
It's terribly frightening
Lord knows

T, Travis

Travis - Anniversary

Tekst piosenki Travis - Anniversary po polsku
You were standing next to me
Reciting poetry
Looking very pale
Like you lost a nail
But somehow beautiful
And beautiful you're still
As I look at you today
On the anniversary

T, Travis

Travis - Parallel Lines

Tekst piosenki Travis - Parallel Lines po polsku
All these monochrome days
Are making me blue.
And it's on these days
My mind strays to thoughts of you.
Do you think of me too?
I think me and you
Are just like
Parallel, parallel, parallel, parallel, parallel lines.

T, Travis

Travis - Beautiful Occupation

Tekst piosenki Travis - Beautiful Occupation po polsku
Don't just stand there watching it happening
I can't stand it
Don't feel it
Something's telling me
Don't wanna go out this way
But have a nice day
Then read it in the headlines

T, Travis

Travis - U16 Girls

Tekst piosenki Travis - U16 Girls po polsku
I met a girl in L.A.
The million dollar kind
She was all for all or nothing
She was open all the time
But when I called her number
Her mother's on the line sayin'
You've no business
As God's my witness

T, Travis

Travis - Mother

Tekst piosenki Travis - Mother po polsku

Mother take that ride
You got in my mind
Tell'em what you found
Write it down
What you have is enough
What you want with so much stuff
What you need is a hug

T, Travis

Travis - New Shoes

Tekst piosenki Travis - New Shoes po polsku
From the baby in the womb to the burden in the room
From the body in the tomb to the man on the moon
From the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill
From the hole in your head when you can't sit still
All wrapped up in a cotton bud
Watch the sun go down and watch it come back up
Take another sip from the broken cup

T, Travis

Travis - Another Guy

Tekst piosenki Travis - Another Guy po polsku
You can say what you want
Say what you want
But it won't change a thing
Won't change a thing

You can say what you want
Say what you want
But it won't change a thing

T, Travis

Travis - A Different Room

Tekst piosenki Travis - A Different Room po polsku
Once in a while
I see what's going on
And disappear
Into the world behind
The one that's here
It never lasts
As long as a dream can last

T, Travis

Travis - On My Wall

Tekst piosenki Travis - On My Wall po polsku
I didn't ever mean to steal from you
But how could I resist?
When everything you are and say and do
Is perfect as it is.
I didn't really mean to go this far
But now I've broken in
And now I wanna stay and stay away

T, Travis

Travis - Boxes

Tekst piosenki Travis - Boxes po polsku
When everything
When everything was out of reach
The sky was up
The ground was right below our feet

We played in boxes
We played in boxes
Cardboard boxes

T, Travis

Travis - The Big Screen

Tekst piosenki Travis - The Big Screen po polsku
Life doesn't fit on the big screen
And I'm just a bit part in the scene
Sitting in the dark in the back row
Nobody's watching me
The lights all come on
And life carries on
I still love you
On the big screen

T, Travis

Travis - Reminder

Tekst piosenki Travis - Reminder po polsku
Celebrate, don't be late
Finish what's on your plate
Be the change you wanna see
Seek the truth, set it free
And I wanna tell you
This is a reminder
This is a reminder

T, Travis

Travis - Warning Sign

Tekst piosenki Travis - Warning Sign po polsku
In the middle of the night I hear you
Talking in your sleep the same old story
All I know it's not me, you've been talking to
All the wishes, all the joy and wonder
Sleeping with the fishes six feet under
All I want
Can't be done,
Locked without a key

T, Travis

Travis - Moving

Tekst piosenki Travis - Moving po polsku
Another day,
I feel the weight of the atmosphere’s pressure
And I can’t escape
I try to run,
I try to find my feet,
My soul is sticking to the street
I get a move,
I got to get myself to clean my shoes

T, Travis

Travis - Where You Stand

Tekst piosenki Travis - Where You Stand po polsku
Bumper car me left or right
I’ll take a thousand knocks
There’s a happy man in there
And you won’t blink your eyes
Like all the things you lost before I
Cracked where you left me, you know-oh
Like all the things you found
Mmm mmm

T, Travis

Travis - Sarah

Tekst piosenki Travis - Sarah po polsku
Where are you goin' tonight?
Where do you dance when you turn of the light?

In your eyes as they're rollin' your hair
Spin you around as you lie on the bed
But I'm not keepin' time upon the creepin' vine, vine

He was the one made you fall


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