Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - Before You Snap

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - Before You Snap po polsku
well, clean up the dirt
there's just more dirt to clean up tomorrow
make the beds you just have to make tomorrow
wash the dishes, more to wash tomorrow
make dinner, it just gets eaten. doesn't it?
the world keeps growing and feeding
doesn't feed you, does it?

Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - Were you thinking of me?

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - Were you thinking of me? po polsku
It was the day when they put her on the cover
They found the corpse in the back of a mercury
They got het labtop picking all the numbers
Trying to reach they never meant to reach
They called a top doc messing with the data
Trying to help but they couldn't eventually
She's a rough cut

Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - Come On Progeny

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - Come On Progeny po polsku
He jumped off a rooftop, thought he could fly
the sky was embracing him with a cry
some of us screamed but he did not seem to care
was this a dream or was a nightmare

You make your way just to the sun
the best track you were ever on
face the day when you were born

Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - She Complains

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - She Complains po polsku
Stones of my soul and your heart stays so cold
In the end it all remains a game. (Stones of my soul)
Everywhere I - everywhere for a different kind

Stones of my soul everywhere I go
Stones of my soul everywhere I go
Stones of my soul, stones of my soul
Everywhere that I go, stones of my soul

Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - Brighter Than Anything

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - Brighter Than Anything po polsku
I try not let this get bigger than it is
I try not let this get bigger than it is
Bigger than it is
I try not let this get bigger than it is

It's not about...
I try not let this get bigger than it is

Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - After the Snap

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - After the Snap po polsku
I don't know. The doc musta come over or somethin' and gave him somethin'. Probably some kind of medicine or somethin'. I coulda just took it, put it in a ditch... like they do to a horse. They shoot 'im right away.

I've been thinkin' what to do with my future. I could be a mud doctor... checkin' out the earth underneath.

Roll in the fields... talk to the wheat patches.

They'd go in my dreams.

Y, Yonderboi

Yonderboi - Sustainable Development

Tekst piosenki Yonderboi - Sustainable Development po polsku
I want to believe in the nobility of the human spirit.
I want to believe the horrors we witness and the misery we feel is
The manifestation of a dark demon's death rattle,
A demon that has marched ruthlessly across the planet for far too long.
I want to believe that we can no longer be seduced by its false promises
And as a result, it has fallen, never to rise again.
I want to believe that we will grant the beast a decent burial,


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