D, Destructor

Destructor - Destructor

Tekst piosenki Destructor - Destructor po polsku
Maniac headbanging
Every night
What we must do what
We believe to be right
We were born unto
Leather, chains, and steel


R, Rick Astley

Rick Astley - My Arms Keep Missing You

Tekst piosenki Rick Astley - My Arms Keep Missing You po polsku
You know I've been so lonely every night since you went away
Would you let me down any night, is that the way you're made, girl?

I keep telling myself it's alright even though I cry
There's no question why, how could I be happy when

My arms keep missing you, who's been kissing you since you went away?
My arms keep missing you, I keep wishing you come back today


N, Nena

Nena - Utopia (ang.)

Tekst piosenki Nena - Utopia (ang.) po polsku
Industrious men
And dilligent women
With unemotional hearts

Where work equals time
In the name of progress
The future pushes and pulls them apart

W, Wind

Wind - Für alle ( Eurovision 1985 )

Tekst piosenki Wind - Für alle  ( Eurovision 1985 ) po polsku
Wie viele Menschen liegen wach,
in einer sternenklaren Nacht.
Sie wissen nicht genau was morgen kommt
und träumen doch davon.
Sie glauben an die Zärtlichkeit,
und das ein Hoffnungsschimmer bleibt.
An kleine Dinge und ein fernes Ziel,
und auch an ein Gefühl.


C, Chumbawamba

Chumbawamba - Total Control

Tekst piosenki Chumbawamba - Total Control po polsku
Product sells
People die
Same revolution
Wrapped in lies
In these ⊂⊃ist, drugged-up
Rock and roles
The biggest prizes
To the biggest fools


M, Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil - Hercules

Tekst piosenki Midnight Oil - Hercules po polsku
My life is a valuable thing
I want to keep it that way, I won't cry
My life's such a valuable thing
Some things don't fade away, I don't mind
We give the best we can give
We won't forget, we can't forgive
Keep us radioactive free
Strike a bell in Hiroshima park



IQ - The Thousand Days

Tekst piosenki IQ - The Thousand Days po polsku
I may be wrong
But the miracle that I prayed for is here,
Could be illusion, maybe some trickery,
I don't know why
I'm scoring the angels,
Counting all the thousand days,
There were so many tears
So many times, wasting away,



IQ - Outer Limits

Tekst piosenki IQ - Outer Limits po polsku
Break out the waters, waiting for anything to come,
Hold on forever, Hell below and Heaven dead ahead,
Don't ever change your way.
Burn down the prison, stay in the balance of the wire,
Hold on forever, only you can turn that lethal level,
I'll keep you safer than sound.
Even the rain won't fall in a straight line:
Take it from me, you'll find that the pulses shine.



IQ - Corners

Tekst piosenki IQ - Corners po polsku
Darker than the starlight gold,
Bearing down again to bury me in the air,
Suffer like a stained glass wire,
When the waves are gone, your eyes and fears,
I'll be there.
And if we can still believe in tomorrow,
Yesterday will disappear soon enough,
When it seems impossible to remember



IQ - Widow's Peak

Tekst piosenki IQ - Widow's Peak po polsku
Garden over me, the secret I love most,
God and Man agree to giving up the ghost,
High above the moon, the sun has left the sky,
I would love to know if you're the reason why.
Garden under me, the naked and the dead,
I can still remember everything we said,
Higher, higher now than I have ever been
More than meets the eye than mine have ever seen.



IQ - The Magic Roundabout

Tekst piosenki IQ - The Magic Roundabout po polsku
Stop your tears from hiding,
See them mesmerise your skin,
It's all that I can do to keep away from going in,
I fed the ghost of plenty as the perfume turned to grey,
If life is still worth living, how come I feel afraid?
One day, some day, I will take from the air,
The only way out, I can't deny the honesty,
I want to stay but it's more than me


B, Brenda Russell

Brenda Russell - Get here

Tekst piosenki Brenda Russell - Get here po polsku
You can reach me by railway
You can reach me by trailway
You can reach me on an airplane
You can reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan
Cross the desert like an Arab man
I don’t care how you get here


J, Jorn Lande

Jorn Lande - Rock And Roll Children

Tekst piosenki Jorn Lande - Rock And Roll Children po polsku
It was starting to rain
On the night that they first decided
It was blinding with snow
On the night that they ran away
They were found in the dark
But they never returned
Just like somebody slammed the door


T, Trouble

Trouble - Fear No Evil

Tekst piosenki Trouble - Fear No Evil po polsku
In the midst of the darkness
A man dressed in Black
He is the one cast down from heaven
and is alive in him
Beware the son of Satan
born of a jackal


S, Siekiera

Siekiera - Tak dużo, tak mocno

Tekst piosenki Siekiera - Tak dużo, tak mocno po polsku
Tak dużo, tak mocno
Nie pytaj już
Nie pytaj
Tak dużo, tak mocno

S, Sepultura

Sepultura - Piranha

Tekst piosenki Sepultura - Piranha po polsku
Slicing jaws a way of life
brought up to waste mankind
loki's pets his little children
deadly eyery time

Trapped in swamps by gates of hell

don't ever: let them out


M, Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil - Progress

Tekst piosenki Midnight Oil - Progress po polsku
Say yes to real life ambition
Say yes to our hopes and our plans
Forget about your indecision
Let's get the beast off our land
A tree that can grow no longer
A beach that has got no sand
I would pay out a king's ransom


A, Agnetha Faltskog

Agnetha Faltskog - One Way Love

Tekst piosenki Agnetha Faltskog - One Way Love po polsku
One way love, it never sleeps, it just grows deeper
One way love, it pulls you in, it takes you down
And I wish I knew what I had to do
To get into your life, to get close to you
But baby, it's a one way love.
One way love, if you could only see me as I see you
One way love, you'd feel the way I feel tonight


G, Godley & Creme

Godley & Creme - Cry

Tekst piosenki Godley & Creme - Cry po polsku
You don't know how to ease my pain, you don't know
You don't know how to ease my pain
You don't know what the sound is darlin'
It's the sound of my tears fallin' or is it the rain?
You don't know how to play the game,
you cheat, you lie
You make me wanna cry
You make me wanna cry

, ,

B, Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio Dynamite - E=mc2

Tekst piosenki Big Audio Dynamite - E=mc2 po polsku
I took a bite out of a mountain range
Thought my teeth would break, the mountain did
Let's go, I wanna to go
All the way to the horizon

I took a drink out of the ocean and
I'm treading water there before I drown
Let's dive, I wanna dive


M, Menudo

Menudo - ¡Viva, Bravo!

Tekst piosenki Menudo - ¡Viva, Bravo! po polsku
Si te gusta la fantasía y te aburre la monotonía
Si te gusta tener amigos
Dando vueltas cerca de tu ombligo
Entonces tienes que gritar conmigo

Todos juntos gritaremos


O, Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John - Soul Kiss

Tekst piosenki Olivia Newton John - Soul Kiss po polsku
Soul kiss
You left me dreaming
Now I wonder are things just what they seem
Well, I get down on my knees
(and beg you, baby)
Get down on my knees
Soul kiss

O, Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John - Overnight Observation

Tekst piosenki Olivia Newton John - Overnight Observation po polsku
Looks like I'm the only one here
Even the nurse is gone
But I guess I should wait cause when she left, she said

The doctor won't be long
So make yourself at home
His office is down the hall

O, Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John - You Were Great, How Was I

Tekst piosenki Olivia Newton John - You Were Great, How Was I po polsku
I'll never learn
I cling to the past
I find so much there to lean on
But when I get lucky
I can even forget
Our now and forevers are gone
I know what you mean

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