T, The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers - Leaving Home

Tekst piosenki The Proclaimers - Leaving Home po polsku
East Coast trains run slow
And Edinburgh seems cold
For eighteen year olds
But Leith feels like New York
All the cars and talk
Moving down the Walk


M, Mike Batt

Mike Batt - Caravan Song

Tekst piosenki Mike Batt - Caravan Song po polsku
The early light is breaking
The morning sun is waiting in the sky
And I think I'm gonna break away
And follow where the birds of freedom fly
I need you give
I need to live
For the world is slowly turning
And the light of love are burning

T, The Proclaimers

The Proclaimers - Cap in Hand

Tekst piosenki The Proclaimers - Cap in Hand po polsku
I could tell the meaning of a word like serene
I got some 'O' Grades when I was sixteen
I can tell the difference between magarine and butter
I can say "Saskatchewan" without starting to stutter
But I can't understand why we let someone else rule our land, cap in hand
I could get a broken jaw from being in a fight


T, Tormentia

Tormentia - Nie pytaj o Polskę

Tekst piosenki Tormentia - Nie pytaj o Polskę po polsku
To nie karnawał
ale tańczyć chcę
i będę tańczył z nią po dzień
to nie zabawa
ale bawię się
bezsenne noce senne dnie


K, Kompania Karna

Kompania Karna - Plastikowy świat

Tekst piosenki Kompania Karna - Plastikowy świat po polsku
Betonowe miasta, betonowe wsie
wszystko jest sztuczne, nawet to co jesz.

Sztuczne zwierzęta, sztuczny świat,
sztuczni ludzie, nie chce tak.

Wyprodukowali sztuczna nerkę,
już niedługo wszyscy otrzymamy sztuczne serca.

T, Tatiana

Tatiana - Sola Entre Tus Brazos

Tekst piosenki Tatiana - Sola Entre Tus Brazos po polsku
Al fin, llegué, baje del avión
He recogido las maletas y tomó un taxi, sin ni respirar
Y tú sin irme a esperar, me has ignorado como siempre
Me das la espala
¡Que más da!

Sola entre tus brazos sin salida
No me tientes fuego estoy perdida


J, Judas Priest

Judas Priest - Monsters of Rock

Tekst piosenki Judas Priest - Monsters of Rock po polsku
It started many years ago, out of the black country
The seed became the embryo, for all on earth to see
Like stealth the word spread mouth to mouth, all
corners of the land
And soon the thing began to grow, and get right out of

From the concrete jungle


S, Sasha Sokol

Sasha Sokol - Diamante

Tekst piosenki Sasha Sokol - Diamante po polsku
Brillos de mujer rondan esta noche
Tuyos pueden ser, mira solamente

Magias de mujer, fuego que te envuelve
Sin herir la piel, magia simplemente

Yo soy mi propio sueño
Hoy mi propio vuelo de luz


T, Tatiana

Tatiana - Un Lobo En La Noche

Tekst piosenki Tatiana - Un Lobo En La Noche po polsku
Tengo que respirar, contar del 1 al 100 y luego
Hacer volar las nubes que me nublan el cerebro
Intento de seducción, por un demonio forastero
Que me persigue en moto, y dice cosas que no entiendo
Pisando a fondo el gas, intento escapar y no lo puedo lograr
Voy contra dirección, y el retrovisor, dice que va, pegado ahí detrás

Un lobo en la noche


S, Skid Row

Skid Row - Midnight

Tekst piosenki Skid Row - Midnight po polsku
The night approaches, after dark you have no chance
Ooh, when moonlight takes the sky, you'll feel my dark romance

I'm on your footsteps and I wait behind your back
I spread like fire upon the streets I'm ready to attack

I'm the only thing you need
Upon your love I feed


K, Kate Bush

Kate Bush - Sister And Brother

Tekst piosenki Kate Bush - Sister And Brother po polsku
Sister, I will stand by you
Sister, I believe in you
Sister, 'coz I am your brother
Sister, fight for what you need
Sister, make the blind man see
Sister, and I'll be your brother
Giving, taking, living, with one another


S, Saxon

Saxon - Calm Before The Storm

Tekst piosenki Saxon - Calm Before The Storm po polsku
My father used to work the seam
Far below the ground
Digging for the coal to melt the steel
But now he stands a lonely man
Idle and forlorn
Just like the iron wheels
That took him down


S, Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Human disease (S.K.U.M.M.)

Tekst piosenki Skinny Puppy - Human disease (S.K.U.M.M.) po polsku
whatever painted part taught deeply enclosed in mother earth life born addict breathe
angel whatever paint it up so closer to farther apart meat seeking missiles consuming
rain forest infested veins the river flow urban needle inject carcinogen chemicals
relieve the stress slows consumer rotting sight no taste odorless clear seeping water
poisoning all producing nothing intelligent to cause disease human breed in self
perpetuating whatever close at hand finger cramp virtuoso closet problem epileptic
machines shudder shock who is over who is on top malformed earth born shake all is a
disease biped walk so straight earth can be so giving as it can be irrate what if to

S, Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Hospital waste

Tekst piosenki Skinny Puppy - Hospital waste po polsku
blast and raw eye blood shot lid color concealed crimson trap thin lit mess code of
darkness stop the ocean counting blood coughing blood and needle syringe in the islang
thirst of drought raise through the real end ozone layer ultraviolet embalms sunless
fire mistrust abandoning day long sinking monotones out to please to pattern the grey
rain falls it drizzle colors negate so wild let it slide down time colors look crimson
trains inside lost my footing ooze bite ant landslide no finding what through a lost
door somewhere out there in open space where is there space to get off and go on there
on tv the polluted lies the polluted noise mistrust no longer they don't give advice

S, Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy - Harsh stone white

Tekst piosenki Skinny Puppy - Harsh stone white po polsku
harsh stone white eyes behold bruise baths soak crying bones every days appeal to stop
spirit calm on valium hate permeates and fills the air icy clouds the atmosphere
illusions pull hair no reaction how was this done it exists by extraction of reason
drooling drips the bile of sanity through the thought lines vomiting were even the clock
wailed and sped past two tic tic toc in time in the real understanding myself thinking
stand back unafraid and unaffected stand back non molested were even down down down
again down here in the cracks face hidden cracks harsh stone white even were even

U, Urszula Sipińska

Urszula Sipińska - Nie Mów Mi, Że Kochasz

Tekst piosenki Urszula Sipińska - Nie Mów Mi, Że Kochasz po polsku
Czterdzieści siedem, siedemdziesiąt cztery, trzydzieści...
Aaa - To znowu Ty.
Ty kiedyś znajdziesz się w Księdze Guinnessa,
Z rozkładów jazdy - to tam mógłbyś żyć.
Gdy którejś znużysz się zbyt,
Skruszony i zły,
Pod semaforem mym tkwisz.


T, Tankard

Tankard - Mon Cheri

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Mon Cheri po polsku
I want you my baby
I need you my sweetheart
My heart Is full of love for you
I need you to stroke and I need you to kiss
Lying In your arms
And touching your skin


T, Tankard

Tankard - Feed the Lohocla

Tekst piosenki Tankard - Feed the Lohocla po polsku
Was it destiny that one day It was born
Drunk creature of the night who haunts us for our brew
It was dark, midnight or so, when most had left for home
Breath of life, Lohocla lives, the barley entity
Now it is alive spawned from the loins of beer
Throat parched and on a quest to quench his die-hard thirst
All he asks is to oblige him in giving up your drink


G, Green River

Green River - Rehab Doll

Tekst piosenki Green River - Rehab Doll po polsku
Rehab doll's got a bug that bites
She picked it up in a shared-blood rite
Take one down, pass it around
Take one down, pass it around
Take as many down with you as you can

The river in the city gets pumped with sewage
The river in the city runs brown


T, Timbiriche

Timbiriche - No Sé Si Es Amor

Tekst piosenki Timbiriche - No Sé Si Es Amor po polsku
- ¿Bueno?
- Si, ¿si, Thalía? ¿Hablas tú?
- Sí, ¿Quién habla?
- Erick, ¿Cómo estás?
- Bien, ¿Y tú?
- Oye, pues hoy hay una función muy buena, quería ver si querías ir al cine.
- ¿Ahorita?
- Es a las ocho.

, ,

T, Timbiriche

Timbiriche - Junto A Ti

Tekst piosenki Timbiriche - Junto A Ti po polsku
Junto a ti no conozco el miedo
No hay camino que yo no puedo andar, junto a ti
Junto a ti es tanto lo que siento
Que mi pecho está a punto de estallar, junto a ti
Y es tan lógico que mi corazón
No me pide ninguna explicación
Este amor es tan real, como ver y respirar
Y nos hace fuertes

, , , ,

M, Mozzart

Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl

Tekst piosenki Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl po polsku
My jasmin girl find out city lights
Touch my cheek in China
Oh good track(?) guys cry in China
I'm livin' in a dream with you on my mind
Foggy roads of love left me far behind in China

My jasmin China girl you're my way
My jasmin China girl you must stay


L, Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga - Tell Me

Tekst piosenki Lea Salonga - Tell Me po polsku
There are nights
When I can't help but cry
And I wonder why
You have to leave me

Why did it have to end so soon
When you said that you would never leave me


L, Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga - Tagumpay Nating Lahat

Tekst piosenki Lea Salonga - Tagumpay Nating Lahat po polsku
Ako'y anak ng lupang hinirang
Kung saan matatagpuan
Ang timyas ng perlas ng silangan
Nagniningning sa buong kapuluan
Taglay ko ang hiwaga ng silangan
At saan mang bayan o lungsod
Maging timog, hilaga at kanluran


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